Elizabeth Holmes – from billions to minus in a decade



Two weeks ago Elizabeth Holmes settled a fraud lawsuit involving her company Theranos, which had claimed to have devised revolutionary blood tests. Starting from scratch as a 19 year old she became the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world due to a $9 billion valuation of the company and won multiple awards. She’s now worth zero, possibly minus since she is facing swingeing debt claims and fines.

Born 3 February 1984 in Washington, DC, she’s a Sun Aquarius square a formidably determined and ruthless Mars Saturn in Scorpio; with Pluto in Scorpio sextile a high-finance (and can be delusional or head-in-the-clouds) Neptune Jupiter in Capricorn, perhaps tied into a Pisces Moon.

Her Sun is square her Mars/Saturn midpoint which in turn is semi-square Neptune. So she had a combination of Mars Saturn’s ruthless determination in Scorpio to overcome all obstacles by any means plus slippery Neptune which in one of its expressions tends to have dreams of avarice especially tied into Jupiter in money-minded Capricorn.

Her rise and fall, self-defeating 10th Harmonic is strongly aspected.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holmes – from billions to minus in a decade

  1. What a hugely deceptive person! It’s quite shocking to now see how this sociopathic charlatan with big blue eyes & a ‘Believe Me’ look plastered on her face (at all times) could actually con her way through the board rooms to the very top government officials with her empty claims. It’s absolutely shocking that she could convince so many people that what she was doing & providing was legitimate; in much the same way that Bernie Madoff or even Michael Jackson convinced people of their legitimacy; without anyone from the outside questioning the validity of her claims. Is there something in her chart (or a person’s chart) that would indicate or point to the insidious & cunning nature of Elizabeth Holmes, this new ‘Snake Oil Salesperson’ that used deception & illusion at all times in for her to achieve Fame & Fortune? Are Neptune, Pluto & Capricorn energies involved with the secrecy & deception that Elizabeth Holmes used on such a grand scale? It seems like her New-Age Aquarian Sun in the 10th merged with her creative Piscean energies & vision did a nose dive, but maybe she doesn’t even want to see it yet… Can “Denial” (or lack of acceptance) be seen in a chart; maybe the Taurean energies that are Intercepted in her 12th House?

  2. I always felt there was something piscian about her. Where will she go from rock-bottom? Bounce back to a new venture?

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