France – call to arms against Macron’s unilateral move

France is in uproar as Emmanuel Macron pushed through his plan to raise the retirement age by two years to 64 bypassing a vote in the National Assembly. That he was elected twice on a  reformist agenda, the past time with a central pledge to raise the retirement age in order to keep the country’s generous social welfare model afloat, appears not to be deemed relevant. Opposition leaders are now pushing for a no confidence vote which if won would force the resignation of his government.

  France has the lowest pension age in Europe but high taxation rates and a stubborn, often violent, resistance amongst the proletariat for any change to their way of life.

   Recently there were murmurs of Macron, bored with being stuck in a quagmire in the Elysee Palace, would resign which may explain him going nuclear which was guaranteed to attract a furore in response.

  Born 21 December 1977 10.40am Amiens, France, he has a late Capricorn Ascendant with not only tr Pluto conjunct his Ascendant at the moment, putting pressure on his image, potentially damaging it. And even more pointedly he also has tr Saturn about to enter the nadir of his First Quadrant – this is an unsuccessful phase of several years when ego-trippers slide on banana skins, make misjudgments and generally foul up. He is on a Saturn Half Return and tr Neptune is heading into an undermining square to his Sagittarius Sun and Mercury from mid 2024 onwards. His Solar Arc Saturn is exactly conjunct his Pluto now with his Solar Arc Midheaven (birth time being accurate) heading to square both Pluto and Solar Arc Saturn by 2024. So this may well be the end – politically speaking. It could come this year if his birth time is marginally out.

  He’ll have a run of career setbacks with tr Pluto in Aquarius opposition his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint late March to mid June (again in 2024); and it also hits his Uranus/Pluto midpoint for considerable disruption. More disasters from elsewhere from this June.

  His Second Term chart, 7 May 2022 and his relationship chart with France both flag up now till early April as flash points for upsets.  His Second Term chart always looked controlling evoking a mutinous public response with a Pluto opposition Moon; reformist and divisive with Sun Uranus; and over-hopeful and unstable with Jupiter Neptune.

  France itself looks on the brink of mass confusion and great uncertainty with tr Pluto continuing the square of Neptune from 2022 right through 2023; and tr Pluto square the 3rd house Saturn now till June and again in 2024 – which could cause transport and communication problems, as well as a depressed mood.

  Tr Uranus is also about to stir up the French revolutionary spirit as it squares the Uranus opposition Pluto from the middle of this June onwards and into 2024 opposes the Mars in Scorpio.  Plus, of course, tr Neptune opposing the France Virgo Sun in 2024/25. The next two/three years always did look as if they would be hugely unsettled for France, more so even than for most countries.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out if there is another full scale banking crisis. Bailing out financiers, wealthy Venture Capitalists and the super rich for a second time while flogging the masses to work extra years to qualify for their relatively meagre pensions is just the sort of thing to turn sentiment genuinely revolutionary just as Pluto is about to ingress into Aquarius.

  2. Here in the Colonies, Nikki Haley is floating her agenda to raise the retirement age…to some unspecific level. Consider: the new retirement age might well inch up past the median age of mortality in America. 😉

  3. Thanks Marjorie. ‘Allons enfants de la Patrie’ indeed! That national chart for France is so descriptive of the mix of precise, ‘proper’ France with its meticulous couture, bureaucratic rules, and so on – and the wilder, obstinate, and volatile nature of French strikes and demonstrations.
    As you say:
    “Tr Uranus is also about to stir up the French revolutionary spirit as it squares the Uranus opposition Pluto from the middle of this June onwards and into 2024 opposes the Mars in Scorpio.”

    I looked at 2 May 1968, for the famous Paris riots of that era. Amazing to see tr Mars 25 Taurus, Jupiter 25 Leo, Neptune 25 Scorpio, and Uranus 25 Virgo, just passed the Virgo Nodes. Neptune is crossing that same degree in Pisces now, perhaps stirring Pisces dreams from French history? What an accurate national chart this appears to be, with a very sensitive Mars.

    • I was visiting France in 2010 and 2014 – “In 2010, millions took to the streets to oppose raising the retirement age by two years to 62 and in 2014 further reforms were met with wide protests. ”

      I remember the large crowds marching in the streets. Trains and flights delayed – even canceled. Garbage piling along sidewalks. It was a mess. Eventually, all cleaned up.

  4. Merci Marjorie quelle travailleuse! From your charts to god’s ears! May the whole rotten political establishment in France be washed away and soon. The French still have IT. While we loll around tugging forelocks and buying Coronation cups.

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