Democrat result raises questions for 2024

Joe Biden has been giving every indication of standing again in 2024 which makes the Democrat Mid Term surprise results a victory with a price. A poll before the midterms found that more than half of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters wanted a different nominee, a figure that rose to 75 per cent among those under 40. Exit polling showed that two thirds of all Americans don’t want him to seek a second term.

  His lucky Sun/Jupiter midpoint stood him in good stead for these elections but runs out early this December. The Solar Eclipse opposition his 5th house Moon appears (as yet) to have had no obvious effect.

  Moving ahead his 2023 will be blighted by tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint from mid February 2023 onwards running on and off till late 2024. Ebertin describes this as emotional or physical suffering, or a tragic deception. It could be illness or a devastating scandal and whatever else it accompanies there’ll be a general sense of chaos and lack of clear thinking.

  He does pick up a Jupiterian surge of confidence and success from late February 2024 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint which repeats through the year and is exact over the 2025 Inauguration. But it runs alongside a series of disappointing and disaster-prone influences as well. If he did run and get in which isn’t a racing certainty he will run into the buffers in a major way in 2025.

  The Democratic Party chart from 13 May 1792 has a Taurus Sun Mercury square Pluto (Moon) in Aquarius. Tr Uranus will be exactly conjunct the Pluto and square the Sun over the 2025 Inauguration. The previous times there were hard aspects from tr Uranus was in 2001 with Uranus in Aquarius square Saturn in Taurus – over George W Bush’s first term. And before then when Gerald Ford took over from Nixon – both republican presidents.

NB: Can everyone remember this is an astrology forum not a political one. While some background can be illuminating, personal political preferences should be saved for elsewhere.   

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  1. This is a major hypothetical.
    Given Marjorie’s analysis of Adam Schiff’s chart and given the GOP’s slim majority, what if there’s a stalemate between the MAGA wing and the “Normals” about who should be speaker. Dems unite behind Schiff and negotiate with and pick off 3 or 4 sensible Repubs giving Schiff the gavel?
    Would this be a Uranian or Neptunian wrinkle? 🙂

    • @Troy, right now I think we are deep into retrograde Neptune in Pisces square retrograde Mars in Gemini weirdness, and I think that for the couple of next days especially nothing is off! Mars will soon outrun Neptune, and be retrograde until January 13th, 2023. Neptune will turn direct December 4th, and therefore we must wait until mid-March 2023 before next exact square.

      On related note: DJT has a 22′ Gemini Moon, and this is affected by the square. This was not a good time to announce candidacy. I’m expecting him keeping milking his still considerable base as long as possible, dropping out only if he seems to be losing the primary, or even running as an independent citing GOP leadership’s hostility as the reason to leave the party, but I would expect Trump related news in March.

      • @ Solaia
        Some preliminaries for your and everybody’s consideration: Trump announced he was running for president on Tuesday June 16, 2015, on the new moon (auspicious start). The Sun at 23 Gemini was conj Mars and the New Moon gaining in light as it drove the enregy of the Sun and Mars toward the MC at 7° Cancer of the announcement chart (New York, NY, June 16, 2015, 1:58 pm), and the US Sun.
        The November 15th TAC is a much dicier chart, with beaucoup stings in it: very hadean.
        Yesterday’s Nov. 15th announcement was in the waning gibbous phase. The —tentative— announcement chart (I’ll refer to it as the TAC) 6:26 pm (source: Twitter, needs confirmation)
        ASC 9 Gem 34
        MC. 23 Aqu 56
        Sun 23 Sco.
        Mercury 27 Sco 50.
        Venus 29 Sco 39
        Moon 17 Leo
        Saturn 19 Aqu
        Lunar Eclipse 14 Sco 52
        Vesta 28 Aquarius

        Moon opposition Saturn, in a grand square with Uranus in Taurus opposition the midpoint of Tr Sun and the Lunar Eclipse.
        Trump’s campaign and the 2024 elections will see the TAC Solar Arc Moon getting closer to oppo Saturn, the MC and Vesta (virgins= women voting first time) at 28 Aquarius. Aqu= Ganymede=youth. Republicans are so spooked of the coming Youth vote tsunami that they are wasting no time trying to raise the voting age to 21-28. But Trump may see some youth blowback in 2024 over his Supreme Court, after 2.5 years the repeal of Roe v Wade, amid talk about banning contraception, a wave of paranoia that Whites are losing majority status and decreased sperm counts in the news.
        TAC Moon is conjunct the midpoint between Pluto and Mars in Trump’s natal chart in his 12th house. With TAC Moon oppo to Saturn, women, or the people, or everybody, might decide they want a younger president. Saturn strong in Aqu may castrate Uranus, and Uranus is weak in Taurus, but Saturn is stuck in a grand square and America is getting younger. The TAC Sun is in the unlucky 6th, Trump’s age, 76-78 might slow him down during the campaign.
        The TAC’s MC = Sat/Vesta. Because Vestals lived in fear/need of approval of the Pontifex Maximus who controlled their lives, Jessica Adams says Vesta “is about the ‘heat’ which can arise in all-female environments where there is competition for male approval or male attention”. Adams believes a prominent Vesta in a man’s chart can indicate a “harem”: many women around him. Strategically, Trump might have to choose a woman for Vice.
        The TAC Sun at 23 Sco translates the darkness of Lunar Eclipse 14 Sco 52 energy and it is opposition to Trump’s 24 Taurus MC, and Algol. TAC Mars Rx in the 1st house, dispositor of the Sco Sun, squares Neptune Rx, which may account for the unenergetic speech last night, and this low energy might continue over the campaign. TAC Pluto, dispositor of the Sun, sextiles the Sun and both make a Yod to the focal 1st house Mars Rx.
        Arrokoth, the asteroid initially named Ultima Thule, discovered in 2014, which coincided with the rise of the Alt Right in the US, was in 13 Cap 33 opposed to the US Sun in June 2016 when DJT announced.
        In the TAC Aldebaran conj. ASC, Anatares conj DESC. The TAC Ultima Thule/Arrokoth in 20 Cap 21 = tr Pluto/tr Hecate, widely quincunx to Trump’s Mars, sextile the DESC and trine the ASC. Ultima Thule’s Antiscion: 9 Sag 39, conjunct Antares, Contrascion conj TAC ASC/Aldebaran.
        Lachesis 9 Aqu 52 antiscion is 20 Sco 09 hits the TAC Sun/Nov. Lunar Eclipse midpoint. Lachesis is a marker of death and endings, the duration of a person, organization, project, or endeavor. Also that which interrupts or interferes with a planned or proposed goal, outcome or destination. A reevaluation of goals.
        Uranus will be opposing TAC Sun/Nov. Lunar Eclipse midpoint in May 2023, and the TAC Sun in the 6th in September 2023. Uranus rx in August, opposes the midpoint again in November 2023. Uranus direct in January, opposes the midpoint until end of March; opposes the Sun in May. Opposes the TAC mercury (voting) in August, then goes rx over Algol, widely opposing the TAC Sun, Mercury (voting) and Venus in Sco.
        Worrying: Over the election TAC Solar Arc Moon is at 19 Aqua 06 oppose the TAC Saturn. SA Saturn in at 21 Aqu is in the degree of exaltation of Neptune. Insanity will reign.
        The Sun of the TAC is exacty Sq. Mexico’s Mars. This campaign is going to be a hate fest. TAC SA Moon will conjunct the Mexico Mars and Sq. The TAC Sun in 2028-2029.

  2. The majority of polls may not have been wrong after all. The GOP is apparently and surprisingly winning the popular vote as they are still being counted. This is a clear ‘what the hell’ moment. Seems the eclipse threw a monkey wrench into the Repub spokes.
    Check the link below. It shows the margin of victory in its “Current Results” section above the polls as its updated while vote totals are still being tabulated.

    • @ Troy.
      What is surprising me is how may Congressional races Republicans are winning in California.
      I know that the redistricting in California is done by a non-partisan commission but I would have thought that Roe would have convinced enough white suburban women to vote Democratic congressional candidates.

      • @Roderick, Katie Porter, will be re-elected handsomely, and she is from a “gated community” heavy district. Instead, where I’ve seen major deficit compared to 2020 figures is Latinx vote. +30 Biden counties passing to +10 or +15. And that’s understandable. There’s probably a chunk of population who did not feel THAT motivated in voting when WH and California State Legislature are going to take care of their concerns. This easily amounts to hundreds of thousands of lost votes. I expect them to return if Trump or DeSantis are Repulican candidates.

      • Southern California Dem here. I’m very familiar with the latest redistricting process; my husband actually served on our local county Independent Redistricting Commission.

        The House seats the Republicans are winning this year in SoCal are in traditionally Republican areas, particularly in Orange County and the agricultural Central Valley which swung blue in 2018. But in 2020 Dems lost at least four of those OC seats. Dems are holding the ones they kept in 2020, though the maps are somewhat less friendly (i.e., more -Republican-leaning) than two years ago. However, even the traditionally conservative areas are trending more Democratic in the last 10+ years.

        The redistricting in California this year was done by a series of genuinely non-partisan, carefully balanced citizens commissions. I think they did a great job, leaving both parties a little unhappy, since the districts were drawn to keep communities of interest together, keep them geographically compact and to empower minority voters to secure representation. In other words, it was the exact opposite of a gerrymander. It was much fairer — even though it disadvantaged my party somewhat.

        California is very blue/Democratic on the coast and in the cities, but very red/Republican in the vast rural areas where relatively few people live. If you see a voting map of California you’ll see a strip of blue along the coast, patches of blue for the cities, but a surprisingly vast expanse of red inland.

        I hope this helps explain our extremely complex state. There are always proposals to split California into three or four states, which won’t happen because of political considerations.

        • @Nicole, thank you. California electoral map isn’t different from the rest of your country in that it has these vast districts that are red, and then several tiny spots tending to blue. But as they say, landmass doesn’t vote, people do! It might also be easier to understand for Finns, because people in rural areas here have traditionally voted for a Center Party (ex Rural Party), but they don’t have a single representative from Helsinki District (which is separate). We have multiple representatives from total of 13 districts, number of representatives based on number of inhabitants and divided between parties according to D’Hondt system.

          • Thanks, Solaia! I’m always impressed with the breadth and depth of your understanding of American politics, complemented by your astrological knowledge. Few Americans have your grasp of US politics!

  3. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, 82 (March 31, 1940, Montpelier, VT) recently was hospitalized. The governor of Vermont is Republican. Generally, governors have the power to appoint vacant senatorial positions, unless they magnanimously call special elections. Because of the aged population in both the House and Senate, the hold on power in both houses is tenuous.

  4. As promised, I had a closer look on astrology. Some of the findings are already below, but I would like to add something on Election Day 2024, November 5th. I like to set these charts for evening in Washington, because this is when the first results start to arrive. This is a busy chart compared to 2020 or especially 2016, which had very pronounced themes.

    2020, transiting Mars in Aries was exactly squaring US chart Sun. Pluto/Jupiter in 21-22′ Capricorn was also busy, affecting both US Natal Sun and Mercury in Cancer, as well as Election Day Mercury in Libra. In addition, they were two inconjuncts Pluto/Jupiter to North Node and Libra Venus to Taurus Uranus. I think many of us saw the race being extremely contested.

    2016, the theme was, of course, Libra Jupiter, Capricorn Pluto and Aries Uranus T-square affecting the US Natal Sun. It was obvious a “Strong Man” type of a politician would appeal to electorate.

    2022, the chart is extremely busy, but all things considered, maybe pointing to continuity. There is an Envelope formation on chart, not involving Sun and with some out of sign aspects, though. Literal interpretation here would obviously be it will be decided by mail ballot. 😛 Sun’s only major aspect is trine to Saturn. Moon will start the day in Sagittarius, but will be in Capricorn for most of the day, and remain there for November 6th. Notably missing are the hard aspects to US Natal Sun. 0′ Mars in Leo is also mostly well aspect in Envelope formation, with the only tense aspect an opposition to Pluto that’s part of a sextile series with Pisces Neptune and Taurus Uranus on last degrees of the sign. There is, interestingly enough, an Uranus in Taurus inconjunct

    If I should draw some conclusions of the chart right now, I’d say:

    – 2022 result won’t be contested violently as 2020 was. It may still take time for the final results to arrive (Uranus inconjunct Sagittarius
    – Outer planet alignment, Sun trine Saturn, and Moon in Capricorn seem beneficial for a more traditional, older candidate. Not a “radical” of any sort. However, it’s worth noting Pluto will be in Aquarius from late January to September 1st in 2024, which might lead to parties electing very different candidates.
    – Candidate wise, I see this chart could favor number of Republican hopefuls, as well as Democrats in case Biden doesn’t run. Biden will always have, IMO, some advance due to his Sun hitting his Mars/Mercury Election Days. He is energized. 0′ Leo Mars will also form an out of trine to his Sun/Venus and on sign trine to Ascendant, but, on the other hand, square Taurus Moon. Some conflicting feelings there, then?

    • @Solaia Majorie has also posted in the past that many party Republicans, (McConnell etc Trump party loyalists such as Bannon as well as SCOTUS conservatives aren’t particular happy around the 2024 election. I’m cautiously optimistic for a new start but we have a way to go. Marjorie’s post on June 22 “USA – on the long, winding road towards a new start” Indicates that there will be lasting effects of the planet shifts without a doubt. But the turmoil will continue for the next two elections 2028 and things won’t stabilize till 2032.

      • @Anita, McConnell might not be Republican Senate leader much longer, apparently Rick Scott contested him during a “long lunch”. In addition, Trump announced last night, it appears, but it didn’t go as he probably planned. Even Fox News cut the “speech” short and apparently Rupert Murdoch has told he would support Democratic Candidate over Trump in 2024.

        • @solaia
          The consensus in the political wold is that Scott’s move is really for an audience of one. Trump ally Scott wants to keep Trump happy but also pass off the blame of the Senate loss to McConnell to save face. Scott is the head of the GOP’s Senate campaign and if you fall short of netting the one seat you need to win the majority, well, you are usually in line to be blamed. McConnell was openly dismissive of Scott’s plan for the GOP — which, among other, things would have sunsetted government programs like Social Security and Medicare after five years and also that the quality of candidates matter. Scott knows he isn’t going to beat McConnell and has national ambitions. Interesting enough is Marjorie’s Sep 23rd post on MidTerms 22: “This December (McConnell) he’s oozing confidence and successful and that repeats in October 2023.” As much as I dislike McConnell, having experienced 8 years of Scott’s governorship in Florida, Scott is even worse.
          He is not well liked in Florida and up for re-election in 2024. Democrats would have a tough time beating him given current politics in FL, but Desantis could easily defeat him and would probably get support from McConnell. We will see what happens with Desantis now that Trump announced a 3rd run.

  5. Wow! I’m learning more about American politics and the individual’s views. Politics being a very emotive subject at any time! It’s showing guys. I rely on astrologers to be objective.

  6. Wolfstar at Neptunecafe believes that there will be a major recession during the second half of Biden’s presidency.
    Also there was an astrologer on YouTube who stated that the impact of the most recent Taurus Lunar eclipse will be that Biden’s presidency will fade into the background while Kamala Harris becomes more prominent.
    Whether this has this to do with Biden suffering from a health issue and resigning, Hunter’s pending indictments or the Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Biden remains to be seen.

    • @Roderick, as said, Harris becoming more prominent would be a logical outcome in case Warnock holds the second Georgia Senate seat and the Senate breaks 51-49 for the Dems. This means VP isn’t needed as a tiebreaker in Washington.

      And, I think there isn’t any reason to think Warnock will not be re-elected also in astrological sense. He has two remarkable early degree conjunctions: Sun/Mercury 0-1 degree Leo and Pluto-Jupiter 0-1 degree Libra. These will be hit by initially out of sign Jupiter transit. Walker is a 12′ Pisces Sun with lot of underlying Aquarius being directly hit by Saturn at the moment. While this could be a character forming passage to people capable of rising to the occasion, in Walker’s case it looks more like a case of karma hitting hard.

      • @Solaia. I disagree. The Democrats can’t depend on either Manchin or Sinema.
        Both are up for re-election in 2024 and there are rumblings that Sinema will be primaried so she will probably use her vote as to keep from having a primary opponent.

        • @Roderick, Sinema and Manchin will become much less relevant with that two vote advantage. Sinema especially, since there is a real chance she gets a primary opponent now that Kelly did well in Arizona running as a “real Democrat” and not a McCain RINO. I could see someone like Ruben Gallego carrying Arizona with the same relative ease Kelly did. Gallego actually already was on one of the Sunday shows telling how all the other high profile Arizona Dems worked for Kelly and especially Hobbs election, but Sinema was nowhere to be seen. I would take that as a warning, especially since Gallego is a Scorpio Sun/Mercury.

          • I hope you’re correct.
            I have always liked Gellego because he doesn’t mince words.
            I wish he would primary Sinema.
            Heck I wish he would run for president because the Democrats need credible younger candidates but I fear that Hillary will run again either get the nomination or force progressives to settle on a compromise candidate to stop her and end up losing the general election.

  7. Marjorie,

    This is an interesting astrological observation. I too have been wondering whether or not Bide. Will decide to run again in 2024.

    If not Biden, are they’re any Democratic candidates, astrologically speaking, who look like they might be powerful contenders for 2024?

    I know it would be logical to assume Vice President Kamala Harris would run in 2024 if President Biden chooses not to. However, Democratic voters, at least in the current moment, appear divided on where they stand with Harris. I suppose that could all change in time…but who really knows?

    I’ve read some people suggesting Pennsylvania’s new governor Shapiro and Maryland’s new governor Wes Moore. However, I don’t know enough about them.

    You also mentioned Biden’s Sun/Jupiter midpoint having provided him some luck this month but it’s coming to a close in early December.

    Georgia is having their Senate election runoff on December 6th and I’m curious to know how this could possibly impact incumbent Raphael Warnock’s chances, astrologically speaking.

    The betting markets and political forecasters suggest Warnock has the edge…but I think it’s safe to conclude that polls, betting markets, and forecasting models are anything but reliable these days.

    Does Raphael Warnock have a verified birth time?

  8. Thank you Marjorie, I feel this is bigger than we think. Two elcipes 6 months apart one on this election the second one day before a british king iii is crowned and on ancient days. Pluto returns USA, France and the obvious links to the UK and Pensilvania. Just a few days ago three norths alingniied grid,magnetic and true North in a village in England outside Swanage with the local pub called the Square and Compass would you believe, and when was it originally opened, you guessed it 1776. To me one person links these and that’s Thomas Paine and his pamphlet “common sense” perhaps it’s worth a look at how this links with the current astrology and the themes within his pamphlet are whats is to come.

  9. I wonder whether Biden’s Jupiter boost in 2024 comes from his announcing he is not standing, so giving him a chance to garner the praise for his real achievements.

  10. Guilty as charged.

    I’m observing these political changes in the U.S. specifically as related to the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012-2015.
    Uranus & Pluto were conjunct in the 1960s which spawned massive liberal, social expansion. I see the current waxing square as a re-balancing of those expansions of the 60’s. Donald Trump’s election, the conservative majority now on the Supreme court and most recently, the overturning of Roe are in my view, just a natural progression of things. The far right’s rise in Europe was unimaginable before 2012. Overturning Roe seemed like a paranoid fantasy even two years ago.
    Now it’s all reality.

    Another observation-
    I live on the West coast which is very Piscean in it’s energy. Drugs & alcohol & altered states are part of the culture in West Coast cities, especially Seattle & Portland. Yes, these cities are expensive with housing shortages but the people who were upright when technology and price hikes moved in, simply moved to more affordable areas. Those who were unemployed & abusing drugs and alcohol became the homeless. Before tech hit, you could get away with not having your act together but once it hit, the party was over. I know because I quit drinking in 2012 but I’ve lost nearly everyone I was close, one way or another, because of drug use & alcoholism. Pluto was/is still in Capricorn though but it was in orb of influence of Aquarius when tech hit the West Coast – so my point is, I see Pluto in Aquarius having taken a wrecking ball to what was untenable here. Aquarius ruling technology… I also see the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 as part of that wrecking ball, taking out what wasn’t tenable in the long run. If Covid showed us anything, it was that many Americans were sick, fat and already terminal. Politicians can’t be blamed for Covid deaths in my view. Very powerful energies are blasting our galaxy & planet at this time. We have got to keep up with being our best selves, or we get taken out. When Pluto really starts moving into Aquarius, I predict there will be more “waves” of destruction taking out what’s untenable, in order to make way for our New Earth. On the West Coast of the U.S., we are just barely peeking our heads out of the trenches after these Plutonian wrecking forces. We took a double hit, tech and Covid at once.

    • I agree that Pluto in Aquarius will bring a major shift. Pluto in Capricorn has been a time when people use any means at all, to achieve wealth and power. I see Pluto in Aquarius as a time of rapid, and as yet undreamt of technological change and a move to re-order societies in a fairer way, none of which will happen without a fight.

      • @David W, we get a first peak of Pluto in Aquarius in Spring 2023, but the last retrograde will be over November 19th, 2024. This is obviously an interesting timing for US politics, since the Election Day 2024 will be November 5th, exactly 2 weeks prior to this passage.

        However, to see all the “planetary weather” changes really kicking in, I think we need to wait until 2025-26, when we will also have:

        – Neptune Ingress to Aries March 30th, 2025, retrograde over January 26th, 2026
        – Uranus Ingress to Gemini July 7th, 2025, last retrograde over April 25th, 2026
        – Jupiter in Gemini May 25th, 2024 to June 9th, 2025, then in Cardinal sign it is exalted in, Cancer, June 9th, 2026 to June 9th, 2025 to June 30th, 2026

        It’s hard for me to see how these changes would play in favor of conservative, traditional values, whether from Right or Left. But it may also signal first large scale migration waves caused by Climate Change. For instance, parts of Indian Peninsula are becoming uninhabitable as we speak.

  11. At the time of the ’24 election tr. Neptune will be trining Biden’s Sun and Venus and Sun/Venus midpoint, good for working the subtle arts of politics in his favour, and Saturn will be trining his natal Mars boosting his energy and resolve. However he appears increasingly frail to me and I have my doubts that he will run.

  12. Joe Biden is a very tough Scorpio. He has come through the type of personal experiences that would crush lesser
    people, yet he has emerged with his dignity and reputation intact. History will view him more kindly than the present.

    He certainly had the last laugh politically. The GOP is now on the back foot after their poor showing, Joe will still have
    many battles to fight.

    I wish him well.

    • @Robert Jones, yes, two Scorpio conjunct and Taurus Moon, what ever you think of his politics, talk about resilience! There was a commentator or another who noting over the weekend on how he just doesn’t take anything personally. And this is probably true. You don’t spend over 40 years in the US politics on the highest level without learning how to stay above of everything. It’s BTW not only true for favorites people’s favorites, but also those people nobody seems to like, such as Mitch McDonnell. McDonnell, BTW, has had notorious horrible approval rating in Kentucky, people probably even can say “he is a good man”, which is often said about Biden, and still gotten re-elected time after time. Goes to tell that when people have decided their party affiliation, it’s really not about who you run, but motivating people to vote. It’s as simple as that.

  13. It strikes me that the (serious) astrologers we’re right about the Mid-Terms and the political pundits wrong.

    Can anyone explain what they saw to influence their views and why the astrologers called it right?

    And, Marjorie, thanks for your tolerance over this fraught period. I for one will rein in my fingers!

    • Partly the polls I suspect – I always ignore them from long experience of them being at times monstrously wrong- tho’ why the media don’t know that, I don’t know. Basically the media are herd animals and follow group-think. So if there’s enough noise saying one thing they’ll follow that.
      Astrologers? They should go on the astrology not the prevailing chatter or personal preference – it isn’t always crystal clear but there was enough to indicate Dems not too unhappy and some Reps not pleased.

    • @Nicole Sours Larson, ok, so not a pro astrologer, not even trained on some techniques, but I tend to pay attention to zeitgeist seen at Outer Planet alignments, and how they play on issues that might be most prominent election days. I feel the trend overall, with Uranus is Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is against the change and radical thinking. We don’t have space for many radical, new ideas right now. Neptune in Pisces is about social media, fascination, smoke and mirrors, leading to questioning – some times with good reason – expertise. What I think led to electoral result we now are seeing in the US are, besides Uranus strong the Election Day Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter retrograde to Pisces. Saturn in Aquarius has enforced people’s conceptions of ideals – I would say that in retrospect, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the reaction it caused will be seen as a clear example of Saturn in Aquarius, but it’s actually been a very wild ride overall. Jupiter in Pisces is all about compassion.

      I won’t deny mine was mostly an intuitive call, but I didn’t believe, for a moment, that overturning Roe vs. Wade would NOT be an issue driving vote. Also, apparently, there are still people who believe in “country over party” where democracy deniers lost.

      • Thank you all for your insight! I’ve always been interested in astrology but am ignorant about the art of reading the charts. But I’ve been struck by how often competent, insightful astrologers like Marjorie and many thoughtful amateurs here call the politics right whereas the pundits from the political world I used to inhabit get it wrong.

        I much appreciate your insight. You all helped keep me sane in the run up to the Mid-Terms!

    • @ Nicole. I believe that the Mars in Gemini square Neptune represented the polls misreading the public.
      Now on the state level like in Florida the polls got it right. Democrats were blown out of the water but the polls got it wrong in some blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan where Whitmire won by almost 10 points and the Democrats took control of the state legislature.

  14. @ancient mariner

    sorry my other post was a reply to you
    I see it floats there untethered!

    have a good day / evening
    whenever this response lands

  15. a truly honest person is as rare as a blizzard in summertime….

    politicians are people
    standing in front of other people

    it’s just as relevant to say that we get the people we truly want at any given time…

    there’s so much fixation on honesty and so much punishment for being honest!
    I’m not saying be dishonest or that dissembling is great. I just wonder whether we’re being honest with ourselves first.

    I think we’re probably all aware of our own capacity for self deception here!

    I wish you all well in your attempts to unravel the mysteries of the world!

  16. Thanks very much Marjorie
    —Ebertin describes this as emotional or physical suffering, or a tragic deception. It could be illness or a devastating scandal and whatever else it accompanies there’ll be a general sense of chaos and lack of clear thinking.—
    In re-reading your post of Oct 7, 2022: the Solar Eclipse late October opposed Joe Biden’s Taurus Moon in his 5th house of children …. my sense is that it will have quite a bit to do with Hunter Biden.

  17. Marjorie, well said regarding the political comments. What worries me about such comments is that those making them are so sure that they are RIGHT and anyone who disagrees with them is WRONG. This leaves no room for constructive debate or the possibility of reaching any sort of consensus between the different parties.

    The other thing that should be remembered is that a truly honest politician is as rare as a blizzard in the summertime.

  18. My two cents for 2024 is that it will be much more about Republican Party weakness than Democratic Party strength going there. They will be the ones going through some things caused by poor showing in Midterms and DJT sowing chaos, despite MSM still pushing for narrative on Democrats’ internal battles, when everything in the past 2 years has shown that the Progressive and more moderate Wings of the party are more than able to come together in the most vital subjects.

    Most news outlets announced Nevada Senate race to Catherine Cortez Masto late Saturday night local time, securing Democrats a majority of 50+1 with VP as a tiebreaker before Georgia rerun. This already means Republicans will not get Senate Majority Leadership. If/when Warnock will take the Georgia race in December 6th, the Democrats will have a true majority, securing them majority in Committees and making two Senators currently not voting party line, or threatening to vote against, less powerful. It would also liberate VP Harris to actual VPing, travelling both internally and I’d guess interantionally. That said, 2024 has what’s widely considered a difficult re-election map for Democrats, and they MIGHT loose Senate then.

    What’s really interesting is that Democrats might just hold the House majority, possibly with one seat. There just was a Washington state race nobody expected the Democratic Candidate to win. In case they will, I would expect truly relentless activity in getting judges confirmed, possibly also replace some of the older Liberal SCOTUS.

    So, this may be more of a background post, but I will come back with astrological explanations soon.

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