California – to arms citizens, march on, march on

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California is gearing up for an almighty separatist squabble as rebellion mounts against the new White House inmate. California is as far as it is possible to be from the rust belt in politics and Donald Trump lost the state to Clinton by 4 million votes. Some reckon, as the sixth largest economy in the world, they could do nicely on their own. A quarter of all immigrants in the USA live in California; and just over a quarter of the state’s population was foreign-born. They need half a million signatures by next year for a referendum to run. Not that Congress will  ever allow it to happen but they’ll have fun trying.

California, 9 September 1850, is in a slough of despond in 2017/18 with tr Pluto square their Saturn; But it’s 2018 which will be interesting as CA faces a Uranus Return; with tr Uranus also conjunct Pluto. Plus a gung-ho Solar Arc Mars opposition Jupiter. Sadly tr Neptune will also be opposing the CA Virgo Sun, which will be deflating. But there will be revolutionary vibes hanging around.

The relationship chart between California and the USA is volatile at best with a composite Sun Mars Jupiter square Uranus; plus a latched-together and resenting-it Saturn trine Pluto. Oddly enough the composite North Node is at 10 Leo, the exact degree of Trump’s Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoint – so his brutal approach hits the relationship in quite the wrong place. Tr Pluto is opposing the composite Saturn and trine the composite Uranus in 2017/18 so a mix of deep despair and unrest.

Civil wars start in the unlikeliest of places.

4 thoughts on “California – to arms citizens, march on, march on

  1. Wow, California could have a Virgo sun. No wonder it’s on the leading edge of cleaning up the environment and food supply. Thanks, Marjorie.

  2. Marjorie, Thanks for all the insightful recent posts. I wonder whether using the date of statehood for California slants the results. Other dates relevant to a possible California secession include the short-lived Bear Flag revolt (when a few stalwarts tried to break free of Mexico) of June 14, 1846. That date is hilarious becomes Trump was born on June 14. There might also be some interesting clues in the Aug 24, 1821 date of Mexico’s independence from Spain. With that treaty Alta California became part of Mexico. Those of us who grew up in the state don’t always view our history as starting with the date we joined the USA.

  3. California also needs to reunite with the Baja peninsula.

    Go New York, go! Our Ohio gas (petrol) taxes go to New York. If we got to keep them here, it would be a huge windfall for our state budget.

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