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Italy, worst hit in Europe at present by coronavirus with nearly six thousand confirmed cases and 230 plus deaths, has placed up to 16 million people under quarantine. The lockdown affects a quarter of the Italian population and centres on the rich northern part which powers its economy. So far stats for confirmed cases for other countries: France 949; Germany 795; Spain 441; the UK 209; the Netherlands 188.

The 17 March 1861 Italy chart has the road-blocked and deprived Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto exactly now; with a disruptive tr Uranus conjunct the Italy Pluto come late May, on and off into 2021. Oddly there is an even more uncertain and epidemic-associated Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Saturn in 2022.

The modern Italy 10 June 1946 4pm chart is also labouring through heavy seas with tr Pluto opposition the Saturn this year; and tr Neptune in an undermining and panicky square to its Gemini Sun and Uranus now and into early 2021. With further nerve-strain from Solar Arc Neptune opposition Uranus in 2021 and the Sun in 2023. With Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune in 2022, Solar Arc Pluto square Saturn in 2023, and Solar Arc Mars square Pluto in 2024 which looks like a longish run of uncertainties, catastrophes and significant setbacks.

The Bank of Italy chart, 10 August 1893, looks highly unsettled this year with similar upheavals and disruption over the next three years, so the after effects (or other) will linger.

The EU itself was always going to hit massive financial turbulence this year from this July onwards with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Moon and square its Uranus affecting future plans and neighbourly relations. Even before then tr Uranus opposition the 2nd house Neptune from this coming week onwards to late month will be nerve-stretched and panicky; plus the discouraging, belt-tightening tr Saturn exactly square the 2nd house Jupiter now, repeating on and off through the year. And tr Neptune in a highly neurotic square to the 3rd house Saturn from late March, on and off till spring 2021 – this latter could suggest disruptions to communications and transport.

Like Italy the after effects or some other economic effects will linger, with a car-crash Solar Arc Mars square the 8th house Moon and opposition Uranus in mid to late 2021; and an undermining, dissolving Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the EU Sun in 2022.   The tr Saturn in Aquarius square tr Uranus in Taurus, in ripple effect from later this month and biting more obviously in 2021 will affect the EU particularly badly with its Moon, Uranus and Neptune in the line of fire.

There’s no elastic left in the EU financial system to cope with another seismic economic shock, lessons not having been learned from the 2008 crash and aftermath. The ECB, 1 January 1999 chart, has a confused, indecisive Solar Arc Sun conjunct Neptune now; an explosive, high-insecurity Solar Arc Mars square Uranus in early 2021. And a deprived, aggravated, stuck tr Pluto square the Mars/Saturn midpoint this year and then square the Saturn in 2021/22 for two years of hardship. With a bubble-bursting tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter in 2021/22.

Batten down the hatches.

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  1. Fabulous post and simply dreadful that both Italy and Spain suffering so much, 2 Countries/Cultures
    so similar to me and that we all love.

  2. Marjorie, thankyou for this one. Fabulous.
    Dunyazade. Immense thanks to you for the mp4 file. Travel??? People think its all one big joke. The trouble is the horse has bolted, thanks to the idiot elite running governments, Boris, you are a twat(anglo saxon) word and still reproducing!! The poor cannot buy in food or toilet rolls, and thats if you can find them anywhere. We need disenfectants in the streets , on public transport. The young will die, its lying by governments to say they won’t. The budget, yesterday. Huh. Business not real life human beings. They won’t be a lot of business if we don’t use proper common sense. I absolutely despair. And, Sally. You selfish, stupid, ridiculous person. Especially stupid.

  3. Bon sante all round. The constant bombardment on the net and news does tend to stoke up panic. Caution is good as a protective measure, hysteria less so. Down here on south of France supermarkets all as per usual, no face masks to be seen. Though it’s rural here so may be different in Toulon and Marseille. There is great play about not shaking hands and kissing which is standard greeting. But despite being close to the Italian border, all is calm – so far anyway.

  4. Covid-19 has now been declared a pandemic by WHO.

    I could see this coming, because people around me changed their attitude *quickly* from Monday to this day. There was a sudden leap in cases in several countries, and working in Corporate Administration, I see we’ve cancelled or postponed practically everything in Europe for a month or so, because all companies we deal with now have internal policies limiting ALL business travel and even visits. Also, we disinfect twice a day, per company policy. Just to say that “big business” was already taking this *much more seriously* than most Governments.

  5. Wow, I must be missing something here and you can all say ‘serves you right’ if I contract it and die, but I really can’t get worked up about catching Coronavirus. I’m not a high-risk category to be sure, and I can understand why those who are self-isolate, but for the rest of us, it’s not the Black Death, and will probably be about as unpleasant as a dose of flu. I’m really glad the Cheltenham race meeting is going ahead, and I shall be furiously disappointed if the Halle Orchestra cancels a concert I’m hoping to attend next week. Isn’t the British way to keep calm and carry on?

      • Thank you Dunyazade. Sally as a British person keeping “calm and carrying on” under lock down in Italy while suffering from a chronic lung disorder I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt when I read your post. My husband has to work in high risk areas every day, knowing, as Dunyazade so rightly pointed out, that there are no intensive care facilities left here for anyone never mind the old. He worries himself sick about me every day. Has it ever occurred to you that while the virus (which may badly affect you at all) silently takes hold, usually around a two week incubation period, you could be spreading germs to someone sitting beside you, maybe a child currently undergoing chemotherapy? Or a teenager suffering from diabetes? Or a person having a night off caring for an elderly parent suffering from Alzheimer patient and could pass it on? Someone who unlike you, might not get off so lightly, someone who may in fact, due to lack of enough ICU care available in the UK may end up dying horribly – maybe not even offered treatment as doctors try to work out who is might likely to live and leave another to die? The way it is becoming here in Italy? You in the UK are only two weeks behind us. I have grandchildren in the UK I haven’t seen since last December. I sit here every day praying my husband doesn’t contract the illness because there is no way anyone here is going to treat me if I get ill and I so want to see them again. But don’t you worry now, it won’t affect you. Keep calm and carry on – please don’t let any unselfish considerations about other people interrupt your busy social life. Sally there are some of you in the UK that really need to wake up. Big Time!

        • Sarah C, I’m keeping you and your husband in my thoughts. I’ve lived in Italy, I still have people I care deeply about there (some very close by the original “zona rossa” in “Bassa”), and the accounts you read from MDs and nurses “in the front” are horrifying. We still have “just” 100 cases in Finland, but if this is going to follow Swedish and Norwegian pattern, they will be 300-400 in a week. 10 per cent of them needing ICU will already take 20 per cent of our full capacity. It’s scaring, because although we’ve prepared for up to 400 000 people being sick at a time, based on Italian data, our authorities have severely underestimated the number of people needing hospital treatment, or ICU. South Korea seems to be faring better, but they have TRIPLE hospital beds to begin with and had a very centralized outbreak (members of a sect) initially.

          • Solaia, thank you so much for your kind thoughts 🙂 Like you I noticed (re your post above) companies I know of cutting back on travel and huge meetings etc in the UK over the past few weeks. They are well ahead of the government. This evening they announced that now everything is closed apart from supermarkets and pharmacies. Everyone has to stay at home unless work is essential. It’s quite comforting in a daft sort of way, somehow you (I) feel safer, but others have said the same. It’s been spoken of everywhere now that the doctors are having to make choices about who to treat. Older people – like me – won’t get a look in, so it very much falls on the individual now to take care of themselves. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who won’t let me out of the house but bought me home a 5 kg box of fresh strawberries home tonight. No idea what that is represented by in astrology – he is a Leo with a Taurus moon, but I’m not complaining. Isolation so far is ok 😉 I hope all your friends stay well in Italy, and indeed where you and everyone else on this forum is.

    • Would you be attending the concert with friends, Sally? What about their families, colleagues, neighbours….??? Not everyone is as fortunate as you consider yourself to be. This is not just about the individual. It’s about all of us, as a society. An NHS friend tells me that people are actually stealing hand sanitiser from hospitals…..beggars belief doesn’t it? Yes, keep calm and carry on, but for crying out loud, think about someone other than yourself. We are all connected you know.

  6. Very concerned for my cousin, suffering from high temperature since yesterday. He’s self-isolated since last mid-week after his work cancelled international travel just to be safe and work from home, but while he was still there some coworkers had just returned from Italy. Hope it’s not serious. He’s in his 50s.

  7. The lack of leadership in the UK at the moment is mind blowing. NHS saying one thing, other government departments saying another. Firms telling their workers to stay home if they have so much as a sniffle, while Ofsted and local councils still aggressively enforce school attendance. One parent at my child’s school kept her child with a cold at home, thinking she was doing the right thing and received an arsey letter threatening her with a fine if her child takes any more time off in the next ten weeks, as attendance has fallen below 97%.

  8. One thing I found a little surprising was that Italy gave at least a day’s notice that they were closing down Lombardy and the north. People were making a mad rush to leave in advance. A little counterproductive perhaps. Just in case you don’t have this link: New cases have been going down in number for several days now.

    • Cassandra, they didn’t give a day’s notice. Before it became a decree someone leaked the document to CNN I think, and news went round like wildfire. There are stories of restaurants emptying with people in panic and tons of photos on the net of the station being crammed with people trying to escape south before they got locked in. The attitude of those in the south was scathing to put it mildly at the total lack of social responsibility demonstrated by these people. Now we’re all under the cosh – I suspect to stop more people escaping anywhere – now there isn’t anywhere to escape to! Yes, the website is brilliant – Marjorie kindly put it up on another thread about Italy. The figures are indeed going down in some areas although unfortunately not in Italy which updates every evening at 18.30 Italian time one hour ahead of GMT. Certainly the recovery rates are good. However the problem is it has a very silent approach – people are infected and infectious without necessarily displaying symptoms for up to two weeks, or maybe not at all. The could be inadvertently passing it on, via the bus, tube, trains, stadiums etc., to people with weak immune systems, diabetes chronic lung or heart disorders all who might be sitting next to them and putting them into harm’s way. It really does require sensible planning and for those at risk, staying at home as much as possible and keeping visitors to the bare minimum. Also constantly disinfecting things that visitors might touch – door handles, bell presses, window handles, tea cloths, driving wheel of the car. Because recovery rates are much slower for those suppressed immune systems, and the health services are now creaking under the weight of the numbers coming in. People really do need now to take responsibility for themselves, never mind what the government say, Italian, British or any other place. I’m not being alarmist, I suffer from a chronic lung disorder and I live in Italy. My husband who had been working Bologna which was totally safe at the time, returned with an ordinary cold and was put into isolation for a week (he’d already had a cold for the week he was there) as we have already had two deaths in our local area. We’ve been sleeping in different rooms, using separate bathrooms (fortunately we have 2) and when I happened to touch his shoulder the other day he told me to go and wash my hands! Living like this isn’t funny, but necessary if I want to see my grandchildren again any time soon.

      • Sarah – replying to you here as lower down comments “reply” is missing! No I don’t think it means your husband will have the virus. But I do think its interesting that there’s a whole generation with the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, being transited by Neptune in Pisces at this point. Particularly as both Virgo and Pisces are signs connected with health, healing, hygiene and hospitals. I hope you and your husband stay well, and that this situation passes soon for everyone. Yet many interesting things can be learned by the world now, if people care to pay close attention – our economies and lifestyles are up for debate, at the very least….

      • I am also watching figures because I have a lung condition too (only one lung left) and am in my 70’s – still, lucky to have survived this far. We all have to go sometime… I live in Germany, because of Brexit we have to return (my partner will have no health cover after the end of this year). He has to return to the UK to find some kind of rented accommodation for us and our dog – not easy in the UK and very expensive – which is part of the reason we came here in the first place. Sorry nothing to do with astrology – or has it…!

  9. Just realised that the British over-80’s being strongly advised to isolate at home and avoid crowds, were evacuated to the countryside as children during the last Uranus in Taurus. What a strange full circle.

  10. This is not in Europe, but in The US a person paying high price ticket to CPAC Conservative Convention tested positive and has now made Ted Cruz of the “last man standing” with Trump fame and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, an enthusiastic Trump supporter, to selfquaranteen. Meanwhile, Trump is publicly shaking hands with his supporters on the way to a private fundraiser. Florida is, BTW, my guess for one of the States where the virus will break havoc. Lots of wealthy retirees, many of whom are frequent cruise ship customers (when we were there with our “precious” granny magnet baby, and truly nice people cooing for her where we were from, half mentioned hockey players and half having been here on a cruise).

  11. Do you want another indicator for the Corona Virus?…..use Koronis. You can find the ephemeris for Koronis here….
    ……just plug in the name Koronis and the date you want. I did this for the 2 Italy charts with amazing results.
    In the Italy Republic Chart in a current day triwheel, it gives, Solar Arc Koronis squares Italy’s natal Sun, in 8th of death. Solar Arc Koronis
    trines Italy’s natal Saturn. Solar Arc Koronis forms a YOD with natal Italy’s Asc, the body, sextile Mars, fever.
    Similarly in the other Italy chart in a current triwheel, we get, Solar Arc Koronis exactly on Italy’s Ascendant. Trans Koronis sextile natal Venus, ruler 6th House of Health. Trans Koronis sextiles Neptune exactly, on Italy’s 6th House of Health./
    You can add Koronis to your own natal chart to see how safe you are from catching this virus.

    • Just cheked.
      Natally I have it near my Leo Sun by less than 1 degree.
      For the Solar Return chart of 2020 – a few months away – it will be at 29º Aries. My natal Mars is at 28º Aries in the 6th house.
      Just bLOODY. fantastic!
      Won’t lie – am a bit scared.

      • ‘Just bloody fantastic ‘ made me lol. I have Leo Ascendant but I’m not going to look cause I don’t need to know everything. If it comes knocking at my door I’ll deal with it then.

    • Thanks for this – been doing more research into Medical Astrology and also the Centaurs. Pholus and Chariklo explained a lot to me and Jane Ridder-Patrick’s book a mine of information. Will look at Koronis – fascinating stuff – Astrology!

  12. Thanks Marjorie. I am hoping the warmer weather (whenever…) will help curb this. No idea really. I noticed that the opening game for the Euro 2020 football fest is scheduled to kick off in Rome on 12th June. This puts the Sun close to Italy’s Sun in the national chart of 10th June 1946. On 12th June the Sun is squared by Neptune and Mars in Pisces. Uranus in Taurus hits the Italy 1861 Pluto. Mercury will retrograde in Cancer the following week. This year the tournament has twelve venues across Europe, and here in the UK. Sun/Neptune/Mars might suggest glamour, corruption, and/or confusion for this event. Or possibly disappointment if it is postponed or cancelled. The Bologna Children’s Book Fair has been postponed till May, and the London Book Fair cancelled because of coronavirus fears.

  13. Social, economic and political disruption seems to be a common theme in the charts of nations and leaders. In the case of Italy, tr. Neptune will conjunct its natal Sun/Mercury in Pisces, just as Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus move in hard aspect to its natal Mars and Moon in Taurus, along with its Jupiter in Leo. Most of these aspects will be occurring between 2021-24. Definitely deflating; socially and economically voluble. I’d say that the coronavirus is a catalyst that will serve as a stress test for the global economy and our interconnected financial system. It’s revealing preexisting instabilities in the markets that have been papered over by years of loose monetary policies.

    I’d say that the current period will last until Saturn and Neptune conjunct in very early Aries 2025-26. Much of what we’ve known as givens over the past 40 years, notably increased political & economic integration across borders, may very well undergo some profound transformations in the coming years.

    • Andy, It does look depressingly unstable over the 2021 to 2024/5 years. Pluto’s final revenge in Capricorn – razing the old structure to ashes before starting the rebuild. All too exhausting to contemplate.

  14. I think Italy is being amazing – the virus is everywhere – but Italy is testing, reporting, and being aggressive. Good on them. See what happens in the US for contrast.

  15. I’m freaking out most about Germany and The UK at the moment, TBH. Germany is nearing 1000 and The UK has passed 200 confirmed cases, and they haven’t cancelled football matches. Manchester derby is played on full Old Trafford, capacity 76 000. Bayern München was playing home… I think this is madness.

    • Latest confirmed cases currently 109,965. The total number of deaths from the virus stands at 3,824.
      Of the infections:
      80,735 are in Mainland China
      7,375 are in Italy
      7,313 are in South Korea
      6,566 are in Iran

      • Marjorie, just consider that most cases manifesting now in Italy were contracted when they had 200-500 confirmed cases, and they have been doubling every 3 days or so since. Man U – Man City especially also attracted loads of International Tourists.

        Italians may have had the excuse of not knowing enough of how this virus works in “Developed World” during the first surge, British and German did, last week. You will see result of this foolishness in 2 weeks.

        • It’s lunacy. No surprise then that today’s Full Moon in Virgo is on the ascendant for a chart drawn at London and opposes Neptune on the descendant in the 6th House of health. Moon Neptune opposition’s are said to be associated with infection and illness. Worth noting that the Moon is exactly conjunct the North Node in the England 1066 chart with Neptune on the dragons tail.

          • Evangelos Marinakis, owner of Nottingham Forest FC, has just announced he has Covid19. He attended a match on Friday. He was born on 30th July, 1967 – with Venus (12), Uranus (21) and Pluto (18) in Virgo, and Neptune in Scorpio (21), so sensitive to the full Moon and Neptune atmosphere that’s around. All the team now must be tested too, obviously. I wonder how long it will be before they postpone or cancel big sporting events? I have heard several times that this isn’t necessary, but surely any virus is passed on more easily in a crowd? Is Neptune’s smoke and mirrors effect having an impact on sensible decisions?

          • Sarah – no need to apologise! Just got home here in London. Visited a supermarket on the way back, astonished to see gaps in the shelves (cereals, pasta, loo rolls), and no hand sanitiser, obviously….and far fewer people on my usual bus route too. Feeling a bit spooked now. There’s certainly a strong Virgo element to all this – perhaps sparked off by the full Moon. Or should we be looking at asteroid Hygeia as some are suggesting? The general atmosphere is quite unsettling now.

      • Also, silverlining (again): South Korea had the first day yesterday with fewer cases than the day before since the beginning of the outbreak. But they really took a rigorous, “all in” approach right from the beginning. Also, they likely have lower fatality rate, because members of the Christian Sect that were infected first tend to be young.

    • Germany has now banned supporters from football matches. The one thing about Germany is that the health insurance companies have vast reserves of funds, unlike the NHS. Keep calm and carry on…!

  16. Thank you! Although I must say I’m not worried about economy that much anymore. This will have a psychological impact on so many people. Based on what I hear from Italy – where about half of my contacts are in area quarantined – all elderly people and their caregivers should consider selfquarantening as much as possible NOW, because many areas in Europe and US are where Italy was 2 weeks ago.

    The speed this went from “you should just go about with your life as usual” to “we’re quarantining 16 million people” was incredible. I read about them running out hospital beds on Friday, and on Saturday, had a post telling young people to stay home for sake of their elders from someone who knows Italian Hospital Capacity well on Facebook. He has Ministry contacts, so probably was aware this was coming a couple of hours before it leaked to newspapers.

    Also, silverlinings: This happened in Lombardy, of all places. Italian Authorities may seem ineffective in normal circumstances, but their crisis management skills are top notch. And, in Italy, where healthcare is organized regionally and the differences between Regions can be stunning, Lombardy is among the better performers. In fact, since the Quarantine Order was leaked, there was a brief window of panic with people with families down South fleeing. The authorities in Southern Regions had to ask people coming on to selfquarantine, because their already falling hospitals can’t handle these people.

    Anyhow, we will now live with this at least for the next couple of months, there’s pretty slim hope any “Western” society escapes this, so please, take care!

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