Dominic Cummings – a talent for being disliked

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s special adviser and ‘dark arts’ practitioner, has garnered a toxic reputation like many PM advisers before him which eventually led to their downfall and ousting. Indeed he’s been round this circuit before as bagman for Michael Gove in the Department of Education when the dirty tricks and abusive name-calling of opponents got to such a pitch in 2014 that Gove was removed to a political sinecure.  Cummings reinvented himself via the successful if less than honest Vote Leave campaign into Brexit and thence onto No 10.

  He’s had significant crashes in his career including early on involvement in a “spectacularly unsuccessful” project to set up an airline in southern Russia where he spent three years after university.

  Described as “mad, bad or brilliant – perhaps all three”, he’s known not to suffer fools or those who disagree with him gladly and is openly contemptuous, often in offensive language.

  Born 25 November 1971 in Durham, he has a Sun Neptune in Sagittarius opposition Saturn in Gemini square Mars in Pisces. A focal point Mars tends to be strong-willed and aggressive, attracting antagonism and conflict. In a Mutable sign it makes him scattergun in approach and high-wire in temperament, often not successful because he goes off in too many directions at once and lacks focus.

   I’d hazard a guess at an Aquarius Ascendant given his boho-anorak style of dressing and because it would mean tr Saturn was heading downhill in his chart over his Russia fiasco in the mid 1990s.  That possible birth time circa 1pm would put his self-righteous Jupiter in his 9th with his antagonistic Pluto in his 7th, and Mars in his 1st. Maybe wrong but makes sense.

   His chart was head-scratchingly obtuse over Boris’s win and indeed Brexit – he clearly has odd reactions. Though on a 1pm birth time it would put tr Saturn heading for his Midheaven and now moving through his upper quadrant thereafter until 2021/22 which would make sense. Thereafter he may sink again.

  For all his sang froid he looks seriously shaken this month, which is when the Boris government chart starts its meltdown. (See previous post).  Cummings will be jittered, jangled, nerve-stretched and making bad decisions for several weeks. He’ll get a lift in this December and next February but is heading for real disaster come mid-March into April 2021, repeating in September and the New Year into 2022. He’ll be tripping over  one disaster after another. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses from mid 2020 to late 2021 are rattling up his five Sagittarius planets so it will be a crisis point in his life.

  His relationship with Boris is one of the world’s great mysteries since there’s a bad-tempered and restrictive composite Mars Saturn in their relationship chart which is (even worse) in a hostile inconjunct to Pluto; an argumentative, conflicting-standpoints Mercury opposition Uranus Pluto and a needs-space Venus conjunct Uranus.  And their synastry is no better, with Cummings T Square of Sagittarius Sun Neptune opposition Saturn square Mars colliding with Boris’s Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini. They are absolutely not what the other needs since both go off at tangents and spin around like Catherine Wheels in a Force Nine gale.

  Their relationship chart doesn’t indicate an instant separation but there’s a decidedly swampy, undermining and dissatisfied feel with tr Neptune opposition the Sun/Pluto midpoint now and then opposition Pluto around that sinkhole phase next March 2021 and continuing on in the same vein into 2022. They don’t look in lockstep or harmony over the alleged Brexit point on December 31st.

  Cummings and Carrie Symonds are not remotely sympatico and the gulf between them will widen late this November into December with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Mercury, Sun. with upheavals through December and aggro over the New Year till late January; with more fireworks from mid 2021 onwards.

  With his old buddy Gove, he’s sensing panic in the air now with a definite chill between them from mid November through December; by late March 2021 onwards they won’t know where to turn – and whatever they had going as a partnership will be sinking in a morass of question marks.

   With the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, he has an odd connection with a supportive composite Sun trine Jupiter; but the Sun also on the focal point of a composite Yod of Saturn sextile Venus – so a fated bond that will irrevocably change both their lives. It’s under darkening clouds from late February onwards for two years with a discouraging mood between them.

  Cummings and the Tory Party 1912 aren’t a great match with a hostile, power-struggling composite Mars square Pluto which is being upended from July 2021 onwards worsening through 2022.

  The UK are no more enamoured of him with a ratchety-dislike composite Mars square Saturn. There’ll be more discontentment and disappointment between them from February 2021 onwards, with the March/April dip marked on this chart as well.

  Nothing definite regretfully from the astrology. Though none of this batch look remotely chipper as they set foot into 2021.

  His chart is better suited to an airline business (albeit unsuccessful) than affairs of state. He does have fairly extensive business interests some of which have raised eyebrows about conflicts of interest.

9 thoughts on “Dominic Cummings – a talent for being disliked

  1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (after Trump news)…….the eye is off the ball with Cummings and Bo-ings…..perhaps they should be called Hair and There, as they are all over the place. They have a Sun Pluto opposition between them, which seems spot on, but Cumming has Sun/Nep opp Saturn which is the illness axis…and the south node clocks into this. Using your birth times, as the aspect falls across MC/4th, it seems that illness (B’s probably) will be the excuse to exit…..all the photos look terribly fraught….Boris knows nothing about Leeds General Infirmary and shouts give them the info before he leaves, Cummings has (shockingly) shaved!!……

  2. There has been some research on the links between aviation and astrological degrees, specifically the early degrees of Sagittarius. It is interesting to note that Cummings (Sun at 2 degrees Sag) claimed he had ‘started a Russian airline with a friend’ which is stretching the truth somewhat (Sun/ Neptune in Sag) – but he did work for a group that tried unsuccessfully to establish a regional airline linking Russia to Europe.

  3. I was very much enjoying reading about Dominic Cummings .
    But disappointed to see that the conversation has turned once again to Trump Trump Trump
    Getting a bit bored with the constant references to him
    But with today’s breaking news I’m bracing myself for yet more Trump talk He will be dominatindg this forum for the forseeable future
    Ahh Well….!

    • And so say all of us. I wince every time I look at a different news website and there he is. Urgh. And I do have to overcome resistance to post about him. But pray to the kind fates he isn’t around for too much longer.

      • …didn’t Silvia Browne, US psychic who predicted the coronavirus (2008) emerging in 2020 also mention that a “ruling president would die in office” ? I seem to remember that…….

      • There’s a Chrome add-on called « Make America kittens agin » that I installed pretty much as soon as it was available. It automatically puts a photo of cats or kittens instead of trumps’s face, no matter what news source one is reading.. It really helps to avoid seeing it!!

  4. Thanks Marjorie. It is such a puzzling relationship, but I suppose it was once all about the Brexit campaign and now is losing it’s focus. Too much mutable energy? Interesting, too, what you say about Rishi Sunak who seems to be working his way towards running for leader at some point. But hard to imagine RS being beguiled by Cummings somehow. The spring 2021 sinkhole you describe looks like a change of leadership, potentially. This government have what, four more years? They cannot go on as things are, I think that’s becoming very clear to everyone. Hard to know what influence Carrie Symonds may have, but she is doubtless one of many who would like to see this man go away…..

  5. “His relationship with Boris is one of the world’s great mysteries since there’s a bad-tempered and restrictive composite Mars Saturn in their relationship chart which is (even worse) in a hostile inconjunct to Pluto; an argumentative, conflicting-standpoints Mercury opposition Uranus Pluto and a needs-space Venus conjunct Uranus.”

    With all that Pluto, I think Cummings knows too much. A bit like Brad Parscale with Trump, although per your post from October 18th 2018, it doesn’t show at their composite. There is Parcale’s Uranus square Trump’s Pluto in synastry, but that’s generational. Biden’s Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon is also a 1976 native and carries that Uranus (Donald Trump Junior just misses this). Parscale probably knows more about younger Trumps, according some reporting I’ve seen, he was friendly with Eric before campaign, and Jared saved his stint in 2016, when Trump was angry at him for making money “out of him” and again when RNC wanted him out. Now, they are afraid he will talk.

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