Eclipses – challenging Solar, impulsive Lunar + Afghanistan quake & Israel

The upcoming 14th October Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees Libra is in a powerful Saros series described by Bernadette Brady as channelling immense force and anger. Either obstacles will suddenly clear or potential crises will blow up and move quickly through.

  It was around before in:

October 2005: Just weeks after Hurricane Katrina and five days before the Kashmir Earthquake which killed 86,000. With terrorist bombings also weeks before. Pluto was on the IC for the devastating New Orleans hurricane.  Kashmir had Pluto in the 10th and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant.

September 1987: The Great Storm in England with hurricane force winds. With the Hungerford Massacre weeks before as well as mass deaths in Mecca amongst pilgrims.

September 1969: The Stonewall Riots, Chappaquiddick death involving Senator Edward Kennedy and the Manson murder of Sharon Tate came weeks before. In the September Gaddafi comes to power. Lt Wm Calley is charge with My Lai massacre.

 Before that this Saros Series in 1951, 1933, 1915.  In 1933 the Ukrainian genocide by starvation was at its peak.

This month’s Solar Eclipse is peculiarly tricky with the high-risk, overly forceful Mars Pluto square (exact on October 9th) in place with the Libra New Moon square Pluto and on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Uranus sextile Neptune. A Sun focal point can lead to abuse of power and ego-centricity; a Moon to self-defeating, overly emotional reactions. Its path runs across south western USA from Oregon to Texas and then south.

  It looks highly pressured located to Brussels with Pluto conjunct the Midheaven and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant- and also a great deal of activity through the USA.

  The Lunar Eclipse of 28 October has a 5 degree Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter opposition Sun conjunct Mars which could result in over-the-top actions and comments. Jupiter Mars can be impulsive, opinionated, bombastic, not always ethical, has a tendency to extravagance especially with other people’s money. It lacks the stress of the Solar Eclipse but a yod with a South Node focal point does not suggest progressive reforms.

Located to Adelaide, Australia, it puts Pluto on the IC and the Mars opposition Jupiter closely conjunct the Asc/Desc.  So a significant zone. Wild fires and floods are already causing great concern in that region of Australia with fears of what comes next as summer approaches.

  For Kiev this month’s Lunar Eclipse puts Chiron on the Midheaven which one can only hope  means a chance to heal. It will affect Zelensky’s chart with his Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in square to the Eclipse.

ADD ON:  The Lunar Eclipse located to Afghanistan has a disruptive Uranus exactly on the Midheaven occurring just before a strong earthquake hit Afghanistan leaving at least 2000 dead.

  For Israel,  the Lunar Eclipse has Chiron Midheaven line running directly through Tel Aviv – the unhealable wound.

The Solar Eclipse has Neptune Midheaven running through Afghanistan and  Saturn Midheaven running through Israel. Usually Lunar Eclipses are more descriptive in location terms.

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  1. Major Fire at Luton Airport. According to Wikipedia it opened on 16 July 1938. The chart has Sun in Cancer at 22 Cancer conjunct Mars at 25 Cancer and Saturn at 17 Aries. These are all being hit by the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 14 October 2023. The natal Saturn is also currently exactly conjunct transiting Chiron at 17 Aries and the natal Jupiter at 1 Pisces exactly conjunct transiting Saturn and opposing the eclipse Venus at 5 Virgo. The Eclipse Mars at 1 Scorpio is trine the natal Jupiter at 1 Pisces and Sextile the natal Venus at 1 Virgo.

  2. Meanwhile in Germany…

    DW News: Police in Germany have carried out nationwide raids on members of the right-wing extremist Reichsbürger movement. They were accused of plotting to attack the country’s power supply and kidnap a senior politician.

    Not sure if it is eclipse related, but it appears to have kicked off things in so many places

  3. 10/14 is to be my father’s 89th birthday but it seems he won’t be able to celebrate it here on this plane. He’s been on hospice for several months and is now actively transitioning. His nurse thinks death is imminent.
    I was worried that this eclipse would carry him off.

    He discovered that he was adopted when he was 69, after both adoptive parents had already passed. Quite shocking.

  4. Things kicking off in the Middle East, with an attack in Israel.

    How do the eclipses affect Israel and the peace process?

    • Hamas was founded on 10 December 1987 according to Wikipedia. It has a Jupiter retrograde at 19 Aries opposing the upcoming eclipse. Interestingly all 3 of the charts I have examined on this thread relating to the October eclipse whether it be the HS2 Act from 2017, the SNP Chart from 1934 or the Hamas 1987 chart have Jupiter retrograde in either Aries or Libra.

      Hamas has a Pluto/Mars conjunction in Scorpio in its chart so it would not take much to trigger it into violence

  5. I write a monthly astrological report for my 21 year old grandaughter and she said she was anxious about the forthcoming eclipses. I said I think it’s wise to get as much info as possible about where eclipses fall in the chart to be prepared for any changes that may arise in connection with the eclipses. I always use the analogy of astrologers being like weather forecasters, we can’t exactly predict how the symbolism will work out, but with the insight astrology can give us, we can be prepared and get our umbrellas ready. I encourage her to embrace any changes that might be indicated and to view them as learning opportunities. She’s a ballerina with a prestigious dance company and her world is very competitive and uncertain so she values these reports, but I always encourage her to try not to live in fear, but just work as well as she can and live in the moment and enjoy what she’s already achieved. Our family will love her however things turn out.

  6. Hi Marjorie, There is a lot of fear on this board, but don’t eclipses bring to light that which has been brewing for a while? Isn’t this eclipse significant of new beginnings?

    • Eclipses are a challenge to change – and sometimes it takes a sharp nudge before that happens.
      Agree that fear is unhelpful – though there is something odd at the moment where more people are on the verge of overwhelming panic prompting their over active imaginations to brew up all manner of nightmare scenarios.
      Keep calm and carry on.

      • Agree there is something odd at the moment, I notice it very much when shopping, walking around etc. I think the pandemic and lockdowns created or fostered some of this. There’s a lot of simmering anger around too. I only just realised that this Libran eclipse squares the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January, 2020 when the pandemic was just getting started. I don’t know if this would be significant.

        • There is. Lots of sound and fury around at the moment as well and panic related to fear of the future. Hardly surprising given the post-pandemic world has brought about so much upheaval to nations. Trying to remain level-headed and stoical is the challenge.

    • For a few of us, it’s added frustrations…keying into remaining patient and taking an ultra-long-view. I’ve been thru much worse, back in the day.

  7. The actual word eclipse comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” which means abandonment or disappearance. As the upcoming Solar Eclipse is on the south node that indicates giving up the accustomed and the easy for something different and new. I would therefore expect some signs of this process will be manifesting themselves. In the U.K. one possible sign of the eclipse influence is the government finally giving up on the costly HS2 rail link. There is no fixed date for the inception HS2 itself but the High Speed Rail (London to Birmingham) Act 2017 was passed into law on 23 February 2017. The chart for this event has Mars at 10 Aries, Uranus at 21 Aries opposition retrograde Jupiter at 22 Libra. All are squared by Pluto at 18 Capricorn. This whole chart is being impacted by the eclipse so no surprise the HS2 project became critical as it approached. Nor is it difficult to understand why the wider ambitions of the project for the link to Manchester has similarly been abandoned. I would be expecting similar influences to be showing elsewhere in the next month.

      • That’s really very interesting Hugh. And the 1707 chart for Britain has Neptune at 22 Aries, trine Jupiter and Pluto in Leo – bonfire of the vanities?! Also, 1066 happens to have 22 Aries rising, Edgar 973 echoes with Neptune 26 Libra, trine Pluto in Leo.
        Then there’s the UK unification chart, 927, Uranus 22 Aries, square Sun 23 Cancer, Mercury 22 Cancer. That last chart is interesting since it relates to Edward, who conquered Mercia (the Midlands), and his son, Athelstan, who went on to conquer Northumbria. England is then all of a piece, one place rather than separate kingdoms. HS2 covers the same territory, and the idea of connection. Yet the ancient notion of separate kingdoms is still lurking.

        I looked at the chart for HS2 Limited, 14th January 2009. There’s the Sun at 23 Capricorn. Plus, rather ominously in light of the chaos, Mercury retrograde at 7 Aquarius. Pluto, lord of the underworld and all those tunnels, was 1 Capricorn – just beginning its earthy journey. A Solar eclipse at 6 Aquarius hit Mercury on 26th January. The upcoming Lunar in October squares that. Worth noting that Neptune 22 Aquarius (progressive dreams?) in 2009 is now being shaken up by tr Uranus in financial Taurus.

        When Pluto arrived at 23 Capricorn, HS2 and it’s 2009 Sun, got the big Boris Johnson speech signalling go ahead on 11th February, 2020. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020 was 22 Capricorn. And there’d been a Lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer in January 2020. A date of 4th September 2020 for the start of formal construction had Pluto back at 22 Capricorn. A Lunar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn in July hit the HS2 2009 Mars. Retrograde Neptune was conjunct its Uranus in Pisces, opposing the HS2 Saturn. Messy.

        Proof, I think, that nobody consulted an astrologer! Or, that the Cosmic Joker has a very dark sense of humour…..

        • Slightly unnerved by all the above because 14th January is my birthday. I don’t know how HS2’s chart and mine tie together (it would have been my 2009 solar return I suppose) but I’ve always been against it. Ridiculous, unnecessary, destructive (of property, nature and lives) waste of money that would have been better spent from the start on improving the dire existing cross-Pennine services.

    • The initial chart of 10 January 2012 shows up the dead-end clearly with SA Pluto conjunct the Sun exactly at the moment
      What I don’t understand when Sunak is getting criticised for abandoning what we cannot afford is why not more attention is turned on the supervisors and contractors who clearly let the project run out of control and tripled the cost in a decade. Is no one held accountable these days – neither those making a mint and not producing and those who supposedly are keeping an eye on them.

      • Inexplicably Rob Holden the former head of HS1, Eurotunnel and Crossrail was rejected to head up HS2 because he “lacked qualifications and experience”. Holden has stated that the biggest mistake was the government leaking the budget which simply caused the contractors to inflate their bids. He also suggested that the proposed solution was over engineered to allow for trains running at speeds not appropriate or necessary for a small country like the U.K. Constant changes in the leadership at the Department of Transport did nor help either. The net result is the U.K. has paid anything from 3-4 times more for each mile of high speed track than the international average. In infrastructure terms HS2 was given far more priority in national terms than it probably deserved.

    • Last nights Rutherglen and Hamilton West By-Election significantly saw the SNP lose to the Labour Party opening an opportunity for the latter to regaining lost Scottish seats at a General Election and possibly winning a majority in the U.K. House of Commons. The SNP was founded on the 7 April 1934. Its chart has Sun at 16 Aries conjunct Mars at 18 Aries opposition Jupiter at 18 Libra. Again the south node eclipse falling on a crucial part of the chart seems to mark the abandonment of the party by its voters (or a least their disappearance from the polling booths).

      • Possibly of interest – the foundation Tory Party chart, the Tamworth Manifesto, 18 December 1834, has Saturn 21 Libra. It trines Uranus 23 Aquarius, and squares Mars 17 Cancer. Neptune is 0 Aquarius.
        Robert Peel, who could be considered as the originator of the modern Tory Party with this manifesto, had Neptune 21 Libra. He’s also the founder of the Metropolitan Police. This eclipse highlights Tory history, purpose, and meaning in some way. And perhaps the abandonment of the party by its voters, as Hugh suggests for the SNP.

        • The Sir Robert Peel connection is one I had not thought of, Jane.

          This is a question to both you and Marjorie.

          Both creations of Sir Robert Peel, the modern Conservative Party and the Met Police, have fallen in public opinion in the past couple of years.

          Can the chart of a now dead founder link such two disparate organisations? Could it be that the charts of the two organisations would share the slow moving outer planets in approximately the same signs and that they are getting hammered at the same time?

          • Interesting question Unmystic Mom. At this point, I don’t know! But Robert Peel’s 21 Libra Neptune does link with that ancient English chart for the unification of England in 927.
            Uranus 22 Aries, Sun 23 Cancer, Mercury 22 Cancer. I think people’s natal charts do remain active in some way. I’ve noticed transits to historical figures’ charts in the past when there’s an exhibition, movie, biography or play.

            Curiously, Tamworth, home of the Tamworth Manifesto, was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mercia – conquered by Edward. His son Athelstan went on to conquer Northumbria. Which is where the Sycamore Gap tree grew until it was recently cut down by vandals. So some kind of resonance could be shimmering through the history of our island.

          • And a quick look at the Met’s founding chart on here has Moon 21 Libra for the midday time. Marjorie’s Solar Arc in January for this chart shows Pluto 21 Libra, SA IC 23 Libra. So that all seems to connect our forthcoming Libran eclipse with the Tamworth Manifesto Saturn, and Robert Peel’s natal Neptune.

          • And a few further thoughts I’ve been wondering about:

            Margaret Thatcher’s birthday was 13 October, 1925. So this Libran eclipse hits her Sun, 19 Libra, and Mercury 23 Libra. 14th October, 1066 is the Battle of Hastings date too.

            Tony Blair has Neptune 21 Libra conjunct Saturn 22 Libra, square Chiron 20 Capricorn.

            Conservative Party chart for 1912 has Nodes 21 Aries/Libra, Mercury 23 Aries

            Rishi Sunak’s PM chart, October 2022, has Mercury 22 Libra
            RS natal Pluto, 19 Libra

            I’d imagine there might be more connections, but haven’t checked this. I do feel as if the whole template of those ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdoms is being made visible in some way at this moment. A bit like foundations of buried buildings surfacing on earth during a drought.

  8. I woke up feeling quite cheerful this morning despite our rather miserable weather. However, after reading all these comments, I am now feeling quite worried.

    • Maggie, See my response to Chris below. It is a problem with astrology that looking ahead brews up all manner of dread and anticipation. Especially in the current climate when everyone is edgy and uptight.
      Sure this eclipse in some region of the world will be challenging. But often eclipses and other influences which give us a heart attack in advance imagining disasters pass by without too much trouble – or we cope.

    • Seneca wrote: ‘We suffer more in imagination than in reality.’ This is almost always the case in my experience. Also, that even when crises do occur, they can often bring opportunity for maturity and growth.

  9. I remember most astrologers warning that October was going to be a very challenging and distressing time for all of us. We’re only in the first week of October and that prediction appears to be playing out like clockwork.

    For example, the events that took place today alone have been alarming and tragic. 51 people killed a marketplace bombing in a small Ukrainian village, 100 people were killed in a drone attack at a graduation ceremony at a military academy in Homs, Syria, and we just discovered that the classified documents case against Donald Trump is even worse than we thought – it’s being reported that Trump shared highly classified nuclear secrets with a foreign visitor at Mar-a-Largo.

    All of this in one day…and the eclipses haven’t even occurred yet. I sincerely hope we can navigate this month (and the rest of this very volatile year) and keep our sanity in tact.

    • Chris If you are anxious about your sanity I suggest you take a sabbatical from the site. It is all too easy in the present climate to move into catastropherian territory. This too will pass – we have known much much worse times.
      Your hyper-anxiety does get infectious and is trying.

      • The wisest words ever spoken: “This too shall pass”.
        Nothing, either good or bad, is permanent.
        We live in a stream of life that is ever moving.

    • @Chris, use the astrology as one piece of information that supplements everything else out there. I grew up in and around American politics and, yes, I’m extremely concerned about what’s happening in the US. But, having trained as a historian, I also look at current events through an historical context. If you haven’t yet discovered her Letters from an American, I suggest you check out Heather Cox Richardson’s newsletter on Substact. She provides great insight, context, clarity and, yes, hope, that we Americans will again navigate our current stormy waters and find our way safely to port. She also writes extremely well, weaving historical events into her narrative to offer context for today.

  10. @marjorie
    “It looks highly pressured located to Brussels with Pluto conjunct the Midheaven and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant- and also a great deal of activity through the USA”

    Note that NATO Headquarters are located in Brussels. The US speaker of the house office is vacated and the uncertainly of who will be voted in could determine Ukraine funding The current two potential candidates are Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise both surrogates of Trump as well as Trump himself. So god help us.

  11. This 10/14 eclipse has me a bit worried: it falls on my sun/ moon midpoint, and squares my Saturn /Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.
    Sun= 17 Libra
    Moon = 27 Libra
    Saturn = 23 Cap
    Jup = 27 Cap

    Hoping it’s the ‘clearing out’ influence. Pluto’s been doing a number on my moon for a while now.

  12. Not afraid,but certainly wouldn’t want a Russian on my doorstep.In Europe…
    Read on X somewhere:”The Liar ,believes in his own lies”

  13. Speaking of Ukraine, Russian invaders bombed a marketplace in the village of Hroza in the Kharkiv region. 51 civilians (including a 6 year old child) are reportedly dead. This is now one of the deadliest attacks on a residential area since the beginning of the 2022 invasion.

    I became even more infuriated after reading that Vladimir Putin gave a speech today, bragging about Russians having tested the new Burevestnik cruise missile and threatening that the Russian Federation will gladly attack any nation who dares challenges them. Putin acted so cocky and smug (as 51 people were just murdered by his military)….I was so appalled by his attitude and his arrogance, I felt like knocking his head off. Anyway, I digress.

    I do hope the observation about Ukraine having a chance to heal this month does come to fruition. Today’s news was very distressing and the chaos taking place in the U.S. House of Representatives is already causing a delay in much needed aid.

    Marjorie, how does Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation appear to be faring under these upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses? Just curious.

  14. @Leo, Ukraine honestly needs a break here. I’ve seen so many experts to slide into “frozen conflict” narrative. But often, it’s just one maybe seemingly small event to lead it all to unfold. Putin losing it would be big.

    • @ Solaia,

      It feels so surreal that a full-scale war is taking place in Ukraine and that half of the world’s population (mostly in the Global South, but many here in the Global North / West too) are siding with a sociopath like Vladimir Putin.

      History is one of my many favorite subjects (particularly European, Latin American, Asian History) and I often read as many articles, essays, and books I can find. However, my Mother is an expert in WWII, Holocaust, and European Royal History…and I’ve been discussing the war in Ukraine with her.

      I’m not an expert in WWII or Holocaust History (I’m knowledgeable, but not nearly as well rounded as my Mother in these fields). She’s read many biographies on Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin (she even read Hitler’s autobiography – Mein Kampf – when she was in grad school). When I asked her if she noticed any parallels between Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin, she said she did. Apparently, Adolf Hitler, like Vladimir Putin, was not only successful in poisoning the minds of many average Austrian and German citizens of various political and social ideologies, he was able to influence many people all over the world (very much like Vladimir Putin).

      In fact, I was surprised to discover that Adolf Hitler and Nazism had profound influence in parts of the world I least expected. For example, there were Nazi movements in Armenia (which was part of the Soviet Union) and among some Hindu nationalist groups in India!

      I asked a Tamil friend of mine who lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu if it was true about Adolf Hitler having had influence in India at one time. He confirmed everything my Mother told me. He even provided me a litany of sources (including Indian academics, books, and essays) for further information. I was shocked.

      It does appear history is repeating itself…and not in a good way.

      • Chris, Dr. Timothy Snyder, professor at Yale, wrote a book called “Bloodlands” about Ukraine, Stalin, the whole thing with Germany, years ago. You can find his Yale lectures online at Youtube. It sounds like he may be of interest to you and your mother. Liz

    • No need to worry about that. The San Andreas fault is where the North American and Pacific plates meet. It runs down the Pacific coast, it doesn’t cross the continent itself.

  15. Oh, fun! Solar eclipse will happen on my Natal Mars, and I will very likely get my month’s notice for termination either October 12th or 13th. I strongly disagree with not only the bases of the termination, but the route taken by my hapless boss (a Full Moon in Leo native), and have consulted both my union lawyers and one usually representing the employer side. They all seem to agree that my employer should offer me a rather hefty severance to avoid me contesting this at court, which would cost them severance and the legal fees from both parties, but having seen how my boss operates, fully expect him not listen to any recommendation from the HR.

        • @Virgoflake, oh, Lunar Eclipse Sun is on my NN/Uranus/Venus. So, maybe they WILL negotiate. In any case, my soon to be former boss is as subtle as an elephant at a china shop.There was a “quiet firing” situation ongoing for some months before he went all open, so I intended to be looking at other opportunities anyway this Autumn. Even if we have quite a stagnant job market at the moment, I actually have had a couple of interviews, and am still waiting the results from some.

        • Same here, the solar sees Mars square Pluto which is right now opposite my natal Moon for the third time, then, the Lunar right on my Mars in Scorpio too. Already feeling it all, trying to be an observer and avoid reacting to anything until the headspace is clearer – ha ha!! Good luck to you both.

    • Solaia,
      So sorry to hear about your work situation. I can relate!
      With any luck, the South Node Solar Eclipse is clearing away something (South Node), so that something much better can begin (Solar Eclipse).
      With your encyclopedic breadth and depth of knowledge of European politics and seemingly everything else, I’m sure you could become a highly-paid remote consultant for a Washington think tank, lobbying group, or even governmental entity, depending on your preference. Or an entity in another capital. (Washington just happens to be the one I know about.)
      Wishing you the very best of luck with the severance and the next step!

    • Sending you virtual hugs, best wishes for a good outcome and healing energy, Solaia! There’s better for you out there!

  16. Marjorie, looking at that world map chart for the 14/10 eclipse, there seems to be a large focus of activity over Iceland – would you expect this to be a particularly intense effect there?

    • Iceland has several active volcanoes so perhaps could trigger another eruption or similar event. Icelanders always seem so stoic about it all. Perhaps that’s the best way to be.

  17. “For Kiev this month’s Lunar Eclipse puts Chiron on the Midheaven which one can only hope means a chance to heal. It will affect Zelensky’s chart with his Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in square to the Eclipse.”
    Please,please never stop supporting,Ukraine.
    Todays civil targeting..
    Putin(Russia) will meet his/their Nemesis one way or the other.Very soon I do really .hope.

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