Dominic Cummings – as welcome as Banquo’s ghost

   Dom Cummings, the evil gremlin is back, Dt Strangelove as the devil-in-a-box popped up at a Parliamentary Committee on Science this week, despite having zero scientific credentials in his CV. He was as welcome as Tony Blair sticking his head above the parapet to test whether his unpopularity had receded and ducking before the rotting cabbages caught him.

   Denying both the oxygen of publicity is a Promethean punishment, an eternal agony which cannot be borne, so they will intrude at intervals whether wished for or not. And Cummings clearly has an addiction to what one commentator described as ‘drive-by shooting’ as he lets off a blast of coruscating invective about one poor sod or another, in this instance the hapless Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

  The only real point of interest in Cummings’ reappearance is what comes next since he has a cataclysmic tr Neptune square his Mars/Pluto midpoint picking up 21st of this month running to mid April, and again September to mid October and mid January to mid February 2022. That could be personal but it does coincide with the undermining tr Neptune squaring the Sun on Boris’s Government chart. It is also marked up as a swampy patch on the Cummings/Boris relationship chart with tr Neptune opposing the composite Pluto; and on the Cummings/UK relationship chart with tr Neptune square the composite Sun. And that is followed by another dip in Boris’s popularity in the country from this June. His recent vaccine poll boost is clearly fading fast.

  It never does to join too many dots together but there could be something brewing politically – whether old skeletons tumbling out of cupboards or whatever.  Cummings will be in full flood from early 2022 for two years thereafter so it clearly won’t be anything that slows his progress to the outer edges of the universe and beyond to enlighten the turnip-headed peasants. More’s the pity.

 See previous Boris Brexit post 5 March 2020; and Dom Cummings November 14 2020.      

6 thoughts on “Dominic Cummings – as welcome as Banquo’s ghost

  1. I would give anything for an accurate birth time, he really is a horror. Personally I do not think he has Pisces but an Aquarian moon, Pisces moons in my experience tend to have more ‘give’ when people are disagreeing with them, but also more of a victim attitude ( much more so than Pisces sun) He may be alot of things but he never plays the victim card.

  2. The long read by Edward Docx in The Guardian.
    The clown-king; how Boris Johnson made it by playing the fool.
    If you have time, read it

  3. I agree with Marjorie that Johnson is looking very weak astrologically in June. And I wonder if transit Chiron which will be conjunct Johnson’s descendent/7th house cusp in June will make him vulnerable to open enemies. Cummings is certainly shaking up to bring more chaos to this administration. The knowledge of where bodies are buried is likely one of the trump cards he’s been keeping up his sleeve.

  4. Thanks Marjorie! Interesting to see so much Neptune swimming around. Cummings’ scathing remarks were directed at Matt Hancock and the DoH, all in Neptune’s area of pandemics, and also scandals. My feeling was that this might be the tip of a sizeable iceberg. I wondered what had motivated a man who had firmly stayed in the shadows to draw so much attention to himself. Your post about Cummings last winter quoted Matthew Parris’ warning of some kind of ‘revenge’. I suspect Cummings is simply showing what he can do if he chooses, and he may back down if, behind the scenes, he gets whatever it is he wants.

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