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Since heavy Mars is the topic of the week and following on from Michael Savage’s motormouth Mars in Gemini (see below), Boris Johnson has an equally afflicted Mars in Gemini on the focal point of a T square to Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto. He’s got a short attention span, a reputation for not reading his briefs in detail and shoots off with careless opinions at the drop of a hat. Viz Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the Iranian-British woman languishing in a Teheran jail – not only did he not get her out, he made her situation dramatically worse by suggesting she was training journalists, when she wasn’t.

Over the Skripal affair, he was so delighted to get a platform on his foreign affairs ticket that he managed to shoot the government’s case firmly in the foot, when Theresa May had been very careful in her comments.

His Mars squares the UK’s Pluto with his Saturn conjunct and Uranus Pluto in opposition, so he’s generally bad news for the country’s welfare and any earlier residue of good feeling for jovial Bojo has now disappeared down the drain.

On his relationship chart with the UK, there’s an enraged, frustrated tr Pluto trine the composite Mars at the moment extending till late 2019; with a separating tr Saturn square the composite Sun this year; and tr Neptune moving in 2019/2020 to undermine his rapport with the voters.

On his chart, 2pm birth time being sound, he has tr Uranus opposing his Scorpio Moon from mid May which will see an emotional upset, running into 2019. His Martian T square has also moved by Solar Arc to catch tr Uranus hard aspects at the moment; and a blocked/trapped tr Pluto opposition Mars in 2019/2020.

Whether the hapless PM will dump him is questionable. With such a Neptunian Term chart, she seems incapable of taking decisive steps.

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  1. Shirley there is dodginess around politics full stop. Labour was renowned for its control of the media during the Mandelson years and if anybody says anything against Corbyn and his cronies then the Momentum attack one across social media. During the past election there was much wrong doing on the part of Labour supporters! This is an astrology column not a political one so I will stay quiet

  2. Craig Murray IS a national treasure Alex. A whistleblower who lost a great deal through trying to highlight what the US and UK were getting up to in Uzbekistan when he was Ambassador there. He’s an amazing character with a massive network of contacts. Probably the world’s number one expert in maritime law, etc, too. Check out his videos on YouTube including Stolen Seas.

  3. Typical duplicitous Geminian totally out for himself. He’s a serial cheater in his marriage so I’m in no doubt he would have much difficulty cheating the electorate. I imagine May’s inclusion of him in the cabinet is a case of keeping your enemies close. To add to his hypocrisy, in 2014, the wife of one of Putin’s ex-ministers paid £160k to Conservative Party funds to play a game of tennis with Johnson. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

  4. Shirley, agreed. Neptune exerting it’s malefic side on a sleazy, inept government. His track record is demonstrably that of a serial liar, why on earth would anyone take BJ seriously on anything? Are you following Craig Murray on this? A national treasure….

    • Craig Murray’s latest on the nerve agent is a worry. Most peculiar. None of it makes sense and the Skripals seem to be getting better which in my very limited understanding isn’t too suggestive of a nerve agent. Have added him to my read list.

      • Marjorie, as with most poisonings, people exposed to nerve agents frequently get better after the acute phase if treated right and timely. It does not imply full recovery, but yes, peoole are known to “come back” after a nerve agent exposure, most famously The Tokyo Subway Attack with sarin claimed 12 lives, but there were 1000 having temporarely vision problems.

        I believe the main medical problem with novichok faced by The Brittish was that it really hasn’t been used outside testing environment. You really do not know how it’s going to react and how people exposed are going to react. Thus very catious reports on this.

        As for all the Brittish doubting your Government’s version of these events, please bare in mind that most European Governments and even many Americans with an access to certain briefings, including The French and The German one were very quick to validitate the findings by The Brittish Authorities. Not to speak of NATO (and not) allies in the Baltic Region who are, effectively, listening to Russians radio traffic (not that the Russians aren’t, it’s mutual). I would say, with a 90 per cent certainty, that MI6 has more than just chemical trail to link this attack to Russia.

        • Agreed. There is an alarming rise in conspiracy theorists in these crazy times, but I have little doubt of the source of this latest poisoning.

        • Thanks Solaia, I was surprised that the other countries jumped on board so quickly, especially the French who can be downright ornery in cases like these viz Iraq. So one would have to assume there was more than we know at the moment.

  5. As my granny, who had no knowledge of astrology, used to say, “he could start a fight in an empty room.”

    Or in his case, as we all know, is capable of plunging us into WW3.

    There’s something extremely sinister about this Government (and the Media outlets and agencies that cover for it) between getting into power through fraudulent means, using “dark money” to win elections and with links to SCL and Cambridge Analytica. Now I see that Garry Aitkenhead who has been presented as Chief at Porton Down was until recently a rep for Motorola.

    You couldn’t make it up.

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