Christopher Wray – walking into the lion’s den



Christopher Wray has been overwhelmingly confirmed to be the next FBI director, by a vote of 92 to 5 in the US Senate. He replaces James Comey, fired by Donald Trump over investigations into Russian interference in the presidential election. At his hearing Wray said “My loyalty is to the constitution and the rule of law.” Democrat Dianne Feinstein said Wray “We need leaders with steel spines, not weak knees, and I am hopeful that Mr Wray will be just such a leader.”

Born 17 December 1966, he’s a Sun Sagittarius on the point of a T square to Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto – such a focal point Sun will make him ambitious for recognition; Saturn Pluto is ultra-determined; Saturn Uranus plus Sagittarius quite self-righteous about his opinions; a plethora of Mutable planets will make him highly strung but also well-adapted to a complex job with a broad portfolio. His Jupiter in Leo is trine Mercury in Sagittarius, sextiling onto Mars in Libra – so again confident about expressing himself in arguments.

That he’ll clash with Trump is almost inevitable since his Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto squares onto Trump’s Sun Uranus and Moon; and his Mars is square Trump’s Mercury. Mid October into November look chilly and separated on the relationship chart with tr Saturn square the composite Sun Mercury. On Wray’s own chart October and November look over-loaded with work and discouraging with tr Saturn square his Saturn, Uranus and conjunct his Sun. Once he’s through that hurdle there’s nothing of much note on his chart (without a birth time). But his relationship with Trump will be on a sharp downhill slide from mid 2018 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars for eighteen months thereafter.

Oddly enough the composite Mars in the Trump/Wray relationship chart is exactly the same degree and sign as the Mars on Special Investigator Robert Mueller’s personal chart, which is also moving into panic-mode from mid 2018.

One thought on “Christopher Wray – walking into the lion’s den

  1. Marjorie

    It seems like the more Trump tries to rig his hand so the cards are in his favour the more they come up against him. I read what you are saying as ‘even if he gets rid of Mueller tomorrow, another Mueller/Comey is stepping in their place?’ He just can’t shake off this ‘little dog’ (the enquiry) who has got his teeth into his leg and won’t let go.

    Given all you have said it’s as if this whole thing can’t be about the people…… He keeps firing or threatening to fire and they keep coming back – same energy different face. Interesting!

    It almost feels like Karma for Trump.

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