Derek Chauvin – racism on trial, again

The trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd last May by kneeling on his neck until he stopped breathing, is transfixing the US. The crucial question is will it end in acquittal as so many such trials have before? The Rodney King beating by police in 1992 resulted in the LA Riots of 1992 after a court whitewash – that was the previous time Saturn was in Aquarius though Uranus Neptune was also in place which is nervy and highly strung.

   Black Lives Matter came into being in 2013 after the death of teen Trayvon Martin at police hands in 2012 with an exoneration for those responsible; others followed with the same result.

  There’s no official start date for BLM but somewhere around mid July 2013 which gives a Cancer Sun and a deeply frustrated and activist Mars Jupiter in Cancer opposition Pluto square Uranus; with Mars Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune – a strong chart which, if the date is about right, will face its greatest challenges over the next two years.

  Derek Chauvin, 19 March 1976, is a Sun Pisces trine Saturn in Cancer trine a Scorpio Moon (and North Node). With oddly enough his Mars in Cancer on the same degree as the BLM Mars and his North Node in Scorpio is also the same degree as the BLM North Node.

  More pointedly Chauvin’s Mars is conjunct George Floyd’s South Node and Saturn which is an indication of a regressive connection.

[See post Feb 27 2021 – South Nodes Joe Biden/MBS and Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow].

  Chauvin has tr Pluto exactly opposition his Saturn now till late June and again through 2022 which will put him under strain and is usually discouraging. His Solar Arc Sun is also exactly conjunct his South Node now – facing him up to his more primitive instincts? Chauvin had a record of complaints against him in the police force and a nightclub where he worked as security said he was ‘overly aggressive’ especially with black clientele.

From previous post: USA race tensions – the never ending saga

31st May 2020

Racial frustrations and violence have broken out across many major cities in the US with curfews being imposed, sparked off by the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man, who died after being knelt on by a white police officer.

Los Angeles is one of the worst affected, where memories of the 1992 Rodney King beating are still raw, with the National Guard being called out. Nearly 1,000 protesters circled the perimeter of the White House grounds for the second night running, facing law enforcement vehicles, rows of armoured Secret Service, D.C. police, U.S. Park Police officers and National Guard.

Race riots happen not infrequently in the USA usually after police anti-black violence with a litany running backwards through 2016 Charlotte, NC; 2015 Baltimore; 2014 Missouri; 2001 Cincinnati; 1992 Los Angeles; 1980 Miami; 1968 – widespread after the assassination of Martin Luther King; 1967 Newark; 1965 LA etc etc. The Red Summer of 1919 triggered by white supremacist terrorist attacks spread out across the USA with hundreds of deaths.

But the recent mood has been inflamed by a divisive Trump with a history back to a Klu Klux Klan father, action against black tenants in their rental properties, his full-page ads condemning the Central Park 5 in New York which coincided with the wrongful imprisonment of five young black men on little evidence, his Obama “birther” smears and his refusal to condemn white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va.

Minneapolis, 10 July 1847 10.54am, Minnesota, has a Cancer Sun and Jupiter like the USA 1776 chart so is fairly representative of the nation. This month’s Cancer Solar Eclipse located there puts the New Moon on the IC, so it was always going to be a critical region. With the Eclipse also falling conjunct the Minneapolis Cancer Midheaven almost exactly. The July Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn/Cancer will also impact the Minneapolis and the USA respective Suns.

George Floyd, 14 October 1974, had a six-planet stellium in Libra of Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Moon, Pluto in Libra most of those planets squaring onto Saturn in Cancer; with an idealistic, sympathetic Jupiter in Pisces square Neptune. According to press reports he was ‘an amiable, gentle giant’.

Derek Chauvin, the police officer who has been charged with his manslaughter has a long record of brutality complaints, none of which had led to action against him. Born 19 March 1976, he’s a last degree Pisces Sun square Mars at zero degrees Cancer and trine Saturn. His Mars is trine Uranus and widely square Pluto, so he is impulsive and overly excitable; with an adventurous and opportunistic Jupiter opposition Uranus. Plus an intense Scorpio Moon.

Floyd’s Pluto was opposition Chauvin’s Sun and square his Mars – so a gritty interface. And their relationship chart had a struggle-for-the-upper-hand composite Pluto opposition Jupiter square Sun.

Chauvin’s chart has his volatile Sun square Mars moved by Solar Arc to aspect his Scorpio North Node exactly at the moment; as well as this month’s Cancer Eclipse stoking up his natal Mars in Cancer into a more aggressive mood than usual, spoiling for a fight.

George Floyd had his Sun Mars moved by Solar Arc to approach within a degree of the conjunction to his Neptune. Two Mars and two different outcomes.

There’s nothing much new to say about the USA chart except that tr Pluto is sitting exactly on the opposition to the USA Mercury at the moment and will repeat on and off till late 2021, with more as the Pluto Return follows till late 2023 – that will produce more toxic and bitter debates even than usual. Tr Neptune has just moved to 20 degrees Pisces within a few minutes of a degree to the square to the USA Mars. By late this month it moves to within a hair-breadth of the exact aspect, though it won’t reach the same degree until late March 2021. Neptune hitting Mars usually evokes a sense of panicky failure.

If the USA birth time of 11am is sound (and there are various USA start times which is a running irritation) then the Solar Arc Mars is exactly conjunct the Moon which would point to a combustible situation and an angry populace.

32 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin – racism on trial, again

  1. Travon was murdered by George Zimmerman, not police. Zimmerman was a self styled vigilante who has repeatedly gotten into legal trouble.

  2. It should be noted that Chauvin shares the same birthday as Adolf Eichmann, one of
    the very worst Nazis. He had a major role in the “Final Solution”.

    Eichmann was eventually executed in 1962.

  3. Chauvin’s wife filed for divorce immediately after Chauvin’s arrest; it was to preserve their assets, which are significant. However, the judge presiding halted the proceedings. No information on the status of the divorce at this time. Also, neither of the Chauvins had filed taxes for approximately four or five years. They owed upwards of $400,000 in taxes.

  4. carson, No one has ANY right to knee the neck of a fellow human being until death. NO ONE.

    Chauvin destroyed his own reputation, he put himself in jail (where he is in protective custody). He’s not a victim.

    You say Mr. Floyd’s drug use “IS a valid defense”. No, it is not a defense, it’s a lawyer’s dog-whistle. Four policemen with full toolkits of restraints, handcuffs, loaded guns, batons, tasers, and two-way radios were in danger from Mr. Floyd’s drug use and were “defending” themselves? Mr. Floyd was under the killer’s total control. Any struggle as he was under Chauvin’s knee was from him trying to stay alive. I hope the drugs eased the long public torture and death of Mr. Floyd.

    I’m not going to waste my time refuting your antebellum plantation explanations of “legal” homicide techniques. And your video game fanboy ideas about what law keepers do? You have no experience as a policeman. Or a lawyer. You are, however, the definition of a “knob’, as you so expertly labelled members of the media.

  5. Worth remembering that Floyd also worked as a bouncer in the same Latino nightclub which Chauvin did likewise when off duty. It was also alleged that Floyd had a white girlfriend who would frequent the club while he’s there, so it’s not far fetched to theorize that Chauvin recognized him on that wretched day and unleashed a deep seated animosity towards Floyd; possibly triggered by that interracial relationship.

      • Absolutely, like those people who say I’m not racist because my friend is black. Didn’t she use it as her get out of dodge card? I thought she filed for divorce immediately afterwards. Lord knows what her story is.

        • Both Chauvin and his wife have been charged with tax evasion and some speculated that her divorce was related to those charges.

          If Chauvin is acquitted or given a slap on the wrist we can only hope that the feds throw the book at him.

        • Racists are so strange in their psychology and how they reason colour in another person. Many, if you’ll pardon the pun, are not strictly black and white in their views. My ex-stepfather was a vile racist but he adored Diana Ross. One day I asked him outright why he loved her so much when he hated black people. His answer? “She’s not black! She’s a white woman in a black person’s body!” And yes, he was DEADLY serious. I imagine Chauvin is the same in with this paraoxical psychology.

  6. Chauvin won’t be acquitted. There was a court case where a police officer shot and killed a woman in Minneapolis. He fired from the passenger side of the police vehicle, through the window. The county attorney forced the police and the BCA to cooperate. The police officer had a history of inappropriate actions. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Chauvin will probably get the maximum, IMO. As an amateur astrologer, I’m surprised at Chauvin’s chart; he has so many planets in water signs that you’d think there’d be huge amount of empathy. Venus in Pisces? He must have applied that to elsewhere in his life, certainly not on the job.

    • Jude, I was surprised too, until I thought about the house, and the Part of Fortune conjunct Venus. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that he saw women and girls as a way to make money, the dark side of Venus. In the 9th house, foreign women.

      Saturn in the 1st, he wanted to put himself across to others as a tough traditional lawman. 12th house Mars, hidden violence. Incarceration. Jupiter in the 10th, plenty of opportunities to have a career as a guy who will do the hidden deeds of Mars. Mars is 00, it’s like none of violence matters, it is zeroed out.

      His natal Sun trine Saturn gives him support from people who are taken in by the traditional Saturnian lawman facade. But, as Majorie notes, Pluto is now exactly opposing that Saturn placement—the world is watching, and opposing him.

      The 4th and 5th house is a spread of heavy planets, the Moon, and a node, in three signs. An in-depth look at this would give a foundation to all of this, but what a mess to sort out.

  7. Marjorie, the first time the hashtag #blacklivesmatter was used was on July 14, 2013 by Patrisse Cullors, an anti-police violence organizer in Los Angeles, California
    The movement took shape in the three weeks after Michael Brown’s death on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson and the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag was used an average of 58,747 times per day and 500 members took part in the the Black Lives Matter Freedom Ride over to St. Louis over Labor Day weekend, 2014. I had the opportunity to work with the founder of Chalk4Peace who was involved with the Ferguson protest.

  8. Chauvin should have never been issued a badge or a gun. Law enforcement is a difficult job, and like other callings, the clergy, medicine, education, you should be good at it, enjoy working with people, and have empathy. Law enforcement needs better screening of candidates and by stander intervention training. None of Chauvin’s partners intervened, and that could have made all the difference in the world.

    It does not matter if George Floyd had so many chemicals in his blood stream that he could have been a pharmacy, Chauvin murdered him with impunity. And was recorded committing the crime. What does that say to the rest of us if Chauvin is allowed to walk free? BTW, several of my familiy members were/are in law enforcement.

    • Saddest truth is he is not the only example. Chauvin is only one example of many many examples of this indifference to kill first and cut the explanation to fit afterwards that the world has been seeing black Americans experience. With no accountability what message does that send to all the other Chauvins out there itching to join the police?

      • The public is just starting to recognize the extreme militarization of the police force. The aggressive techniques and the attitude toward the public it generates. Act first and ask questions later, is the standard all too often. The police are caught between a lax judicial system and tough talking politicians versus the public, especially minorities who are hostile to the police and who oftentimes are flippant about their personal responsibility to act responsibly. They do crazy stuff and goad the police to overreact. The police here are in a very stressful environment with gangbangers and felons with guns and crazy druggies at almost every turn. As you can expect, things don’t always go well.

        • @carson, The problem with your explanation is that it doesn’t make clear that these ‘ aggressive techniques’ are very race selective, and it implies that only ‘minorities ‘ are hostile and create problems. Is that really true?

          All I can say is God bless the video button and social media. Otherwise the world wouldn’t realise how bad it is.

          • The fact this was all caught on camera – I agree Jennifer, I have no doubt it would never had made it to trial had it not been for that and the outcry that followed. It’s good also to hear that Chief Medaria Arradondo, the city’s first Black chief and most senior of the Minneapolis police department is to give evidence for the prosecution against one of his own officers

    • The standards to become a police officer in the USA are not very strict. Be 18, no criminal record, physically fit and have a high school diploma. In the cities there is an exam test and a personal interview. I have never heard of a psychological examination prior to being hired. Having a 2 year associates degree in police science, military police (MP) experience or having been a police cadet will help in getting hired (extra points added to test score). Minority and female candidates get some preference over the last 30 years or so. The hiring lists are very long in most cities and suburban areas. Not long in smaller communities. FYI, I went through the process some years ago. I ended up about #175 on the hiring list out of 16,000 test takers. The police force hired about 70 that year ( 1988), I believe. Not much has changed since then.

  9. Pluto opposing Chauvin’s natal Saturn is exact right now, though… Pluto the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, Saturn. I also read elsewhere that if you’re in this transit, it’s not a good time to be involved in a court case. (I mean, can’t imagine it’s ever fun, but it’s especially bad timing for one.) And Chauvin won’t be one to accept the lessons of the transit, I think. I hope strongly for justice for Floyd, but whether Chauvin is convicted or acquitted, he *will pay* in some fashion… Pluto has a way of laying waste to your life to root out the rot.

  10. Sigh…. I think deep down we all know how this is going to end. I notice the Defense is claiming George was on drugs, etc and whatever, as if that gave Chauvin the right to put his foot on the man’s neck for so long.

    So there you go. To me the jury looks hung already. Sorry to say. Hope my instinct is incorrect.

    • Police have been trained for generations to use this technique in the USA to subdue a suspect. It is a legal technique under the law, as police are given wide latitude to do things like this to control the situation. Keeping their body weight on the suspects neck for an extended time is where it gets dicey. There is growing awareness of the danger of these types of techniques and the aggressiveness of our police tactics in general.

      Floyd’s drug usage that day IS a valid defense in the courtroom because it directly endangered his life. It is a contributing factor in his death. Was it THE key factor is a judgment for the jury to decide. My experience on juries here, is that jury members take their responsibilities very seriously and carefully weigh the facts and circumstances in each case according to the law. Give them some credit for being fair and impartial.

      Don’t pay attention to what some knob in the press tries to imply about the case. They are out to sell sensationalism not truth telling. They don’t care who lives or dies, who goes to jail, who’s reputation is destroyed. It’s about $$$ and a byline.

      • ‘Floyd’s drug usage that day IS a valid defense in the courtroom because it directly endangered his life. It is a contributing factor in his death. ‘ A valid reason to kneel on his neck for so long? Even when he was telling him he can’t breathe, and he was going to die? So it really wasn’t the action of Chauvin that killed him then?

        Even you are enforcing this narrative others are too. So what does it does smell like? … hung jury!! I rest my case.

  11. ‘Chauvin had a record of complaints against him in the police force and a nightclub where he worked as security said he was ‘overly aggressive’ especially with black clientele’ – In most jobs I would have thought he would have been sacked? But no. Male, white racist privilege at its best is shown here. Yet here was a situation where the police have to take a great deal of responsability for the George Floyd tragedy. Had they kicked these racists thugs to the curb when they showed these kinds of behaviours, the USA wouldn’t have so many deaths of black people on their hands.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Chauvin is found not guilty. I fully expect some spectacular sights to take place in the streets of America when he is acquitted. It’s enraging to even think about it now if he walks away scot-free. These police officers are nothing more than heroes in the eyes of the law who are ‘just doing their job’. Take his badge away and strip Chauvin to his fundamentals and he is nothing but a swaggering, angry thug who just used his uniform to give him free licence to be a racist piece of crap in which he was allowed to get away with such behaviour. I believe he will get away with the murder of George Floyd unless, finally, a serious example is made of these vicious low lives. I hope we are in the middle of a very important zeitgeist that will change for the better. Finally.

    • By the way, I forgot to add, I caught a channel a couple of weeks ago that was focusing on getting this trial ready. The presenter was going through the jurors names, likes, dislikes, how one man was amazing for putting his marriage on hold to ‘do his bit for the country,’ etc. It was like a sick reality show preparing with excitement its contestents before they took to the stage! I was so shocked and disgusted how the media over there are turning this into a disturbing circus of voyeurism. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

      • JO,
        In the USA, most labor unions are not very strong and are constantly attacked by political conservatives as “ultra liberal bastions” of “SOCIALISM”. The opposite of that are police and fire fighter unions. They are the strongest labor unions in America. They get excellent pay, benefits and pensions for their members. And they are VERY aggressive in protecting their members, both in the courtroom and the political sphere.

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