Donald Trump Solar Return – never say die



Donald Trump is approaching his 71st birthday this Wednesday pursuing his usual scorched-earth policy against critics and Comey in particular. Anyone accuses him of lying, he’ll double up and wham back in response, to the delight of his die-hard supporters, who soak up his every wild claim as gospel. [See March 17 201 post on Roy Cohn, his early McCarthyite mentor, who taught him his wrecking-ball tactics.]

His Solar Return for the year from June 13th onwards, set for Washington, DC, where he spends most time, has an expansive Jupiter on the Ascendant square Pluto in the 4th opposition MC – so he’ll be magnifying his might-makes-right, law-unto-himself tactics with dogmatic determination. His Jupiter is also in an Air Grand Trine to Moon trine Mercury – so ultra-communicative and not much hope the twitter tsunami will retreat any time soon.

He does have the SR Sun opposition Saturn, but since that is the driving rod of a Fire Grand Trine of Uranus in the 7th trine North Node trine Saturn, making the Sun the key planet, it may not work quite as discouragingly as some of his detractors hope. But he does look isolated in his everyday routines with Saturn in the 3rd, resentful and mutinous in relations at home with the family; and prone to splitting with close work and personal companions with Uranus in the 7th. The Sun, Mercury, Mars in the 9th does hint at legal issues as well as foreign relations. Neptune in the 6th – lacklustre energy and health.

Solar Returns aren’t always (irritatingly) as useful as they might be, but where he runs into catastrophic trouble is from birthday June 2019, with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars Mercury in the 4th.

His Lunar Returns, again only giving a background which needs fleshed out from transits and progressions:

13 May to 9 June – very stuck, cornered, directionless.

9 Jun to 6 July – confident, combative, energy sags

6 July to 3 Aug – nasty month with Sun Mars in the 7th opposition Pluto. Muddles and mayhem, with the Fire Grand Trine in his hidden houses, so boxed in and stressed.

3 Aug to 30 – directionless, hostile relationships, energy strain.

30 Aug to 26 Sept – gritty, explosive, disruptive, but still going for the jugular in his approach.

November 20 for a month looks v logjammed with a Mars square Pluto; 17 Dec – trapped and lacking support; 13 Jan 2018 – attention-seeking but under-supportive helpers; 9 March -indecisive, drifting and blocked-in; 5 April – bad tempered, depressed, low energy; 3 May – complete road-block career-wise.

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Solar Return – never say die

  1. ” 3 May – complete road-block career-wise”

    Looks like more than just trees have fallen across his road to White House ambitions. Perhaps he should check the road back home to ensure it isn’t blocked also.

    News articles are now suggesting his “tapes” remark was only Trump playing games, and that Mueller is about to be fired.

  2. Julie,

    Sheer despondency went over me as I read that he’s with us for that long. The damage he will do to further divide and make our society more corrosive is too much to contemplate.

  3. What was it that Trump once said…..”When someone attacks me, I hit back 9 times harder.” Something like that. He’s a thug. The man has no scruples. Of course he says he would testify under oath. It goes without saying that he has lied under oath on numerous occasions. That means nothing to him. The thought of him possibly remaining in the Oval Office until June 2019…….I can’t even begin to explain how that makes me feel.

  4. Thank you.
    With the August 7 lunar eclipse falling in his 6th house (health & work),the August 21 total solar eclipse conjuncting his 12th house mars,Asc.-Regulus,and transiting Saturn conjuncting his moon while opposing
    his sun made me think
    that health/work issues
    might result.

    • Dorothy – I had that feeling as well – health related issues. I think we should begin to look at bigger picture. For all it’s worth – him staying as the figure head and being so busy having Twitter disputes that Congress is taking full advantage of this predicament just to get their agenda through. On the other hand you also have states raising their fists in order to have a convention of states. US politics looks like pizza dough being pulled in every other direction. I believe Trump being so categorically un-presidential and having zero clue about what most of that means spells major changes for the rest of the country.

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