Medgar Evers – fighting the good fight and dying for it

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Medgar Evers was a WW11 veteran, college graduate, who became a civil rights activist in the 1950s, fighting for desegregation and voting rights for colored people. He was shot by Byron De La Beckwith, Jr of the White Citizens Council (later Klu Klux Klan) on 12 June 1963, was initially refused entry to a hospital because of his colour and died 50 minutes later. He was buried with full military honours at Arlington and was mourned nationally.

Evers was born 2 July 1925 in Decatur, Mississippi and was a Sun Pluto in Cancer opposition Jupiter, trine Saturn in Scorpio – so confident and tough. He had a leadership North Node in Leo conjunct Mars and Venus in late Cancer, so passionately enthusiastic, though it squared Saturn in Scorpio, so a life full of anger and setbacks. With an intense Scorpio Moon.

He was assassinated during that febrile 1960s Uranus Pluto conjunction – at that point also conjunct tr Mars. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars and North Node when he was mown down.

Byron De La Beckwith Jnr, 9 Nov 1920, his killer, was tried before all-white juries who deadlocked and was only convicted in 1994. He died in hospital in 2001. He was a New Moon in Scorpio sextile/trine a Mars in Capricorn opposition Pluto – so vengeful, filled with hatred. He also had a Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine a Scorpio Node – highly emotional, self-protective, living in his own little bubble. He also had a Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Virgo with Saturn square Venus and trine Mars – all in all not a charmer.

Their charts do bear some similarities to each other – heavy on water and Pluto/Scorpio, with afflicted Mars. One on the upside and the other on the downside; one fighting against repression, the other imposing it.

BB’s North Node in Scorpio was conjunct ME’s Saturn, so it would be a challenge to BB to cope with ME’s persistence and BB’s afflicted Mars was conjunct ME’s confident Jupiter and opposition ME’s Pluto Sun – so a ferocious struggle for the upper hand.

Their relationship chart has an ego-clashing composite Sun opposition Uranus (not in the same space) with a resentful, cold Pluto square Venus Saturn.

What is interesting are their respective Nodes which square each other. Evers’s Leo Node suited him to take a leading role.  BB’s Scorpio Node stuck him into old patterns, made him overly security-conscious – the lessons of this Node are hard and sometimes require the individual to give up all they held dear – and he died in prison. Not I hasten to add that that is the fate of all Scorpio Nodes but there is a karmic lesson about needing to let go before transformation takes place. BB’s Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct his Saturn when he was finally convicted; with his Solar Arc Uranus opposition his Sun – so deprivation and a radical change.

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  1. Marjorie,

    This is excellent- thank you. I really admire him, now I’ve learnt more about him, and his wife as well. I also have the utmost respect for the white DA who pushed the case forward despite opposition, from his own wife who divorced him over their opposing views regarding this case. The Evers case also reminds me of SA’s Chris Hani, who was shot dead when he exited his car in his Jo’burg driveway, just like Evers, in 1993.

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