Gordon Ramsay – blood and business don’t gell


A cautionary tale about never mixing family and business. Scots chef Gordon Ramsay with an international restaurant empire used to have his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, as his right hand man. In 2010 Ramsay alleged that £1.4 million had disappeared to finance Hutcheson’s secret life with a hidden other family and additional womanising. Now Hutcheson and his two sons are facing possible prison sentences for hacking into Ramsay’s computer to dig for dirt after the partnership turned sour. Tana Ramsay has split from both her parents. Business rifts are bad enough but add in a tangled mess of family relationships – oof.

Forbes said that last year Ramsay earned as much as Beyonce $54million (£43 million) from his eateries in London, Las Vegas, Versailles, Hong Kong and Singapore; and as producer and star of three hit shows on Fox TV – Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, plus merchandising spin offs.

Born 8 Nov 1966 6.05pm Port Glasgow, Scotland, Ramsay had a violent alcoholic father, which is well described with a 4th house Mars Pluto Uranus Moon in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces square his Gemini Ascendant. The tinderbox collection of 4th house planets have left him a legacy from his father and childhood of a volcanic temper. He also has an intense and attention-grabbing Sun Venus Neptune in Scorpio in the performing 5th house opposition a Taurus North Node. That Taurus North Node has a tendency to get involved in bitter fights over money.

His wife Tana, 16 Aug 1974 (net sources), is a Sun Leo with her Venus (Moon) in Leo conjunct Gordon’s Jupiter which will smooth over a few rough edges; and her Jupiter falls in his 10th, so she’ll be good for him ambition and career-wise. But he won’t be remotely an easy man to live with.

Father-in-law Chris Hutcheson, born 14 May 1948 the same day as the country of Israel, (police charge sheet), has a super-stubborn and indulgent Sun Taurus square Mars in Leo; with Saturn Pluto (Moon) also in Leo; and a reckless Jupiter opposition Uranus. His Leo planets all fall in Ramsay’s 4th house, no doubt evoking his early fears. Hutcheson’s Mars in Leo at the same degree as Trump’s will catch the August Leo Solar Eclipse head on.

It’s not an easy year for Ramsay with tr Saturn square his Uranus Moon on and off till the autumn; with jolts and jangles in 2018; and some financial setbacks in 2019/20/21. The restaurant side of his business has still not broken even and may sag moving towards the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

His poor wife, facing the prospect of her father and two brothers perhaps in prison, is also not looking cheerful with tr Neptune opposition her Mars; and the strain will tell on their relationship.

2 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay – blood and business don’t gell

  1. Thai prison for 20 years? Ithink i would rather ‘be married to Gordon Ramsey’. I am sure they have/had their great moments – we can count at least 4 of them….. LOL

  2. It staggers me how well this man has done considering his vile, volcanic personality. It’s dreadful watching him rip into people in such a disturbing way, for me personally, it is emotional bullying. Now that I know a little about his violent, aggressive father, it makes one wonder if this is how his own father spoke to him as a kid? It makes very uncomfortable viewing but alas, we live in an age now where the voyeurs LOVE this kind of personality, because it’s entertaining.

    Good look to Tana. I imagine doing a twenty year stretch in a Thailand prison for drug smuggling would be a whole lot easier than to be married to Gordon Ramsey! Just thinking about it for five seconds is exhausting enough. Poor cow. But, after reading this, I imagine she knows too well how to deal with complex, aggressive men.

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