Saudi Arabia – the war of the three Virgos


Shades of the 15th Century War of the Roses and the Tudors, or more recently North Korea. The recklessly impetuous, power-hungry and autocratic Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), has arrested his uncle, the King’s brother, and two cousins accusing them of treason, for which they could face execution.

Prince Ahmed, 5 September 1942, now 78, had criticized MBS’s running of the destructive war in Yemen but had thought it was safe to return home. Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, 30 August 1959, one of the USA’s close allies, was Crown Prince before being removed and placed under virtual house arrest. Both had been critical of MBS’s rise to power and the radical changes he made to governing the country, concentrating power in his own hands rather than including the wider family.

MBS consolidated his power early on by arresting 200 Royal relations and wealthy businessmen and imprisoning them in the Riyadh Ritz on corruption charges, with allegations of torture.

Born 31 August 1985 he does have a control-freak Pluto in Scorpio on the point of a T Square to Jupiter opposition Venus, which gives him tremendous staying power and a disinclination to shift from any course of action he starts; or share the driving seat with anyone. Plus Jupiter Pluto which will tempt him to think rules don’t apply to him. On top of all that he has a cruel and short-tempered Mars in flamboyant Leo square Saturn in obsessive Scorpio. Since coming to power, he has hashed and crashed through various flare-ups, not the least of which was Jamal Khashoggi’s grisly murder.

His elevation to the Crown Prince role on 21 June 2017 reflects his temperament with a ruthless Mars opposition Pluto square Jupiter.

Oddly enough MBS and his uncle and older cousin are all Virgos – with Mohammed bin Nayef’s Sun Pluto conjunct MBS’s Sun and Prince Ahmed’s Uranus Saturn in Gemini square MBS’s Sun – not good chemistry for an individual who clearly dislikes being criticized.

The relationship charts between MBS and Nayef – a composite Sun Mars square Neptune Saturn; and MBS/Ahmed – a composite Saturn, Mars, Sun opposition Uranus – both look exceptionally competitive and argumentative.

MBS will run into blocks and obstacles in 2021 when his Solar Arc Pluto squares his Sun. His relationship with his bro-romance Jared Kushner is under a cloud exactly now with tr Saturn square the composite Pluto; with jolts and jangles come late May into June, and on – which is when MBS’s chart is revving up for another forceful gesture.

The two Saudi charts, 1902 and 1932 indicate heavy pressure through to mid decade; with panics and insecurity as well as financial over-confidence on the other.


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