Feargal Sharkey v greed and fouled waterways

Feargal Sharkey, the Irish former lead singer with the Undertones, has become a notable environmental campaigner in recent years targeting the water companies for their frequent sewage spills which contaminate waterways, while paying out billions in dividends.

 He was born 13 August 1958, no time. Londonderry, and is an attention-grabbing Sun and reforming Uranus in Leo with his Uranus in a volatile and uncompromising square to Mars in determined Taurus. His Sun and Uranus are sextile Saturn in knowledgeable Sagittarius sextile Jupiter conjunct North Node in Libra.  

 His Jupiter North Node square Venus (probably) Moon in Cancer will be what puts his heart in the right place. With his Mars in Taurus plus Uranus giving him the impetus to stir up trouble where needed.

  In 2025 his Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Jupiter for a triumph and surge of confidence. He’ll be popular.

  Looking up the Great Stink of 1858 in London which was what precipitated a new sewage system it is intriguing to note which I am sure Jane has pointed out that it happened around a Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus – so who knows – there may be a shift in the right direction.

 See previous post 29 June 2023. UK sewerage – the money men doing the dirty ++ Thames Water

5 thoughts on “Feargal Sharkey v greed and fouled waterways

  1. Thanks Marjorie amd Jane for those interesting details on Bazalgette and the Great Stink. Sharkey has that determined Mars in Taurus square Sun, but one of the sweeter aspects in FS’s natal chart is the conjunction of Moon/Venus in Cancer, though the Moon could also be in Leo, but Venus is conjunct the fixed star Procyon in the constellation of Canis Minor. Procyon means ‘before the dog’ because it precedes the dog star ‘Sirius’ as it travels across the sky. It’s a star which obviously has connotations with dogs – Paul O’Grady for example has his Ascendant and Uranus on this star – but it is also associated with water and rivers and when afflicted, Procyon can bring storms and floods and in individuals the danger of drowning and the damaging effects of water. Saturn was conjunct Procyon when the Boxing Day Tsunami occurred in 2004 and also in 1975 when the Yangtze River floods killed 200,000 people – one of the worst disasters of modern times.

    An Arabic myth, according to the Star Lore website:

    ‘The myth describes Sirius and Procyon as two sisters who tried to follow their brother Canopus across the sky when they came to the Great Sky River (the Milky Way). They both entered the river and attempted to swim across but only the older and stronger sister Sirius was successful and can now be seen on the southern bank of that river. The younger, weaker sister, Procyon, was unable to cross and has remained weeping on the northern bank, defeated by the strength of the river.

    ‘Subsequently Sirius was referred to as “She who has passed through” whereas Procyon was referred to as “She who weeps”, connecting to its widespread association with danger through drowning and floods. The myth may be very ancient, and allude to the Euphratean title for Procyon as the ‘Star of the Crossing of the Water-dog’, which relates to its proximity to the Milky Way, the ‘River of Heaven’, giving the suggestion of a star placed at a cross-point where opposing forces collide.’

    • Thanks VF. How lovely about the link with dogs and the stars. And may Feargal Sharkey and all other campaigners for clean water be dogged in their determination to prevail in this!

      • Cheers, Jane. Indeed, we may see yet more individuals making their stand against these various Goliaths. Alan Bates being another example. It’s something I feel will emerge from Pluto in Aquarius and Neptune in Aries.

  2. “In 2025 his Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Jupiter for a triumph and surge of confidence. He’ll be popular.”

    Thanks Marjorie, Feargal Sharkey deserves to be popular, his determined Mars in Taurus has just kept on hammering away at this while politicians of all parties dither. Maybe that Mars is tuning in to the UK Mars in Taurus? Feargal’s SA Nodes, 28 Sagittarius, are aligned with Joseph Bazalgette’s Neptune, 28 Sagittarius.

    The Great Stink Neptune in Pisces has had its return, but awaits a bracing cold water Saturn in Pisces transit, plus two Lunar Eclipses – one in September, and one at 23 Virgo in March 2025. Clean water for everyone seems like a very Pisces/Virgo theme.

    Meanwhile, that great engineer Joseph Bazalgette himself, 28 March, 1819, has an interesting mutable square with Saturn, Chiron and Pluto in Pisces (the structure of underground sewers?) square Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius. His posthumous Saturn Return comes in March 2025, along with this September’s Lunar Eclipse at 25 Pisces, conjunct his Chiron exactly, and the Neptune for the Great Stink. Bazalgette’s Nodes at 20 Aries have been highlighted by the recent Aries Eclipse.

  3. One of the main reasons the water companies are allowed to get away with this is Brexit. When the UK was held to account by Europe with compliance with the Water Framework Directive, they would never have dared to allow so much pollution. But since 2019 they haven’t had to worry, and so both water companies and farmers pollute without fear of prosecution. Well done, Tories and Brexiteers, you are wrecking our environment.

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