Lisa Marie Presley – a toxic legacy to carry


Lisa Marie Presley, only daughter of Elvis and his sole heir apparently owes nearly half a million dollars in back taxes. She’s had a tricky two or three years with her fourth marriage collapsing in 2016 and leaving Scientology.

She was born 1 February 1968 5.01 pm Memphis, Tennessee, was married first to a musician, then to Michael Jackson, then actor Nicholas Cage and finally guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood – with two children each from the first and last of these; and has admitted to an opioid addiction.

She does have a tricky chart with an Aquarius Sun in her 7th which will be why she’s always opted for the security of a relationship. But it’s the 8th house Moon Mars in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo and trine Neptune in her 4th which will give her most problems. It’ll create a good deal of inner chaos and significant challenges handling money. Emotionally as well her gilded life left a good deal to be desired – not only is her sensitive Moon in constant turmoil from Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune; her Venus in Capricorn squares Saturn giving her problems with self-esteem and making her feel unloveable.

It would seem extraordinary that with that amount of money she should have cash flow problems but she does have tr Neptune now moving through her 8th house of joint finances, making a panicky-failure conjunction to her Mars now and moving on to an undermining conjunction to her Moon and then an opposition to her Pluto in the next two or three years. So there will be some sinking moments, especially in 2021 when her Solar Arc Mars makes a ‘shocking’ square to her Sun.

All the money in the world and it doesn’t help.


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  1. Reading this and Damian Hurley….Lisa’s constantly probed moon and Damian”s composite chart with his mother. I’m just glad I’m not a celebrity’s kid – it cannot help matters.

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