Dominic Cummings – hot coals of vengeance ++ Hancock

“We must have bloody noses and crack’d crowns.” (Henry IV Part 1)

Dominic Cummings let fly with both barrels when talking to MPs about the government’s handling of the Covid crisis before he was summarily tossed out of the door last November. In a positively Shakespearean rant he accused Boris Johnson of being unfit to be PM and Health Secretary Matt Hancock of lying repeatedly and behaving in a ‘criminal’ way.  And on and on and on. Carrie Symonds got it in the neck as well for kvetching about media coverage of her dog on a day of national crisis. How much of it will stick given general dislike of Cummings and a sense that much of it is a self-serving, vengeful gripe, is questionable.  But the barbs are surely piling up for Boris’s political epitaph when it comes.

  Cummings has a track record of trashing erstwhile bosses and is such a loose cannon with a paranoid Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn square a high-wire Mars in Pisces that it’s a miracle anyone hires him. Especially Boris with whom his chart clashed mightily since both their Martian Mutable T Squares are not only individual tinderboxes they also sit at cross purposes. And both are rattled up by today’s Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse.  What is also being jangled is the Mercury in Sagittarius on the Boris Government chart exactly now by the Lunar Eclipse and indeed the Sagittarius Sun by the June Solar Eclipse.

  Their relationship chart has a composite, bad-tempered Mars Saturn conjunction inconjunct an unstable Sun Pluto, so was always guaranteed to blow sooner rather than later. Tr Neptune has been busily dissolving the ties that bind for some time and will continue to do so for several years ahead.

  Cummings’ relationship chart with Carrie is as fraught in a different way with a power-struggling Sun Mercury square Pluto and hostile Mars trine Pluto and it will be under pressure until at least 2024. This year in particular is being rocked around by tr Uranus square tr Saturn in hard aspect to the composite Mars.  

  Matt Hancock, hasn’t had a good press from anyone and hardly seems up to the job but there is something else going on between him and Cummings with a struggle-for-supremacy composite Jupiter Pluto square Mars.

  The one chart which is showing outright panic now is the relationship between Boris and Carrie so there may be behind-the-scene ramifications which aren’t too obvious on the instant.

 Cummings himself has tr Uranus opposition his vehement, ranting, demagogic Mercury/Pluto midpoint exactly now and on and off into early 2022. He’ll have a full-steam ahead confidence surge from early 2022 to late 2023 as he gets a new project underway. But he’s still got the sinking panics to come mid this September to mid October and mid January to mid February 2022 – when the Boris connection also looks to be under water.

 Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, 2 October 1978 is a New Moon, Mercury, Pluto in Libra; with his Sun sextile Jupiter in Leo – shades of David Cameron.  His Saturn is in a creative and neurotic, not-always-decisive square to Neptune. All of which sounds fairly mushy except for a stubborn and uncompromising, intensely secretive Mars, Uranus and Venus in Scorpio.  His Mars is being rattled by tr Saturn squares and setbacks through this year and his Uranus will catch the tr Uranus opposition from July onwards which could cause an upset or two, or change his plans about what he wants ahead. Without a birth time there’s not much else showing.  His relationship with Boris hints at an argumentative July onwards with tr Uranus square the Mercury.

  But unless Mark Sedwill, the former Cabinet Secretary, backs up Dom’s allegations of lies, he’ll possibly escape any censure since Boris will be rubbishing Cummings to save his own reputation.

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  1. Interesting going back to look at Hancock’s chart with his Uranus catching Tr Uranus & him changing plans. Right on que given to-days headlines…

  2. God preserve us from inquiries! They don’t do anything except cost an extortionate amount of money and take years and years and years to come to any conclusion. Long after people have lost interest or even know what it was about. Politicians on both sides of the divide like it that way because it inevitably let’s them off the hook. Very few inquiries ever achieve anything at all.

  3. Cummings wants to get rid of Johnson and replace him with the controversial Gove with whom he believes he has much more in common – you could say both were precocious mavericks. What is interesting is that Gove has a stellium of Sun, Mercury and Venus situated between 2- 8 degrees of Virgo which slots perfectly into the missing leg of Cummings’ mutable t-square to form a grand mutable cross in terms of synastry. Also Cummings has no earth whereas Gove has a chart dominated by earth so that is another powerful pull. Education is a shared passion for both – Cummings constantly writes about wanting a revolution in education with maths and physics taking precedence. He also has a very sci-fi vision of the future based obscure, esoteric mathematical logic, and is obsessed with a purely ‘scientific’ prediction modelling of the future/ unknown. He has a Sun Neptune conjunction. Neptune has been discussed here as being associated with mathematicians and scientists – maybe it associated with (divine?) patterns that we cannot yet see.

  4. Unfortunately Johnson will survive all this. I see Marina Hyde has nailed it again with her article today, “A dangerous cult now runs Britain – the worshippers at the Temple of Johnson, No matter what the prime minister does, no matter the consequences, his devotees line up to heatedly excuse it

    “Perhaps no wonder, then, that within seconds of Cummings’ detailed testimony about Johnson’s obvious unfitness for office, you couldn’t move for Tory MPs moonily explaining it all away. Just as Corbyn was an #absoluteboy to some, so Johnson is a #massivelegend to rather more. Men want to be him; women want to be left to bring up a kid by him on their own.”

    • Agreed. Johnson and Hancock will probably survive this. Cummings has made his accusations without attempting to substantiate his claims, or pointing to where substantive evidence may lay. If no proof is forthcoming, Cummings accusations may ultimately strengthen Johnson’s and Hancock’s hands. The only way I can see this going wrong for Johnson and Hancock is if evidence comes out from another source, perhaps from a stalking horse in a leadership challenge. However, I don’t sense this in the immediate future.

  5. Matt Hancock will survive. That’s because he was only responsible for healthcare in England, and the decision to lockdown last March was taken in consensus with the heath ministers from Scotland (run by the SNP), Wales (run by Labour) and NI (run by the DUP). All four were influenced by the scientific advisors of SAGE, who back in March 2020 were sceptical of lockdowns as their published minutes show.

    All four nations of the UK showed excess deaths in care homes (as did countries like Sweden and France and the state of New York). Indicating that it didn’t matter which political party was in charge, dealing with vulnerable people in care homes was beyond most politicians. Indeed the only polity on earth that got care homes right was Republican Florida, focused as it always has been on the importance of it’s elderly.

    Lockdowns are difficult for democracies to manage not least due to disobedient citizens. The only thing govts can really control is the vaccine rollout, and in this Hancock has done well (as has his Welsh counterpart, Scotland less so).

    • Sorry -that is simply not true! I genuinely dont understand how you can still say that after all this time.
      See Australia, NZ and Taiwan etc
      Melbourne is currently going into another lockdown to stop the spread of the India variant.
      and they will stop it, as they have the others.
      Furthemore life is virtually normal there as a result of carefully controlled, swiftly placed lockdowns, and of course, closing the borders.

      Their death toll: 910
      Our death toll: 128,000

      In janurary Britain hit Highest COVID-19 Death Rate Per Capita in the World. There are no words for this state of affairs but to defend them is unconscionable.

      its beyond criminal and if we werent such a subservient nation I would wish for a National Class Action against this deliberately murderous government.

  6. Six planets in Sagittarius – wouldn’t that make Dominic Cummings want to travel or live abroad? What surprises me is that he is so UK-centric.

    • Depends on which house(s) the Sag planets fall in.

      I have Sag in my 8th house so I want to explore depth psychology and taboo subjects. It also puts Capricorn on my 9th which together means I have zero interest in travel. But when Uranus/neptune went through Cap in the 90s I went abroad and travelled quite a lot.

      At a wild guess, Cummings probably has his Sag planets up in the 10th/11th/12th given that he wants to be involved in government. But that might simply be his Aquarius node, moon(?) and Pisces planets. Or outer planets transiting them.

      • Yes, I agree – Sagittarius can represent ‘travel’ in other ways – exploring ideas or philosphical/religious concepts. DC did live, and work at something or other, in Russia for a time.

        Transiting Jupiter is currently just into Pisces, it’s old traditional rulership with Sagittarius, possibly conjunct his Moon and definitely square his Sun/Neptune opposition Saturn. I don’t always think Jupiter is lucky, it can just expand what’s already there, like your waistline…. Quite an astro cocktail for him with the lunar eclipse providing the shaken-not-stirred flourish! When Mars and the Sun transit Virgo in August, and Sagittarius in November-December it’ll be interesting to see what else crops up. They will trigger the June solar eclipse point too. I see it as a test of eclipse astrology in a way – how might planetary triggers to eclipse points work? Do they work? Something I’m bearing in mind anyway.

  7. According to Cummings everyone is ‘unfit for office’ – apart from himself, it seems.

    Just how messed up is it for a mere hired minion, someone hireable and stackable at whim, to disrespect his employer in this way?
    Who elected Cummings?

  8. Cummings mutable Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition mutable Saturn in Gemini dominating a chart with no planets in Earth signs was never going to be a good fit with the Parliamentary Conservative party or with a British government of any flavour. The wonder is not that his time at the centre of U.K. politics has ended so acrimoniously but that he ever got a job at the centre of politics at all. The current Lunar Eclipse occurred within 3 degrees of Cummings Sun. It is normally a trigger for deep emotional responses and being a Full Moon often marks endings or conclusions to relationships. The Lunar Eclipse square to Jupiter suggests that things revealed are heart felt but are in danger of being overblown. With regard to the pandemic neither Cummings or the rest of Johnson’s government was truly in control of an event that happened under the unstoppable steamroller of the Pluto Saturn Conjunction.

  9. I just want to share this letter published in the Guardian from a man who lost his wife to covid via hospital infection.
    The incompetence and idiocy that enabled this tragedy is infuriating and despairing and the final sentence should be tattooed on Cummings chest.

    “Thank you for your excellent article (Up to 8,700 patients died after catching Covid in English hospitals, 24 May). My wife was admitted to Basildon hospital in early September for a 10-hour heart bypass operation, and afterwards was in intensive care for three weeks before being transferred to general wards for recovery. The ward Pam went to had a Covid outbreak after a few days, and she contracted it. She was moved into a total of five wards – all had Covid at some stage – and she finally passed away on 18 November. Pam was a very nervous person and I dread to think what was going through her mind, as I was unable to have contact with her for her final seven weeks. I have yet to come to terms with her situation and passing.

    Pam received marvellous treatment from the medical staff, even allowing me and family and friends to send emails, which a nurse read out to her. However, early in the pandemic a Nightingale hospital was built at the ExCeL centre to accommodate a significant number of patients; it has barely been used. I contend that if all the Covid patients within a 30-mile radius had been transferred there, it would have kept all the other hospitals in the catchment area free of the virus, and allowed them to operate normally, thus preventing a significant number of deaths. I am convinced that had such a policy been adopted, Pam would still be alive today.

    Building the Nightingale hospital was a complete waste of money, as there were insufficient nurses to staff it. I know how hard the surgeons, medical and ancillary staff worked for a positive outcome, only to be let down by an incompetent government.”
    Chelmsford, Essex

    • Sorry,my mistake, the bit I wanted tattooed on Mr C was from another comment

      ““I appreciated [Cummings’] contrition, but at the same time I don’t appreciate this playground spat that is being bandied around in public when what we should have is a proper public inquiry much earlier. It feels very disrespectful to the people who died.”

  10. Is there such a thing as a ‘superiority complex’? If so, Cummings might be a good candidate with so many planets in hyperbolic Sagittarius – only today he posted a rambling twitter thread consisting of 65 tweets. Sun Neptune in Sagittarius could be prone to self-mythologising on grandiose scale. With the Sun opposite Saturn (in Gemini) it could be important to him to be recognised as a uniquely special, accomplished individual – someone who is respected as an intellectual authority on an extensive range of subjects unlike the riff-raff around him.

    • Wasnt it amazingly juvenile? Endless variations of the Dog ate my homework, one self serving self justification after another.See Barnard castle farce for 1000’s of others.
      Never let emotionally retarded public school boys near power. When will we learn?

      • But he is a mad ‘genius’ who got a first (yay) from Oxford….it is as if he is truly in awe about his achievement, his cleverness, his brilliance – think that shows up in his chart as well as the propensity for chaos, deception and make-believe on a large scale.

        • Arent we tired of these emotionally inadequate wunderkind yet?
          In the end, its our our collective fault for not looking beyond stereotypes, and for defining intelligence as verbosity and chutzpah.
          I’m sharing a heartbreaking letter from the Guardian above. Heartbreaking, not just for the mans loss, but its avoidability, and the insane incompetence that enabled it.

  11. I agree with other comments regarding the Neptunian, smoke and mirrors nature of this government. Dilyn the dog is perhaps the only participant in this whole mess who emerges with any credibility.

  12. OMG He is SUCH a disengenious fraud!
    He will tie himself in knots to absolve himself, but he was one of the main propogators of herd immunity.
    And he prides himself as the ‘architect of Brexit’ and the gift of national pain and humilliation that will keep on giving.

    Thats not to say Johnson isnt appalling because he obviously is and guilty as hell , but Cummings mea culpa and mental gymnastics is sickening.
    If you read his blog, his vaunted intelligence is unmasked as embarrassing teenage witterings and self justifications.
    Meanwhile what was he doing in Russia when he was awol from his job during the 90s? What was redacted from the russia report that was buried?
    No closer to the real truth, just more smoke screens.

    • ‘WhatsApp messages show that — while he was in charge of No. 10 in March 2020 — Dominic Cummings privately ordered senior Cabinet ministers to deny that herd immunity was ever government policy’

  13. Very interesting, thanks Marjorie. Although it’s fair to say that everyone knows Johnson (his actual name) isn’t up to the job and neither was Cummings.

    What a revelation for such a Lunar eclipse, right on Cummings’ Sun-Neptune-MC. I wonder what will be brought to bear in two weeks…

    There is an extraordinary Neptune influence with this government and the media – that no matter how badly they behave, no matter how corrupt, no matter how many lies and no matter how many British people die needlessly because of them- the tabloids will always support the Tories, and enough people are stupid enough to swallow the lies and vote for them.

    The more times that a Sun-Neptune ego like Cummings is allowed sway over the day’s news without being held accountable, and the more times the Government gets away with it, the more acceptable this appalling shower will seem to be. It’s a national delusion – among the Tory voters at least; the rest of us look on in horror at what’s happening to our country.

    • The composite Mars Saturn North Node conjunction in the Boris/Dom relationship chart is interesting. One of the meanings of Mars Saturn is destruction (as well as assassination).
      And is classic example of how relationship charts work. When they were focused together on the external goal of destroying the UK’s ties to the EU then all worked well. That was one of the primary purposes of their alliance. But as soon as that was achieved the destructiveness turned inwards and rent them apart.
      The very nature of their connection was not well-suited to pulling together a pandemic response which required practicality, large scale organizational ability, selflessness and common sense.
      Mars Saturn plus revolutionary and unstable Uranus Pluto only works when they were acting as status-quo upsetters, wreckers and bringers of chaos. When it came to calming chaos and restoring order together they were lost.

      • Thanks Marjorie

        Given that l read the north node as being the or their karmic path they led the nation into. Or something like that?? Interesting

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