Conran & Hibbert – famous for having talent

Two genuinely creative influencers have died. Terence Conran, the pioneering designer who founded Habitat and ushered in a revolution in home design, shopping and eating out. And Toots Hibbert, the Jamaican singer who helped to make reggae one of the great global musical forces.

  Conran born 4 October 1931 (no birth time) was from the tough Great Depression generation with Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto squaring an innovative, mould-breaking Uranus opposition Venus in Libra. His Sun in Libra opposed the North Node in Aries perhaps (likely) square a Cancer Moon. Cancer is a sign of designers and is home-oriented, certainly has a nose for public taste and with the Moon on the focal point of a Cardinal T Square he’d have initiative aplenty as well as an inclination to work with the public. He also had an adventurous, risk-taking Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus and square an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio.

 Not surprisingly with an afflicted Venus and a Moon yearning for more than the admiration of just one person, he married and divorced several times and produced a handful of children, all of whom have become successful in design or cooking.

  Toots Hibbert, born 8 December 1942, who has died suffering from Covid-19, was recognised as the father of Reggae and in a long career sang all over the world. “With a voice like a Caribbean Otis Redding, and a phenomenal stage presence, Hibbert was also a multi-instrumentalist.” He had more chart toppers even than Bob Marley.

  He had the inspirational Neptune trine Uranus which produced so many notable musicians of that period – and in his case emphasised by having Saturn conjunct Uranus and Pluto sextile. His colourful, widely travelled Sagittarius Sun was conjunct Mercury, Venus and maybe Moon; with like Conran he had an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio in an adventurous trine to Jupiter in Cancer.

  Both had global superstars 22nd Harmonics stronly aspected and breakthrough-genius 13H, as well as creative 5H.  Hibbert in addition had his strongest harmonic as the musically creative 7th harmonic and leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H.

  They were famous for having talent.

6 thoughts on “Conran & Hibbert – famous for having talent

  1. Toots had the same birth date as Jim Morrison, although Morrison was born a
    year later. Morrison didn’t make it to thirty because of his life of excess, but he
    left a lasting legacy well beyond his lifetime.

    Both men were influential musicians.

    As for Jimi, he become an immortal fifty years after his premature death on
    September 18th 1970.

    • Oh, I didn’t know that about Jim Morrison. He has left a legacy, and has many fans who were too young to know his music at the time. I’d never focused on Sagittarius as a musician’s sign – but in terms of legacy we could add Beethoven, Puccini, Scott Joplin and the incredible Little Richard to the list. Maybe Sagittarians have more in common with Pisces, both ruled by Jupiter, than I realised.

      • Frank Sinatra was another great musician born under the sign of Sagittarius.
        He was a major influence on Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Miles Davis and Amy
        Winehouse who named her debut album after him.

        Like the above performers, he has left a lasting legacy. He is the only vocal
        talent who was born during World War One, apart from Billie Holiday whose
        music is still recognised in the 21st Century.

  2. Thanks Marjorie! I like your comment “they were famous for having talent”….yes indeed they were. And both had inspiring amounts of stamina – Mars in Scorpio, in part, I’d guess. It’s interesting to see Terence Conran’s Cardinal mix – with the Libran affinity for design and the Cancerian affinity with home and food. Toots “father of reggae” was totally joyful to see (which I’ve been lucky enough to do), another great Sagittarian musician – there’s Jimmy Hendrix and Keith Richards, for instance, in the Centaur Hall of Fame. Both contributed a great deal to popular culture over a long period, and gave pleasure to so many people. Interesting contrast with the Kardashians, who have also influenced popular culture in their own way. Culturally, is this the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?!

    • “Interesting contrast with the Kardashians, who have also influenced popular culture in their own way. Culturally, is this the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?!’

      Fortunately, what goea around comes around, and if you are looking at charts of kids born after 2000, you see they’ll probably retire Kardashians. In fact, my elementary school age daughter has a chart not at all unlike that of Conrad. She is a Libra Sun/Cancer Moon, with similar outer planetary placements and a fixed Mars. She spent her covid-19 isolation building little cardbox homes for her Littlest Pet Shop and LOL Surprice figures. She has always had a stunning visual memory (recognizing daycare friends’ parents at 18-20 months, remembering places she’d visited months before at 3-year-old) and her drawings have great compositions, too. Right now, she wants to become a famous footballer. We’ve only told her that pro sport people typically retire at 35, and that therefore it would be could to go to school (she likes and finds easy, for now), too. That said, there’s definitely “designer” on her chart.

      • Yes, Solaia, I think and hope you’re right. One of my 2nd cousins is 9, a fixed and cardinal chart, and has such a wonderfully open mind and surreal sense of humour. Also a mature understanding of climate change and recycling issues that puts many adults to shame. Your daughter sounds equally lovely and quirky. I look forward to the day when we release ourselves from this current cultural era, and create something new. The thing about Terence Conran and Toots Hibbert is that they were not only talented, but free to create in ways I fear we are losing or, at the very least, eroding in ourselves. Conran was, admittedly, a privileged person. But Toots comes from a time when they were recording music in sheds and back rooms – and still it sounds so good, and so full of life. Perhaps the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius marks a more interesting swerve in the road ahead.

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