Boris & Jen – South Nodes intertwined with Neptune

American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has been letting fly belatedly about sleeping with Boris Johnson years back in his family home while his now ex-wife Marina Wheeler was away. The pair’s relationship during Boris’s tenure as London mayor has come under scrutiny, given that she benefited from thousands of pounds in public money and was given coveted places on trade missions to New York and Tel Aviv alongside Johnson, despite failing to meet the criteria for those trips.

  It’ll most likely be water off a duck’s back as far as he’s concerned since nothing ever appears to stick, with only three points of real astro-interest.  The first is that each have their Neptune conjunct the other’s South Node which suggests a tendency to hold each other back. The second is the relationship chart which has a stressed and potent, power-struggling Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars (Sun) – and that is being elbowed by tr Uranus conjunct Mars from April 1st to 20th – so the timing is right. It will arouse anger, insecurity, sharp reactions.

  The other is it may in part be connected to Boris’s Solar Arc Uranus moving to conjunct his Moon – exact now which always did suggest an emotional upset.

 An addendum: she has the notable Mars Venus conjunction (in Aries) which keeps turning up in the highly sexed.

See previous post November 17 2019.

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  1. I understand that the children were invited to settle farm lands where the inhabitants had been killed in a war between Prussia and Denmark. I am relying on memory here of something I read a long time ago.

    These children had the necessary farming and trade skills needed. The young farmers were younger brothers and stood no chance of owning or being tenant farmers themselves.

    Needless to say that the story of the Pied-Piper of Hallin has changed beyond recognition. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that the children did indeed leave and that their families never saw them again.

  2. if your personal life is full of lies, do you care about lying in government? How long have it been known that astrazeneca has some potentially fatal side affects? Has that been glossed over in this gemini broad brush? Lie after lie and the mainstream media turns the other way or adopts the ‘yes minister’ management school of denial, derision, partial admission but downplaying and final admission when it is too late so ignore it.

  3. Mars Venus conjunction (in Aries) which keeps turning up in the highly sexed
    That’s very interesting because I have a Mars in Gemini and Venus in Gemini within 2 degrees of exact conjunction and people find me attractive especially women which is sad because I am gay both of those are squared by my Pluto retrograde in Virgo.
    I don’t have a high sex drive but I have had many stalkers throughout my life unfortunately.

    • That’s interesting because it’s the one signature that crops up a heck of a lot in the charts of models, film actors and well-known media hosts – I think Elsa Peretti (featured on here recently) the jewellery designer had it and she started out in modelling, also Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue, Helen Mirren, Jonathan Rhys-Myers and a ton of well-known journalists and people with successful media careers. I think it can give that X-factor that makes a person skilled at any kind of presentation role.

  4. I did (ahem) scan the article in the Sunday Mirror for my sins. Fortunately as a Pluto rising, little shocks me and I have a strong stomach. It read like the worst fan fiction ever.

      • Hahaha! Yes, very Mills and Boon. I wonder what has motivated her to do this now? She was so coy before, even though most people thought it was pretty obvious they’d had a relationship. The composite is amusing, all that Taurus and their shared love of food! Apart from the financial shenanigans, nobody really cares. Although it must be horrible for his ex wife and children, and probably quite uncomfortable for Carrie Symonds too. I still think his days as PM are numbered. What a complete – insert insult or body part of choice – he is.

          • Yes indeed – the power of his Gemini stellium and mad hair I suppose. He’s been the Pied Piper for so many. Will his eager followers simply vanish, like the children of Hamelin in 1284? Curiously, that year saw a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and a Saturn/Uranus opposition.

          • Gemini is so media-friendly, I think that’s where Geminian politicians have benefited to an extent. But it’s all an illusion, perhaps an embodiment of Gemini currently in square to Neptune in Pisces, and people want to feel they’re in safe hands so to speak. Of course he’s a wrecking ball and only time will tell. Teflon-coated, Johnson will no doubt have a media career after office.

            The pied piper story is so chilling – the fact that it was recorded at the time, or soon after and that studies eventually found the names of the families dispersed throughout parts of Europe. So much of history remains hidden, maybe yet to be discovered.

          • The tide is beginning to change. Speaking with one ardent Boris follower yesterday, I was shocked to here them say that they hated him now. The can’t believe him and think he is the worst PM ever. This is the third person this year, to tell me that they have changed their mind about him. I live in hope for the future!

          • Is the pied piper story true or just a legend? It sounds so out there. I mean, playing a piccolo type in strument and leading rats and later children out of the town? I get the meaning of the story but I have no idea if there is even any truth to it. It sounds way too far-fetched. Is it an anology for something else? Sorry to sound so dense!

          • Hi Jo – as far as I know it is true that the children all left Hamelin. Their family names have been found in other regions by historians, so the story seems to be some kind of way of explaining a mass migration of young people that left the town bereft. Children are still travelling as refugees and migrants on their own today, shockingly. Boris had the allure of a Pied Piper, and when I think about it, all things ‘pied’ are ruled by Mercury, his ruling Gemini planet.

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