Edward Enninful – a sparkling talent


Vogue UK have for the first time ever appointed a male editor, who is also working class, gay and black. Edward Enninful, 21 Feb 1972 (Twitter), has had an extraordinary life and career. He was born in Ghana, moved to the UK as a child with a seamstress mother who gave him a love for fabric and colour, became a model at 16, a fashion director at 18, and has worked with Italian and American Vogue. His 2008 “Black Issue” for Vogue Italia, which featured only black models was so successful Condé Nast was forced to print another 40,000 copies. He is known as an image-maker rather than a journalist, which was exiting editor Alexander Shulman’s background.

If his birth date is accurate, then he is a Sun Mercury in Pisces on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Jupiter in Capricorn trine Mars in Taurus; and on the focal point of a T square to Neptune in a creative opposition to Saturn Moon in Taurus/ Gemini. Pisces is a creative sign, often associated with photographers or film people – more image than words. He also has a tough and intellectual Air Grand Trine of North Node in Aquarius trine Pluto in Libra trine Saturn (Moon). An Aquarius Node is at its best when promoting a cause and he’s keen to end the ‘white-out- of catwalks.

Vogue UK launched in September 1916 when Jupiter was in Taurus which chimes with his Mars in Taurus; and Vogue USA, launched 17 Dec 1892, has North Node in Taurus at his exact Mars degree. – so a dynamic combination.

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  1. Edward seems a darling but I’m concerned about the timing… so many retrograde planets (Jupiter, Venus & Mercury) in the sky. Both Vogue and Edward could make a loss.

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