Democratic Convention – less problematic

Dem conv


The Democratic convention will kick off at 3pm on 25 July and has nothing like as tricky a chart as the GOP one. For one thing it has lost the Sun opposition Pluto square Uranus. There’s a successful Jupiter in the 10th with a stable and charm-offensive Sun Venus Leo trine Saturn trine a 5th house showboat Aries Moon. With a confident Jupiter trine Pluto, sextile the Scorpio Ascendant.

There’s still the Yod in place with Mars in late Scorpio sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus in the 6th – so some strain and 6th is health and employment.

There’ll be arguments with Mercury square Mars, some dissatisfaction with Neptune in the 4th. But generally a much easier and smoother convention.

4 thoughts on “Democratic Convention – less problematic

  1. Thank you for taking a look at the Democratic convention, Marjorie. Since their convention
    follows that of the GOP, the Dems are getting the last word. That alone portends some luck…I would
    think. Much appreciate your excellent work.

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