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Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary, isn’t have a good week being labelled as America’s poodle for cancelling his Moscow trip to leave the field clear for Rex Tillerson; then the G7 Summit refused to back his loudly-proclaimed demand to impose further sanctions on Russia for Assad’s CW attack. Though the murmurs are that it was Theresa May’s doing that he was pulled back from his Russia trip. He’s the nearest thing she has to a rival and she’s clearly not keen  for him to be too visible; or indeed keen for him to let fly recklessly into delicate negotiations which would humiliate Putin into hardening his attitude. Finesse not being one of Boris’s strengths.

Theresa May’s Pluto and maybe Virgo Moon are square Boris’s afflicted Mars in Gemini, so it’s not a great combo. Her need to control will trigger his anger. And he is very excitable at the moment, no doubt thinking that Trump’s sudden switch onto a high-octane foreign policy would give him his opening.  He has tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus now until early June, and then square his Mars/Saturn June to mid July – so aggravations piling up.

His relationship chart with Theresa May has a conflicting-agenda composite Sun Uranus conjunction; and a volatile Jupiter opposition Saturn square Mars – all of which are being triggered this year, more so in 2018/19. Their interface looks discouragingly tough going across the summer; with a fight for the upper hand in Sept/Oct and outright hostility next year. His afflicted Mars in a T square to Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn has moved by Solar Arc to pick up transiting Uranus hard aspect from now onwards into 2018, so he’ll be on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride.

Theresa May has the same problem with Boris as Trump has with Bannon – boot them out and they’ll cause even more trouble from the sidelines.

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  1. “Theresa May has the same problem with Boris as Trump has with Bannon – boot them out and they’ll cause even more trouble from the sidelines.”

    There are always those golden handshakes that can be given to inconvenient people with no principles. Boris Johnson does have a Scorpio Moon, but other than that, his chart is pretty unprincipled. Jupiter in Taurus can be interpreted as liking luxury. So, offered the right degree of visibility, Johnson will go. Theresa May definitely knows that, she has a seriously strategic chart (Libra Sun in women being strongly strategic position, by itself).

    Bannon seems much more Fixed than Johnson. But in “Trump talk”, I’d say he will be out sooner than later. It’s amazing how just about every communication coming from The White House not delivered by Sean Spicer in the last 14 days has been very different from his agenda. I’d say Kushners, with their Realpolitik charts, and minds, wan, here.

  2. That was always the risk. Keep him inside the tent and if he messes up then he makes her judgement look bad; or leave him outside causing all sorts of mayhem.

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