Fall guys for January 6 – anyone but Trump + Giuliani

Who will be thrown to the lions as a useful scapegoat to divert responsibility from Trump for the January 6 Capitol Attack? There is a short list as the select committee investigation uncovers increasingly damaging evidence that the president knew the election had been lost yet still exhorted his fan club to take action.

  Those in the know suggest Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, is a likely candidate, followed by lawyer John Eastman, Sydney Powell another Trump lawyer, and Rep. Scott Perry, who allegedly was part of the push to get the Justice Department to overturn the election.

“The strategy is to blame people his advisers called ‘the crazies’ for what the president did,” Liz Cheney said at the hearing Tuesday. “This, of course, is nonsense. President Trump is a 76-year-old man. He is not an impressionable child. Just like everyone else in our country, he is responsible for his own actions and his own choices.”

Meadows, 28 July 1959 1am Verdun, France, is a stubborn and ego-centric Sun Leo on the point of a Fixed T Square to a Taurus Moon opposition Neptune, with a ruthless Mars Pluto in Virgo. His Solar Arc Mars Pluto has been crunching damagingly across his Neptune and Sun since last year, extending on for two or three years ahead, but peaking with maximum devastation within a few months. His Mercury and Sun/Pluto midpoint will twang uncomfortably to the August 1st tr Mars, Uranus, NN in Taurus square.  Though he won’t go down without a confident push back in 2023/2024.

Sydney Powell, 1 May 1955, a Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Saturn at 18 degrees Scorpio square Pluto in Leo is immensely tough and unyielding.  But not only is her Solar Arc Mars now exactly square her Saturn for a car-crash few months she’s also got the tr Uranus, Mars, Node hard aspects hitting both.  And her Solar Arc Saturn in a depressing and high-tension opposition to her Jupiter Uranus now and into 2023 – when she reckons her luck has run out.

 John Eastman, 21 April 1960, is a Sun Taurus in a materialistic and super-ambitious Earth Grand Trine to Pluto and Jupiter and opposition Neptune. His Progressed Mars may be conjunct his Sun about now which usually produces a shock of significant proportions; with a disruptive/explosive Solar Arc Mars square his Uranus in 2023/24.  

Scott Perry, 27 May 1962, a controlling Gemini square a pushily-confident, rules-don’t-apply Jupiter opposition Pluto. He has tr Pluto in a trapped, scary, infuriating square to his Mars – maybe this year, depending on birth time, but certainly in 2023. That will jam him up.  

Stephen Bannon, 27 November 1953, former Trump adviser and playmate, is being forced to appear in front of the committee under threat of imprisonment for contempt if he doesn’t.  He shares Trump’s luck-of-the-devil in wriggling out of legal hotspots but may not have much choice this time round. His Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct his Saturn for a dead-halt around now with undermining Neptune squares to his Jupiter and Solar Arc Mars this year and next.  2023/24 don’t look to be singing and dancing years though some of that could be health issues since his overweight, cigar-smoking, volcanically-angry lifestyle is hardly conducive to wellness.

Add On: Rudy Giuliani is also implicated in the ‘unhinged’ Trump White House after the election loss with insults, profanity and shouting at strategy meetings revealed by staffers.

 Born 28 May 1944, he’s an innovative, disruptive and erratic Sun Uranus in Gemini trine Neptune and sextile a ruthlessly determined Mars Pluto in Leo – with stratospheric ambition. Tr Saturn is damping his enthusiasm this year in opposition to his Jupiter. In 2023 tr Neptune will square his Saturn bringing uncertainty and a degree of panic; with further immense pressures, frustrations and a scary sense of being completely trapped in 2024 to 2027. Not his high point, for sure.

9 thoughts on “Fall guys for January 6 – anyone but Trump + Giuliani

  1. Thanks very much Marjorie for your insight.
    Sidney Powell was Giuliani’s sidekick. Rudy Giuliani could also be on the list of scapegoats but you have covered him multiple times already incl. april 29 2021 when his home was searched.
    Still BS-ing away until 2023 when tr Neptune squares his Saturn. His legal problems are deepening as the ‘false electors’ scheme is being investigated. He would definitely try to save his rear end at all cost along with Bannon.

  2. The person that will fall the hardest is Trump himself. His luck has finally expired. Days to ultimate atonement are counting down.
    The worst thing he ever did for himself and the GOP was to become President. He exposed their true colors to the naive. But he’s also the best thing to ever happen for Democrats. The irony!
    Fate seemingly sacrificed Hillary for the big picture greater good.

  3. When looking for scapegoats I look for two things in the person’s chart…
    1. The position of the fixed star Zosma which gives scapegoat, victimization.
    2. Planet in Pisces, known for sacrificial lamb, victim, scapegoat.
    Sydney Powell and Scott Perry are 2 of the most likely candidates based on the above.
    See their charts in the link below…https://i.postimg.cc/rpCd6ZSS/White-House-Scapegoats.jpg
    Also see if trans Neptune is aspecting their charts…..Neptune gives scapegoat also.

  4. Do you think there’s any chance Trump himself won’t be able to wiggle out? Actually be charged, tried himself and even convicted and imprisoned (one of my dearest wishes)?

    Thanks for your insight.

    • Hi Thanks for the support but I did change it from his to her after the heads up. ‘They’ might have come in handy though I seriously dislike it.

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