Florida – even the oranges are looking green ++ Casey DeSantis

Florida is living through ‘interesting times’ with DeSantis rollicking through right-wing legislative changes and the orange harvest reaching the lowest levels since the 1930s, due to hurricanes in recent years causing crop damage, along with an Asian bacterial infection.

Pending is a law preventing abortions after six weeks. The death penalty no longer needs unanimous jury recommendations; death sentences will be allowed for people who rape children under age 12.  Floridians can now carry guns without concealed-weapons licenses. Plus a whole raft of Parental Rights where sex education is concerned; tightening immigration policy; restricting lawsuits against companies.

 What is curious given the thumping majority DeSantis won in November 2022 is how uncomfortably his chart sits with Florida.

 Florida was admitted to the USA on 3 March 1845 and is  moving through a panicky year with a strong sense of failure pervasive as tr Neptune squares the Mars, on and off till February 2024. There’s also an emotionally upsetting and highly strung tr Uranus square the Venus, Neptune, Mercury in 2023/24 – very much on edge.

  This coming October’s Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra opposes the Florida Pluto and has Mars on the Midheaven and Pluto near the Ascendant located there –  so there may be a crisis or two in the months following. The April 2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries will also tug on the Florida Pluto. Several of this year and next’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses have planets on the angles for Florida so it backs up what the edgy transits show.

 DeSantis, 14 September 1978, has his Mars in Libra opposition the Florida Pluto and his Saturn opposition the Florida Pisces Sun – not exactly a warm and cosy combo.

 His relationship chart with Florida is even more stark with a composite Saturn Mars trine Pluto and Pluto opposition Neptune, Moon Uranus. If that were an emotional relationship there might be domestic violence. Mars Saturn suggests only one partner benefits and there is ruthless control and a need to dominate as well as upend the status quo. Late May 2024 onwards is when it will start to show strain as tr Uranus opposes the composite Saturn and then Mars into early 2025.

 If Desantis is still in the race for the White House he’ll get his second wind from late February 2024 onwards as tr Pluto opposes his Jupiter and that will carry him through on a confident push into 2025. Not necessarily a winning streak but a definite uptick on his chances of the moment.


ADD ON:  His wife Casey DeSantis, a former new journalist and TV presenter, 26 June 1980, is a Sun Cancer with leadership Leo North Node; and an edgy, tough-minded Mars Saturn in Virgo on the focal point of a T Square to Venus opposition Neptune. Her driven, determined and short-fused Mars Saturn are conjunct her husband’s Virgo Sun which must make for some tense moments as she’ll be a hard taskmaster. Their relationship chart is lucky and super-ambitious with a composite Sun Jupiter sextile Pluto and trine Neptune; with a strong power dynamic from a Mars Pluto conjunction.

  Her synastry with Florida is no more comfortable than his with her Mars Saturn square Neptune colliding with the Florida Mars; though admittedly her Jupiter does oppose the Florida Sun. And her relationship chart with Florida is argumentative, complicated and confused.

  Her chart is up and down this year; with fortunate influences into 2025. Her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct Pluto may be on the same degree of a conjunction over the Inauguration  or it may be later in the year depending on her birth time. And she’s in for a lucky run from mid 2025 onwards as well.

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  1. The next election for Governor of Florida is 3 November 2026. Please comment on DeSantis chart for that date-he will never be a Presidential candidate so he has to stay as Governor or hope a Senate seat opens up.

    • At present DeSantis can’t run for a third term, but the Republicans have a supermajority in the legislature so they could change that law as they did when they allowed DeSantis to remain governor while running for president.

      Both U.S. Senate seats are currently held by Republicans.

      One is up next year ( 2024) and Rubio is up for re-election in 2028 when he will be going for his fourth term.

  2. I have been following your horoscopes and news for quite some time now although I admit that I do not understand the astrological influences, I do believe them.
    Reading today about DeSantis (who I think is truly deranged) I am alarmed to see that we share the same birthday September 14th. Fortunately, we are many years apart. He was born 1978 and I was born 1937.

  3. “Sun Cancer with leadership Leo North Node; and an edgy, tough-minded Mars Saturn in Virgo on the focal point of a T Square to Venus opposition Neptune. Her driven, determined and short-fused Mars Saturn are conjunct her husband’s Virgo Sun which must make for some tense moments as she’ll be a hard taskmaster.”

    Thanks Marjorie, Casey seems, astrologically, pretty tough. I notice that both Ron De Santis and Casey’s natal charts connect with the 4th July chart for the USA. There’s the US Mars at 21 Gemini square Neptune at 22 Virgo – with Casey’s Mars/Saturn in Virgo at 22 degrees right on the US Neptune. RDS has his 21 Virgo Sun conjunct that Neptune. Casey also has her Venus/Neptune opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius linking in with the US Mars/Neptune. The dreams of success, and the fantasies about the imagined nature of America seem to be described here.
    Casey’s Cancer Sun is conjunct the US Jupiter, her Mercury 24 Cancer conjunct the US Mercury exactly, so connecting with the US Mercury opposition Pluto that’s been so much in evidence during the Pluto Return. She may be able to tune into that Cancer/Capricorn opposition, with it’s layers of symbolism including the symbolic mother/father themes, and passion for material and emotional security. The links between the US Moon (the people) in Aquarius, Casey’s South Node, and RDS’s natal Aquarian Moon also point to some kind of ‘tuning in’ to the myths and stories that make up the ‘American Dream’.

    Those Neptune connections could suggest that the couple’s dreams will dissolve, or be disappointing. But not necessarily. Jupiter in Gemini in October 2024 turns retrograde at 21 Gemini. There’s a Pisces Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees in September 2024 on RDS’ South Node that suggests karma comes calling – although we don’t know what karma might have to say of course….

    And it’s worth noting that Donald Trump’s natal Sun 22 Gemini, Uranus 17 Gemini, and Nodes 20 Gemini opposing his Moon 21 Sagittarius also connect with the US Neptune and Mars, as well as RDS and Casey. As we have often discussed (!), DJT has also tuned into certain aspects and archetypes of the ‘American Dream’, and used those to his own advantage.

    • And a random look at some US Presidents is interesting to consider. They do seem to connect with the US founding chart. I’m just mainly looking at the mutable link between US Neptune 22 Virgo and Mars 21 Gemini. There are many other connections too. Transiting Mars in Virgo is 22 degrees tomorrow. September’s New Moon in Virgo is 21 degrees. Mercury turns retrograde at 21 Virgo on 23 August. So it would seem as if there’s a lot of activity, communications, and devil-in-the-details going on around those mutable degrees at the moment.
      Here are the Presidents I looked at:

      Abraham Lincoln, 12 February, 1809: 22 Jupiter in Pisces makes a t-square with the US Neptune/Mars. Lincoln’s Sun/asc in Aquarius, aligns with the US Moon in Aquarius, Casey’s S Node, and De Santis’ Moon (although we don’t have the exact degree for that). His Mars, 25 Libra, connects with the US Mercury/Pluto opposition.

      John F Kennedy, 29th May, 1917: Moon 17 Virgo, Venus 16 Gemini. Kennedy had Saturn in Cancer opposing the US Pluto, which tells its own story.
      Franklin D Roosevelt, 31 Januray 1882: Uranus 17 Virgo, Mars 27 Gemini, Asc 23 Virgo

      George W Bush, 6th July 1946: Uranus 19 Gemini, Nodes 20 Gemini/Sagittarius. Also had Saturn in Cancer, 26, opposing the US Pluto.
      Barack Obama, 4th August, 1961: Mars 22 Virgo – just like Casey De Santis. He has Saturn 25 Capricorn conjunct the US Pluto.

      • Thanks Jane, great research as always! If I may add that Mars at 22 Virgo tomorrow conjunct the US Neptune is also square Donald Trump’s 22 Gemini Sun and 21 Sag Moon and likely relates to his potential 4th indictment in George where the DA Fani Willis will begin presenting the state’s case today. It will be interesting, from an astrological point of view of course!

        • Sorry Jane, I read your earlier comment afterwards where you mentioned Trump already. But I do think tomorrow may be a big day for him, and the US. Reports are that two prominent witnesses have been called to testify in front of a grand jury on Tuesday.

          • Thanks Laurien! I agree about Trump, as the Cosmos seems to be focusing on those Virgo degrees at the moment.
            I looked at Benjamin Franklin’s chart, 17 January 1706 – and he had Mars at 20 Sagittarius, conjunct Trump’s South Node and Moon, and Casey’s Neptune…..that looks quite ‘fateful’ I think. Franklin’s Sun, 26 Capricorn opposes Jupiter 24 Cancer, which is quite striking in view of the USA 4th July Mercury/Pluto opposition. Also another person with Moon in Aquarius.
            I don’t know quite how to express this, but it seems as if these old patterns continue to be very meaningful, and have been challenged by both Neptune and Pluto in recent years. Pluto has yet to complete its return to the US Pluto, and is there again this autumn. What kind of changes will we see, eventually? De Santis doesn’t have that striking link with the US Pluto/Mercury that his wife has. But his other links to the US founding chart suggest he and his wife will not go away easily.

    • @ Jane

      They both may have astrological connections to the U.S. Sibley chart, but they aren’t good with people or in interviews.

      The DeSantises gave an interview to NBC news over the weekend.

      Casey repeated the worn story of how Ron helped her with the children while the battling cancer and called their children ‘my’ children while attempting to humanize her husband.

      Maybe it was a slip of the tongue but it doesn’t seem as if DeSantis is the involved father that they would like us to believe.

      • Hi Roderick – yes, I agree they seem wooden and rather odd in some kind of performative way.
        I’ve seen the ‘my’ thing with other couples though, even when parenting is clearly shared. I think it may tell us more about Casey than anything. She seems to be in many ways the ‘engine’ in their partnership.

        Their connections to the US founding chart don’t mean they will succeed in manifesting their ultimate ambitions though. I haven’t checked the charts of individuals who came close and failed. Their links to that US Neptune square Mars interested me, since Trump’s astrology is also linked in to that, and Obama’s natal Mars is conjunct the US Neptune. Then I noticed other strong connections between individual Presidents and that chart. As for the ‘founding fathers’ – I’ve checked a few of them so far, and see that they were having Pluto and/or Neptune transits to a natal planet or planets at the time. Not all of those men became President either. The men I looked at were born in different years, so those transits were hitting different planets in their charts. So that US chart moment reflects how that manifested for them. Powerful dreams?

  4. Can you keep in mind that this is an astrology website not an opportunity for you to vent your spleen on behalf of your particular political fan club. It is human nature to have preferences and to dislike corrupt or warped politicians and their policies but as far as is possible astrology needs to be approach dispassionately – from a detached perspective.
    I had friends who said in 2000 they would emigrate if George W Bush was elected – and he survived two terms and life went on. Well not in Iraq maybe. But getting worked up about a result not of your choosing clouds judgement on the astrology.
    Stand back. Be cooler than your initial visceral reaction before you put finger to keyboard.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I used to really like reading your news observations it gives an interesting alternative view but it has been hijacked by bigots from the left and right. So after about a decade of being with you, I am out now, so sad that the bullies have infected the site. I am still with Susan Miller and Patrick Arundell, they’re non political happy to say.

  6. Call me crazy but I’m optimistic about the next election. Why?
    Democrats have been crowing about climate change. It’s here! Young and sensible older people will take note.
    Abortion rights. Young people again.
    Gun control. Young people again.
    White House still trying to find a solution for Student loan forgiveness.
    The GOP is full of vindictive nuts.
    You get my point.
    Even if a recession hits it’ll likely be triggered by some GOP Gov. shutdown crap or a huge natural disaster or a combination of both. No fault of Dems.

    Last I checked Marjorie said several Republicans had miserable transits over the period. DeSantis being an exception which I figure he’s just happy that Trump got whipped again after being nominated over him. But Buttigieg and Schiff were looking good. And most credible astrologers seem in agreement that 2025 has a more progressive tinge.
    So even if Joe is unfortunately sidelined before the day, then some combo of a Harris, Whitmer, Buttigieg ticket may rule the day.

    There are reasons to be positive. So I’m going back to my buttered popcorn.

  7. This is a very interesting astrological analysis of Ron DeSantis.

    I live in Jacksonville, Florida and Ron DeSantis is originally from my city. Here in Northeast Florida, we’ve been familiar with DeSantis longer than most other Floridians because he used to represent Florida’s 6th Congressional District near St. Augustine. He was first elected back in 2012 if I remember correctly and he rode the “Tea Party” wave that was taking place back then.

    Anyway, here in Florida, many of us often say our state now has more in common with the “Global South” rather than the “Southern United States” these days – because DeSantis acts more like a dictator rather than a governor. Everything Marjorie mentioned in her write up (as well as things mentioned by others) is true. Housing prices, insurance pull outs, environmental crises, altered school curriculums, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg.

    DeSantis recently went as far as suspending Orlando-based state attorney Monique Worrell (who won 67% of the vote in her district) simply for criticizing his policies. DeSantis also told Floridians who are concerned about NOAA’s above average hurricane season prediction for 2023 to just “knock on wood.”

    I would also like to note that while Donald Trump has a bizarre admiration with Vladimir Putin, Ron DeSantis appears to have a strange admiration for Narendra Modi.

    I say this because whenever Modi does something egregious in India, DeSantis is quick to do something follow suit. In the beginning, I thought this was just my own personal observation, but now member of our South Asian community are seeing the comparison as well.

    Unless Donald Trump succumbs to poor health, dies, or ends up in jail due to habitually running his mouth, discussing court cases, and making threats, I think it’s a safe bet that he’ll win the Republican Party’s nomination next year.

    However, I am wondering if the luck that the astrology is suggesting for Ron DeSantis means that he does somehow manage to win the nomination against Trump…or if it means that DeSantis manages to avoid any legal repercussions for some of the controversial things he’s done here in Florida.

    As of right now, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are more popular here in Florida than Ron DeSantis. If travel to any of the rural areas here in the Northeast part of the state, you’ll see Trump signs, U.S. and Russian flags hanging together, and I even saw a mini fan that had a Trump 2024 bumper sticker with a “Z” bumper sticker on it. It was a disturbing sight

    There is a Canadian vedic astrologer who has convinced himself that Gavin Newsome will somehow end up becoming the Democratic nominee and winning the general election next year. He wrote a long piece explaining why he believes. I know very little about vedic astrology…so, there is now way I can hypothesize how he comes to such an unusual prediction.

    All in all, 2024 feels more uncertain than ever.

    • @Chris
      Can you explain how a governor can suspend an attorney, it sounds dictatorial overriding poll results, the thin edge of the wedge.

      • Although elected independently, the state attorney is a part of the state executive branch, of which the governor (Ron DeSantis) is the head.

        From CNN
        “The Florida constitution allows a governor to remove an elected official for “malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, incompetence, or permanent inability to perform official duties.” No previous Florida executive has interpreted that power as broadly as DeSantis. The state Senate can reinstate Worrell, but the chamber is controlled by Republicans closely aligned with DeSantis and have rarely stood in his way.”

    • @ Chris
      I have always wondered if DeSantis is on the autistic spectrum.
      He acts so disconnected from people whenever you see him in public.

      • I think it’s that close Mercury-Saturn conjunction which can have an inhibitory effect on speech and generally make people seem stiff and cold.

        • @ Laurien
          I was thinking that DeSantis’s problem with connecting with people had more to do with his Aquarius moon since Aquarius tend to be better in a group setting than in one-on-one interactions.

          • I agree, Roderick, that may not help, especially since his Aquarius Moon is disposited by that Saturn conjunct Mercury. But depending on other chart influences, I don’t think all Aquarian Moons are cold fish, although I think there is something in what you say as they often seem to connect better with groups of people than individuals. Diana, Princess of Wales, for example, despite her difficult one-on-one relationships became thought of (by some at least!) as the People’s Princess and Queen of Hearts. John F. Kennedy has an Aquarian Moon and was very popular. I shouldn’t generalize but I know people with the Mercury-Saturn aspect personally who are brilliant but reserved to the point of seeming aloof. Some geniuses like Albert Einstein and Nikolas Tesla have this aspect, but then so do/did Bill Clinton, Princess Anne, Richard Burton, Christopher Plummer, and Emily Carr. Anyway, your comment is a reminder to look at the chart as a whole! Thanks, Roderick!

          • @ Laurien.
            When DeSantis told that little kid with the Icee that there was a lot of sugar in it, I cracked up thinking that was his critical Virgo sun peaking out.

            He is a very strange man.

            Another thing I find strange is that no one ever talks about his birth family.

            Nothing about his parents or siblings or extended family.

          • LOL, that is pretty funny! At first I thought the Mercury-Saturn conjunction might be that much worse in perfectionistic, critical Virgo. But then Mercury is traditionally in its domicile and exaltation in Virgo, and it is sextile Venus, so maybe he gets some benefit out of it. That is odd about his family. Perhaps with the Moon in Aquarius there is something odd or different about them, or he is estranged from them. He has the Sun square Neptune and I’ve noticed Sun-Neptune contacts sometimes occur when there are questions about paternity or an absent/disappearing father for whatever reason. Just a stab in the dark.

            Noticing the Sun so close to the North Node I knew he must have been born near an eclipse so I checked it out. There was one two days after he was born on September 16, 1978 at 23°33′ Pisces. Astrologer Bill Meridian always says that when someone is born in the week before an eclipse, their life works out unexpectedly. Maybe that could include becoming president. And there is an eclipse at 25°40′ Pisces on September 18, 2024 in the run-up to the election which could be important, followed by one on March 14, 2025 opposite it at 23°56′ Virgo as so often happens, and right on his Sun. Both should throw him into the limelight. This isn’t a prediction but I wouldn’t rule him out as getting the Republican nomination and even becoming president.

            Nice chatting, Roderick, and I hope you don’t mind I went off piste!

    • You say Newsom, but it’s really the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, who’s angling to be the next Democratic nominee. He, too, rules like a dictator, bullying lawmakers into compliance. His focus less about what the state wants, and more about what will get him into national office. As a billionaire, he pretty much finances the Democratic Governors Association and I sense the party will owe it to him.

  8. Marjorie and All, re: DeSantis as a presidential candidate, you may want to comment on his performance prospects at the first Republican Debate on August 23 in Milwaukee. Trump hasn’t committed yet.

    With transiting Mars conjunct his Virgo North Node then, referencing a public show of individual energy, ambition, and Virgo analysis/criticism, I imagine DeSantis will make a sharp impression, one way or another – perhaps confident, competent, hard-working leader (to Republicans) or arrogant, wrong, or uncooperative bully (to Democrats).

  9. Thank you Marjorie!

    I was thinking more about the climate crisis, diseases and in – state corruption/sleeze than of De Santis as a viable political. I think what is happening in FL will end his career actually.
    People can’t buy property insurance but they are living in Hurricane alley.
    They also have gotten rid of being able to employ immigrants–so on top of the climate change/weather, they do not have enough workers to pick crops (or do the work that supports the travel industry–restaurants, hotel workers etc.)
    The education policies are creating a huge teacher shortage–and they will be unable to hire at universities soon too.

    It’s not just De Santis who is creepy–there’s a bunch of sleazy politicians in FL government & congress. It’s bad.

    Have you done any pieces on Roger Stone–he’s in the center of politics there. Matt Gaetz, a congressman just said something that’s been interpreted as encouraging violence. There’s some bad, bad undemocratic stuff going on there. Remember Jeffrey Epstein used to live there too.

  10. Thank you Marjorie!
    They also have gotten rid of being able to employ immigrants–so on top of the climate change/weather, they do not have enough workers to pick crops (or do the work that supports the travel industry–restaurants, hotel workers etc.)

    And politically, it’s not just De Santis who is creepy–there’s a bunch of sleazy politicians in FL government & congress. It’s bad.

  11. Ron is not done by a long shot. Allow me a few points.
    Let’s remember that had Trump not run in 2016, it would be President Ted Cruz. Any Republican would’ve beaten Hillary as I’ve come to realise. Now Cruz was described as the most disliked politician in Washington. John Boehner(who took the wings of the morning and flee politics after he realized the direction of the GOP) referred to him as, and I quote, “Lucifer in the flesh”. Yet he was the runner up. What this says is those voters want and choose the most wretched among them in order to “own the Libs” as they like to say. So as a viable alternative to Trump, DeSantis is the new Cruz.
    Ramaswampy is a flavor of the moment getting his 15 minutes. But for obvious reasons he’s not a serious contender. So I expect the ‘great white nationalist hope’ backup plan Ron to rise again in the polls.
    Trump is THEE proverbial bull in a china shop. And right now this bull is more like an oversized Rat backed into a corner. So barring some cardiovascular event that takes him down, he will either get the nomination, encourage his minions to write him in on the ballot, or officially run as a third party spoiler. #Retribution

    • Hmmm… there’s a new moon in Leo 28 degrees this week. It’s going to be conjunct the Sun and this conjunction will be squared by Uranus. All of this will be then be conjunct Trump’s ascendant at 29 Leo. I smell a stroke or massive heart attack. He’s in his 70’s, overweight and facing jail time.

  12. Marjorie,
    I agree with Troy..by the time Trump is finished with him there won’t be much left to see. I’d like to ask if you would take a look at Senator Rick Scott, to my mind far scarier than DeSantis. Rumor has it that he is wanting to take over for Mitch McConnell as senate majority leader. His stance on social security and medicare are medieval-he also signed the petition to secede from the Union when Trump lost the election and there are looming reports of
    his involvement in Jan. 6th government take over. Thanks to you and all the other commenters.

  13. I have been visiting the gulf coast of FL somewhat regularly since 2011. Loved it so much that I had hoped to retire there. It feels like a different country, not just a different state. This is because I visit an island that is so laid back. It’s incredibly restful but the local government has its head in the sand. They won’t even do feasibility studies regarding climate change. I don’t understand the unwillingness to even just dip their toe into understanding how climate change will impact their neck of the woods. So, not sure about living there even though I love the salt water—it’s the only remedy that helps my eczema. I’m now hoping to move to France (I have been a Francophile since I was 8 years old) but it’s a hot mess there, as well.

    • Which city in France, if I may ask? If you need warm salt/sea water, then Marseille or even the Bordeaux regions could be feasible.

      • Hi-I have not gotten that far. I thought that Marseilles has a high crime rate. Are there specific towns you might suggest? I’ve been to the Provence area once—loved it. I was thinking about Chartres, so I’d have to drive to the sea. I had a profound experience at the cathedral there-that’s why I think it might be the place for me. Thanks for any input!

        • Marseille has improved I gather with a lively cultural life now. Though all of the south is beleaguered by the rising temperatures and getting to be impossible in summer. Also Marseille is a melting pot with a considerable North African population of immigrants and the south is Le Pen country so unrest is possible. The Atlantic west coast – Biarritz to Bordeaux or even Brittany might suit you.

  14. Please, Marjorie and experienced astrologers, tell me you don’t see the wannabe fascist dictator DeSantis taking over the White House! I think I’ll have to leave the country, probably to nearby Mexico, in that case!

    • @ Nicole
      With the Democrats focusing on the macroeconomy and ignoring how individuals are struggling economically and believing that abortion is going to take Biden to a second term it is very possible that DeSantis could slip into the White House.

      Unfortunately I see a scenario for the 2024 election being a repeat of what happened in 2016 when there was a low Democratic turnout especially of Biden is the nominee and so many Democratic voters concerned about his age impacting his ability to finish another term.

      Add to that some segments of the Democratic Party (not including me) wonder why we can send billions to the Ukraine but not spend it on Americans.

      Whenever the people feel insecure economically they are suspectable to demagogues like DeSantis.

  15. Thanks Marjorie. That Pluto/Jupiter opp transit (DeSantis) is interesting. I think you mentioned his wife (Casey) has supportive transits to be the First Lady. I’ve said it before but I just don’t see either Trump or Biden at another inauguration. This week’s coming new moon in Leo square Uranus will be conjunct Trump’s ascendant.

  16. As a Floridian, we watched DeSantis as he ran for Governor with caution. I was always suspect of his motivations, but early on he appeared to support some decent things (to my pleasant surprise). Since then, the sheep’s clothing has come off revealing him for the monster we suspected all along. I wonder if that’s the ‘uncomfortable fit’ and the backsliding now and going forward? His wife seems to be the power behind the throne- it would be interesting to see her chart too please!

  17. Well if air temperatures are breaking records then I expect the same for sea waters. So it should be interesting to see what type of hurricane season will occur as a result.

    If by some miracle the Criminal in Chief starts to lose support and DeSantis re-surges, I’m banking on said criminal to find some way to sabotage him or spite the GOP.
    Go get em Trump!

  18. Not to mention soaring home insurance costs and the willingness of whichever U.S. government level is responsible for insurance companies to let one insurance company go bankrupt this year (because climate change damage claims are also soaring?).

    Climate change is already driving people from the northern U.S. who retired to the southern U.S. to move back north to Wisconsin, Michigan etc. Canadians called “snowbirds” fly south to Florida in the winter. “Sunbirds” will increasingly be flying north for summer vacations away from the super-heat of places like Arizona and Texas. I’m wondering if there’s a similar trend in Europe where people from places like the UK are reconsidering their moves to Spain and Portugal?

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