Damian Hurley – not your standard upbringing

Damian Hurley renowned for being close to his mother model Liz Hurley has been giving a nod to her most famous Versace outfit with a fashion publicity pic of himself in a suit with huge safety pins. He followed it up by an Instagram outing of him in a provocative pose with his long flowing, androgynous hair down his bare back looking creepily like her.

He was born 4 April 2002 at 12.22pm London with his father American businessman Steve Bing initially denying paternity until it was proven. Damian recently fought through the courts to be included in his grandfather Peter Bing’s family trust as a grandchild and won. He was brought up partly with stepfather Indian tycoon Aruun Nayar and then Australian cricketer Shane Warne; and has as godfathers Hugh Grant, David Beckham, Elton John. A thoroughly showbiz baby.

He has an ambitious and suited-to-a-public-career 10th house Sun Mercury in Aries with a charming and fashionable Venus in Taurus also in his 10th as well as an ultra-determined Mars in Taurus. A full 10th house does suggest identification at least with mother’s ambitions if not with her appearance. His Sun is emphasised being on the point of a T Square to Jupiter opposition a Capricorn Moon and being on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of a 7th house Neptune trine Saturn in Gemini in the 11th – so  ego-centric,  confident to over-confident, inclined towards older friends; and has difficulty making friends and committed relationships. An attention-demanding, grandstanding Pluto in the performing 5th is in a bleak, stubborn opposition to Saturn. A Moon Jupiter mother tends to feed sweeties rather than emotional sustenance, so it’s superficial  nurturing.

He enjoys his own company with Jupiter in the 12th and will be a maverick with an 8th house Uranus square his Mars, so dislikes compromise. It’s a chart with potential for a showy career but finding a fulfilling personal life may be trickier.

It’s not, surprisingly, that close a match with his mother, 10 June 1965, since her Uranus Pluto squares his Saturn opposition Pluto, with her Mars square his Pluto – so rough edges and power struggles for the upper hand in there. Her Scorpio Moon opposes his Venus which will give an affectionate link; though her Neptune opposition his Mars could suggest ego-clashes and conflicting ambitions.

Their relationship chart is fairly stark with a composite Saturn opposition Pluto square Mars – and that is definitely difficult, bringing a simmering cauldron of anger issues; with a head-in-the-clouds and over-hopeful Jupiter opposition Neptune and a needs-space composite Venus opposition Uranus (Moon).

I’d think there might be problems when her star fades and his rises.

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7 thoughts on “Damian Hurley – not your standard upbringing

  1. Very fascinating, Marjorie. He would seem to be trying to capture her attention, perhaps feels he never had enough of it?

    I have Uranus in the 12th house and also have always loved spending time on my own, finding it restorative and often rather lovely particularly after any big social events or gatherings.

  2. I have the Part of Fortune in my 12th house, which I assume is similar to having Jupiter there. I thoroughly enjoy my own company and often opt for solitude over outings with friends and family. I have, as the saying goes, a rich interior life.

  3. What struck me about him was why he’d mimic his mother rather than finding his own style…might there be a pluto/moon influence. Is Liz’s a timed chart? Liking what you say about Jupiter in the 12th. I’ve got that and have always wondered why I feel happy pottering along on my own!

    • No there’s no time for her. There’s a strange connection in there not what you’d expect and no Moon Pluto to explain it. I doubt she’s possessive at all, more arm’s length. His mirroring her maybe a way of filling the emotional gap?

      I also have Jupiter in the 12th – it is very helpful.

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