David Cameron – experience trumps past missteps

David Cameron springs back into the public arena as UK Foreign Secretary as Rishi Sunak pulls to the centre, facing up to the far-right and averting his eyes from Cameron’s past misdeeds – Brexit, Greensill financial scandal, cosying up to China, crashing into Libya.  Cameron for all his flaws does have international standing which will help with the two major foreign policy crises of the moment – Ukraine and Gaza.

  In 2010, Cameron sparked fury from Israel after saying its blockade had turned Gaza into a “prison camp”. In 2015, he sent British troops into Ukraine to help train its military after Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014. He will be in charge of Britain’s aid budget, having criticised the recent decision to cut spending.       

  He was born 9 October 1966 6 am London, from memory, though I have 5.30am which I think made sense of events in his life back then.

 Either time gives him a charming, diplomatic 1st house Sun Venus in Libra with a friendly, showy and laid-back 11th house Moon Jupiter in Leo square Mercury. His Mars in late Leo is in a publicity-attracting square to Neptune. What cuts across his chart and sits awkwardly with his smarm and charm superficiality is Saturn in Pisces on his Descendant opposition a 12th house Pluto Uranus in Virgo – determined, obstinate, chaotic.

  He won’t have much of a honeymoon running into his new job with an uncertain, panicky tr Neptune conjunct his Saturn from late this week to late December. Though at the same time with tr Pluto trine his SA Jupiter he will push ahead with vigour. 2024 sees him with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter for a self-assured push running into 2025; with patches of good luck even through that tricky mid year patch from June 2024 onwards (affecting many Middle East and US charts).  Although August 2024 will be less sanguine for him with a shock and insecurity from tr Uranus square his Mars – and those plus and minus influences run on in tandem into 2025.

  Uranus moving into his 9th house now suggests ‘adventurous’ travel and with Jupiter and Saturn heading in the right direction in his chart he’s likely to regain credibility.  A commentator remarked that accepting the position would help Cameron “rehabilitate” his political reputation and put him “back in the game” for senior roles at multinational organisations in future. A win win.

  His astrocartography does suggest a high profile role for him with both Ukraine and Israel – so he may do a smidgeon of good. His relationship chart with Netanyahu has a hostile Mars Pluto conjunction which tr Uranus is severely rattling come next August. 

  That mid year 2024 patch looks ominously unsettled across a range of charts including Anthony Blinken’s.

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  1. I understand that David Cameron accepted the job because he believes it will open doors for him once he has stepped down. Personally I don’t believe he was offered it so much as him applying for it.

    This is more to do with the fact that he has applied for every important job going. The last one being the head of NATO. Still as the general election is not far off, I am hoping he doesn’t inflict too much damage.

    I am more interested in what his wife Samantha is up to these days. And also does the Foreign Secretary get a residence?

  2. The most interesting bit of Cameron’s chart is his age. He was Prime Minister from 2010-2016 and is often portrayed as a figure from the past, yet he is only 57. In fact he is more than four years younger than Keir Starmer. Cameron will have his second Saturn return in 2025. What worries me about his chart is that his natal Neptune at 20 Scorpio lies close to the U.K. 1801 Neptune at 18 Scorpio and opposite the England 1066 Neptune at 22 Taurus. He is somehow entangled with the country’s inner delusions and often unrealistic expectations about its place in the world. The fact Cameron’s Neptune is conjunct Biden’s Mercury suggests that they may have an empathic relationship but that it could lead to exaggerated expectations and self deception. This is going to be reinforced by the fact Cameron’s Moon is Conjunct Biden’s Pluto suggesting a close but controlling and manipulative relationship. Given Cameron has not exactly a stunning record on foreign policy matters as his miss steps on the EU, Syria and Libya showed this could be difficult for the U.K. as a whole. It is a particular red flag as 2024 into 2025 looks very dangerous with some tricky eclipses and dangerous Pluto Mars transits coming up in a years time. I am a bit concerned about his appointment as foreign secretary.

    • Cameron’s chart has quite a lot of connections to the natal chart of the Israeli state with Moons conjunct and Mars conjunct in Leo. His Neptune lies opposite the Israel natal Sun. Cameron’s Mars is also conjunct Netanyahu’s Mars and his Sun is exactly conjunct the Israeli leaders Neptune. Next years Solar eclipses in Aries in March and Libra in October will be impacting Cameron’s Sun.

      • There’s just been the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit in Riyadh.

        “We warn of the disastrous repercussions of the retaliatory aggression by Israel against the Gaza Strip, which amounts to a war crime,” said the final communique. “We warn of the real danger of the expansion of the war as a result of Israel’s refusal to stop its aggression and of the inability of the [UN] Security Council to enforce international law to end this aggression.” BBC website 14 November

        This included Iran and Syria, unusually. I looked at the Arab League, 22 March 1945 which has 22 member countries. There’s Mars at 27 Aquarius, opposing the Leo Mars for Cameron and Israel. There are various sensitive dates next year, including the Mars/Uranus conjunction at 26 Taurus in July, and full Moon 27 Aquarius in August. Marjorie flags that period up as a time of tensions for Cameron and Netanyahu.

        The AL’s Jupiter at 21 Virgo aligns with Cameron’s Pluto/Uranus conjunction, squares Israel’s Uranus at 24 Gemini, and opposes Cameron’s Chiron and natal Saturn in Pisces. There’s a Lunar Eclipse next October at 25 Pisces, conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter in Gemini which seems quite overblown, connected with oil and gas, and possibly large movements of refugees?

        It certainly looks like a rough ride for everyone. Cameron may soon be thinking fondly of his writer’s shed in the garden…..

    • That’s assuming that the government doesn’t call an early election and lose it! In which case it will land on David Lammy’s desk. How does that work out?

  3. How quickly people forget the toxic duo of David Cameron and Geooge Osborne. One was responsible through his programme of austerity for the economic and social disaster we now find ourselves in, and the other took us out of the EU.
    Let’s hope we’re not in for more of the same.

    • I quite agree Mary. The pair of them hated people on benefits. It was all about ‘hard working families’. They demonised the poor and disabled. I was so happy when Cameron resigned.

  4. Let’s hope that Sunak’s selection of a new Foreign Minister with some history of supporting the underdog translates a more forceful approach in handling that war criminal, Nethanyahu.

  5. Marjorie, David will have his Saturn return in march. How will that affect him or his job? …with Neptune being so close?
    What do you think?

  6. Let’s not forget the Panama Papers when we discuss Cameron. They were published April 3, 2016 so quickly got forgotten when the Brexit referendum came up and took over the news cycle.

    I’m noting that transiting Saturn will be hitting across his Pisces-Virgo planets this coming year. 2016 it was going through Sag when he resigned. Albeit I think the Panama Papers came up due to transiting Pluto squaring his Libra Sun and they related to his father.

    • Interesting point, GD. And made me wonder about the theme of ‘father and son’ we are seeing at the moment:
      Biden family, Trump family, British Royal Family….all spring to mind. Not sure what the astrology might be for that, only that Saturn in Pisces suggests some confusion where the idea of ‘father’ is concerned. The current debate on the changes to the law regarding the rights of sperm donors to anonymity also connects with this perhaps.

      • Jane – I’d have assumed it’s the tail end of Pluto in Capricorn exposing family dynasties – nepotism etc, etc. You could probably add the Murdochs to your list. Surprised the Kennedys aren’t showing up, or did I hear their names mentioned recently. (Which incidentally reminds we must have a bunch of 60th anniversary stuff coming up next week for JFK)

        • I watched the Kennedy, Sinatra and the Mafia documentary the other day. Fascinating. Also, in light of some of the Gemini discussions on here, Kennedy was Gemini, Sinatra, Sagittarius. I think that dynamic caught my attention because of Gemini Boris Johnson and Sagittarian D Cummings in the Covid enquiry nonsense. Kennedy dropped Sinatra when it suited him to create distance from all the unsavoury connections…..

          Yes, I agree about Pluto in Capricorn, sign of ‘father’ to some extent. But suspect the old Time Lord Saturn in Pisces may also have something to do with it. At least here, in the UK, Saturn is transiting UK Pluto in Pisces – an interesting transit when looking at all these power plays and so on, plus the UK Yod.

  7. David Cameron will have Jupiter in his 9th house as a Libra, so foreign relationships will go very well for him. And then Jupiter will be moving closer to his midheaven.
    I’m optimistic for David.

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