Ebrahim Raisi – a shock for Iran + Ayatollah April 39

Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi’s death in a helicopter crash comes when the country is faced by unprecedented external challenges as well as an approaching regime change at some point as the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in poor health, reaches his mid 80s.

  Raisi, a hard-liner, was loyal to the supreme leader who is the ultimate power and had been mentioned as a possible successor. A new hardline parliament was elected in March on what was widely regarded as a rigged election with turnout for some of the elections falling below 10%, and nationwide was 41%. ‘The effective exclusion of reformists from political participation in parliament for the first time since 1979 adds to the sense of a country in uncharted waters.’

  Ebraham Raisi, 14 December 1960, was a Sun Sagittarius; with his Mars in Cancer in a hard-edged opposition to Saturn, earning him a fearsome reputation as an executioner.  His Sun at the moment has caught the Solar Arc Saturn exactly squaring his Sun – as the accident-prone Mars Saturn and karma caught up with him.

 His Term of Office 5 August 2021 also flagged up an accident-prone tr Uranus opposition the Mars/Saturn midpoint exactly with the SA Saturn moving to oppose the Sun within months of exact, for closure.

Ayatollah Khamenei, 17 July 1939, is under severe pressure with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and opposition his Pluto and square his Saturn before the year is out. He has had a trying two years; and his Solar Arc Pluto opposition SA Mars are both squaring his Cancer Sun at the moment. Which is a poleaxing amount of pressure.

For further details on Iran and Israel see posts below 14 April and 2 April 2024.

Add On: There is another birth date for the Ayatollah of 19 April 1939 which may or may not be accurate. One net source gets repeated by other net sources into a concrete fact.

  That April birth date looks feasible. A hard Sun Aries conjunct Moon and Saturn square Pluto on one side and Mars in Capricorn on the other. It looks as heavily stressed as the other date with Solar Arc Sun square the Saturn and SA Pluto opposition Saturn sometime over 2024/25.

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  1. I suspect Raisi has a T-Square on Moon in Libra with that hardline cardinal Mars/Saturn opposition. There’s been reports of Iranian women celebrating his demise with dancing, singing and fireworks. This man was a horrific misogynist. He is behind the massacre of 400 women during the November uprising of 2019, the executions of at least 30 women, the torture of 36 women, the sentencing of 24 women and girls to thousands of lashes. He was the key perpetrator of the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988. I find it rather fitting that with his Saturn in Capricorn, the ‘butcher of Tehran’s helicopter crashed over a mountain.

  2. I have heard that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s birthday is April 1, 1939, with no birth time. His birth certificate was issued on July 17, 1939, due to bureaucratic delays. He has mentioned that he was born around early April, and his birth certificate was issued three months later.

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    Thank you so much for your interesting insights and continued commentary on current events, really appreciate your hard work. Just wondering, I had a look at the date for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and amongst nearly all sources including Wikipedia, it was quoted as 19th April 1939, from his Biography. Just wondered if you could help with where you got his date from and if this is the correct birthdate? Thanks again.

  4. You are SO on it Marjorie! Khamenei’s son Mojtaba will probably take over…another boss, just like the old boss.

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Very interesting what you say about the natal Mars-Saturn and Raisi’s ‘karma’, considering what we know about his history and modus operandi.

    I noticed that tr Mars in assertive Aries has been conjunct the Nodes in Aries this weekend, at 14 degrees. The accident prone Mars-Saturn in Raisi’s natal chart was under pressure from what might be a rather accident prone, military Mars in Aries. The accident affects Iran’s general population, represented by the Nodes – there will have to be another presidential election within the next two months. The Moon was also passing through Libra, approaching Raisi’s Lunar Return today. Tr Mars and the Nodes square Raisi’s natal Mars in Cancer, and SA Neptune in Capricorn (a foggy mountain?), plus Al Khameni SA Sun at 15 Libra – a Cardinal Cross of sorts, stressing and maybe challenging religious leadership.

    Back in 2021 you wrote:

    “The USA/Iran 1979 relationship chart will be challenged through 2022/23 with pressure to change the nature of the relationship as tr Pluto squares the composite Sun; with considerable uncertainties in 2024 which last flags up on the Biden/Raisi relationship chart as well.”

    Yet more ‘interesting times’ for the world.

    • Yes – tr Mars in Aries conjunct the tr North Node has something to do with it. Vedic astrologers think the nodes are amplifiers of the planets they conjunct. See also Fico getting shot a few days before.

      Oct 7th last year happened when Mars was conjunct the even more malefic South Node.

        • Thanks Candy and VF. The Vedic idea of the Nodes being amplifiers makes sense, and I wonder if something similar might apply to Black Moon Lilith too? This particular Mars in Aries time does seem very Mars in Aries (!) but that might just be subjective. The UK S Node is 13-14 Aries, so seems to be in focus for this Mars/NN trigger? Horrendous infected blood scandal news could be a heartbreaking example?

          • I have an exact conjunction of NN and BML in Leo in the 12th house. This was many yeras ago now, but at the time transit Mars and Saturn were both in Leo and there was a conjunction of these two malefics exactly on my NN/BML. On that day, I was a victim of a violent crime. It blew my mind when I looked up the transits for that day when I began my interest in astrology.

          • Thank you VF, and for sharing that sensitive information too. I, too, was once a victim of a violent crime – the tr Nodes were exactly square my natal ones. I have S Node and BML with Venus natally. Tr BML opposed Saturn that day. It was my Lunar Return, which had Mars opposing it from the 12th, and Pluto was on the Sun/Moon midpoint. The astrology is striking and somewhat chilling.

          • Indeed Jane, it is chilling, and I’m sad that you suffered a similar experience. For some time, particularly when young, it made me wonder if it was my ‘karma’, however I now no longer believe things are that simple.

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