David Crosby – a turbulent talent

David Crosby of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash, one of the most influential rock singers of the sixties, has died at 81. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as “rock’s unlikeliest survivor” after heavy cocaine and alcohol abuse led to a liver transplant in 1994, he was revered for his creative talent despite the running conflicts his lifestyle and tempestuous nature stirred up.

  He was born 14 August 1941 9.02 am Hollywood with a cinematographer father and was a Sun, Mercury in Leo trine a high-octane, argumentative Mars in Aries in his 7th house of relationships, sextile Jupiter – bubbling over with high vitality and lucky with it. He had an influential though also controlling 10th house Pluto; and a troubled and turbulent collection of an 8th house Taurus Moon and Saturn and Uranus.

  His Uranus was in a creative trine to Neptune sextiling onto Pluto. His deeply buried Saturn was square his Sun and trine a hidden Venus, North Node and Neptune in his 12th – which latter would tilt him towards addictions. He seemed to have strong ancestral/family connections back several generations hinted at by his 8th house planets.

 Off-stage, he had multiple run-ins with US law enforcement, including an arrest in 1982 on drug and weapons charges and five months inside.

 His creative 5th and 7th Harmonics were strong especially the 7th as was his global superstar 22H.

6 thoughts on “David Crosby – a turbulent talent

  1. David Crosby had lots of flaws as a man but virtually none as a singer, songwriter and musician where he always maintained his integrity. Graham Nash summed that up by stating that whatever arguments he had with Crosby the experience of making music with him was always ultimately positive.

  2. He seemed to have been well loved despite his issues and argumentative nature. Married 35 years to the same woman – his Venus is trine Saturn, which I’ve seen in people who like and maintain stable relationships, with both Venus and Saturn in earth signs for stability and grounding some of that fiery energy. Graham Nash continued to tour with him for many years, and even Stephen Stills said good things about him despite butting heads. Brilliant talent. RIP.

  3. Pluto in Leo generation dying off? I was just reading J Coetzee, born 1940, who is now 82. Children of the 1960’s. They dared.

  4. RIP David. I saw him live during a TV performance in 2012 & met him briefly. He looked so well for his age and considering his history of drug abuse. His guitar playing was excellent. Very talented man.

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