Elon Musk – his braggadocio runs into a road-block

Twitter has won round one of the legal battle to force Elon Musk to complete a $44bn (£36.7bn) takeover of the company. A judge has ruled that a trial will take place in October, rather than next year as Musk wanted. He walked away from his offer after claiming Twitter had failed to make appropriate disclosures about the number of fake accounts on the site, while TW lawyers accused him of “conjuring an exit ramp”. He initially offered $54.20 per share, far above its current share price of around $40. He still owns around 9pc of Twitter.

  Musk, 28 June 1971, and Twitter, 21 March 2006, in different ways will be keyed up by the early August tr Uranus, North Node, Mars conjunction. In Twitter’s case it is opposition its Jupiter and square its Neptune – evoking cheer and also over optimism?  In Musk’s case it rattles up his Mars/North Node midpoint leading to upsets and arguments.

 He’s in a mixed phase with bullishly-confident tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and sextile his Jupiter through 2022/23. Though at the moment his Solar Arc Mars opposition his Uranus will brew up a few ‘collisions’ to knock his self-esteem, derail his plans and may lead to wild reactions.

 What is also noteworthy is his Mars in Aquarius at 20 degrees (conjunct his NN).  My experience of this placing of Mars is it can be bloody minded in pursuit of its own freedom, contrary, and delights in being obstructive or causing trouble. It is being blocked this year by tr Saturn conjunct late August to mid September and in early December.

   Across the trial throughout October to mid November tr Saturn will oppose his Mars/NN midpoint for disadvantages and setbacks. Though admittedly Twitter won’t be too overjoyed either with tr Saturn conjunct their Neptune and square Jupiter.  

  Into 2023 tr Uranus is gearing up to square his Mars in Aquarius from late May onwards, having just before that being square his Mars/NN midpoint – both of which tend to bring sudden shocks, setbacks and can provoke over hasty, ill-judged responses. That influence runs on and off into early 2024.

  So he will be surfing the storm waves with great gusto in his usual brash and devil-may-care fashion but he’ll run into a minefield of potentially disruptive events. Tr Pluto into Aquarius 2023/25 will lean on his neurotic Neptune opposition Saturn which won’t help his frame of mind.

16 thoughts on “Elon Musk – his braggadocio runs into a road-block

  1. In my opinion the worse social media site by miles and that is really saying something. Would not want to be associated with it, let alone buy it.

  2. They’re both full of BS ,Musk and Twitter . On a better note I like GD’s comment about doing his own thing in life
    and not getting too involved with others. Great way to live

    • I would like to be more involved with others, so I don’t advocate it for everybody; only that it seems to be the best way for me.

      • Gnarly Dude, There can be a profound internal shift that comes from recognising and accepting who you are and seeing the strengths you have which others don’t. I know that sounds very Pollyannish and if what’s stopping you is a neurotic block then you need to push through it.
        But it goes back to Carl Jung’s point about freewill being the ability to freely choose that which we must do.
        I’ve experienced much the same and there is still the occasional tug to be ‘normal’. But if it isn’t true to your nature then it isn’t for you.
        Walking the road less travelled can be lonely but you have resources and abilities that others haven’t.

  3. “What is also noteworthy is his Mars in Aquarius at 20 degrees (conjunct his NN). My experience of this placing of Mars is it can be bloody minded in pursuit of its own freedom, contrary, and delights in being obstructive or causing trouble.”

    I’m born soon after Musk and my Mars/NN is even tighter. And trine Uranus but also Saturn.

    When I was younger I definitely wanted my own freedom and I’ve had to work at being less contrary / more agreeable.

    Even so, in situations where there are obvious issues with the system in place, I don’t have much time for people who are stuck in the status quo and want to “do things as they’ve always been”.

    I’m a committed team player to the point where I get frustrated by other people who are full of their own egos and not doing their best for the team.

    I have come to conclude I am better off doing my own thing and never getting too involved with others.

    • @GnarlyDude what month are you? I know someone born in August with this aspect close trine Uranus wide trine Saturn and I see the same. Dances to his own tune but while very stubborn is at peace with his ways even if flawed and doesn’t apologise for it. There is something admirable in his approach even if I disagree with him on a point.

  4. Rarely met a Virgo moon who can just let the feelings wash over them instead of fiddling and usually making things worse and leading to more regret.

    Musk’s moon could be in a wide-orb Yod with his Cancer mercury and the Aqua Mars/NN which would fit his personality.

    Of course, there’s probably also a mutual reception going on between the moon and mercury – neither of which is well-placed in the others signs. Thinking when you should be feeling, feeling when you should be thinking.

  5. Right from the outset I was sure he was not going to complete the deal. As a disrupter he is more driven by other motives. He has this idea that he is untouchable in business but this lawsuit may help to take him down a peg or two. He may yet regret being so impulsive when this affair has a negative knock-on effect on his other business interests.

  6. Didn’t realise he had mars in the 5th cjt NN, maybe points to the enormous amount of children, leaving his legacy etc. Makes me further doubt his environment credentials as well.

  7. The fake accounts, plants and hired troll accts are rife in the area I’m an activist in and Twitter do absolutely nothing about it at all. I’m no Musk fan but Twitter have a had a huge problem with this for a long time

    • Jo: I’m no Musk fan but Twitter have a had a huge problem with this for a long time

      And that’s why his using the Twitter’s troll problem is a BS excuse. If it is common knowledge Musk should have known, but he was so anxious to own the libs and now he’s stuck owing Twitter at least $1 billion if he is allowed to walk away from the deal.

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