China 2023 – internal mutiny, external push back

 China having flipped its draconian lockdown covid policy into a nothing-to-worry-about dismissal is facing unrest from a population traumatized by three years of stringent restrictions. Many are questioning whether the heavy human price in depression and mental problems had been worth it and are demanding compensation. But health experts have warned the country is unprepared for a sharp rise in infections and deaths in a subsequent wave.

  Another woe is Japan overturning six decades of postwar security policy to arm itself to counter China’s rising military aggression. The Japanese government has approved its biggest military buildup since the second world war. The plans reflect growing alarm over a more assertive Chinese military and a North Korean regime that continues to improve its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.

 The China 1 January 1912 chart is only partially through a nerve-wracking and disruptive/rebellious phase of tr Pluto opposition the Neptune and for another year conjunct the China Uranus – which latter often accompanies domestic unrest. It kicked in when Covid descended and certainly fits the devastation of tr Pluto in Neptune.

  This coming year as well tr Neptune in hard aspect to the China Mercury opposition Pluto will bring confusion, mixed messages, suspicion and perhaps an undermining of power and influence. Late April into early May will bring a disaster or two, perhaps with military associations. With some financial setbacks in January and a generally disappointing year. Though the major upsets won’t turn up till 2024 when tr Uranus hits the financial Venus opposition Mars – and beyond that 2026 when Solar Arc Pluto squares Neptune which could – in part – be a catastrophic natural disaster.

  The China/Japan relationship chart is winding up tension as tr Pluto moves into Aquarius from late March 2023, on and off till late 2025 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Sun and Venus – intense reactions on both sides and an undermining of trust.

  The Bank of China chart, 1 December 1948, will be radically changing policy to keep step with changing circumstances early in 2023 and maybe to react to a sudden event from mid March for two weeks. But its major headache starts to kick in through 2024, worsening dramatically in 2025/26 as tr Saturn Neptune into Aries starts to square the Mars Jupiter and Solar Arc Neptune unhelpfully adds its losses when it is conjunct Mars Jupiter.

  Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term, 23 October 2022, which has a control-freak 10th house Pluto square Sun Venus is under unrelenting pressure and heading for a challenging and stuck 2023. He will react with confidence and be rewarded with some luck when tr Pluto sextiles the Jupiter late March to mid June; but on the whole the year is one of failure.

 Japan, 11 February 1889 10.44am Tokyo, is not looking too upbeat this year either with tr Neptune conjunct their Mars, which may or may not be connected to their truculent neighbours. There will certainly be a sense of turbulence and disruption from Solar Arc Uranus square the Pluto, exact in 15 months though active probably before then, which will unsettle the normal Japanese stoicism.

Tr Neptune into Aries in 2025/26 does seem to bring with it a degree of further havoc which is all too exhausting to contemplate.

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  1. China’s biggest problems are social rather than poltical or economic. A society completely in the grip of superstition, mysogyny and rigid social hierarchies which, e.g. demand that a man may only marry a woman from a lower social ‘class’ than himself. Leaving the men at the bottom with no bride and the women at the top marrying foreigners. Why do you think there are almost no women in high office in China? Even the Chinese character for a woman represents somone kneeling with their hands outstrechted in supplication! Obsession with honouring the dead and conducting the ‘correct’ rituals at the right time have in modern times become farcical in their observance. I am wondering if the writing on the wall is not more about China’s social mores with Neptune in Pisces highlighting the absurdity of some beliefs and customs which do not fit into modern Chinese society. Even my chinese teacher agreed that change is necessary. How do you observe a required ritual at the shrine of your ancestors when locked down in your tiny appartment for weeks on end? I am curious to see how long it takes for China’s real revolution to happen.

  2. China collapsing won’t be something we just watch on tv, we will be affected too. Some experts are predicting 60% of the population (many elderly and with a poorly performing vaccine) infected in 90 days, with millions dead. Is this an exaggeration? Will mass infection trigger a new variant? Are we done with covid?

  3. Good update on the current situation in China. The PRC chart from 1949 though, currently portrays an existential struggle for the survival of the communist party leadership and the vast societal transformation that will follow from 2022 to 2025 and beyond.

    As someone who has studied China for many years, I’m really not sure why the 1912 chart is being revived as this relates to the era of the Guomindang Party which for the last 73 years has been based in Taiwan!

    The CCP takeover resulted in the destruction of traditional Chinese culture (now preserved in Taiwan), leading to the Orwellian form of modern society we have today under Xi Jinping.

    The 1912 chart would more probably reflect the Guomindang’s reevaluation of its position in the politics of Taiwanese society due to the ongoing changes on the mainland.

    After the CCP regime falls it’s possible the Guomindang chart will play its part again – if full cultural exchange and reparations between Taiwan and the mainland eventually take place?

    • The 1912 chart showed up the covid pandemic very clearly which the 1949 did not which is why I looked around for a chart that worked better. What seems politically correct isn’t always what works.

      • China is not a nation but a series of changing borderlines ruled by conquering ethnic dynasties. There could never be a national chart which is why dynastic charts are so important.
        I thought the 1949 chart resonated incredibly well with Saturn/Pluto conjuncting the 12th house Jupiter, though at the time a few other astrologers were predicting complete financial collapse, not a pandemic!

  4. Again, not claiming to be a China specialist of any sort, but I work for a company actually selling goods to China, and have experience on dealing with Chinese bureaucracy on daily bases in the past year, and saw the consequences of Shanghai lockdown early in the year first hand. From my experience, I can say the society is already struggling with seriously overblown control and surveillance mechanisms. Now, imagine these will miss a significant amount of workforce due to covid-19 restrictions. It will become unmanageable.

  5. With China’s population, in the beginning of the outbreak, it was projected that they wouldn’t even be able to deal with the corpses with a one (1) percent death rate. I think they had to do what they had to do with that zero-Covid policy. I’m reading a fascinating book right now. ‘The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning’ by Peter Zeihan. He’s an analyst that is predicting the complete collapse and de-civilization of China within the next two decades, due to a number of factors. This may be the beginning…

    • @ Brigitte, I read a McKinsey (!) country report in 2016 as part of material for Business School entrance exam stating a possibility of Central Government in China collapsing in the next 10 years being anything from medium to high. And they made a completely believable argument on causes.

      I’ve since been thinking the collapse of CCP isn’t a matter of if, but when. How bad it becomes is another question, but also based on my professional experience, it will likely be bad.

      • Right. They have 1/3 of the planet’s human population. One of the biggest issues is the unintended consequences of the one child policy. They have a massive aging population and no youth to support that older population, financially or physically. They are predicting 80k elderly dying a day, completely alone. It’s probably already beginning but China is closed, so the rest of the world isn’t privy. As well, China does not have the topography or climate to grow food for their own population. They import their food and export everything else. Demand for cheap Chinese goods are plummeting globally and the US Navy is ceasing to patrol global waters which has made globalization of the world economy even possible, post WW2. I suspect part of the breakdown phase of Pluto in Aquarius is being reflected in China’s handling of Covid. Pluto has a much wider orb of influence than it’s given credit for so it’s not unlikely that it’s already tearing things down.

  6. Good article Marjorie. The whole world is like China looking at exactly what has just happened in the last three years. The UK book: ‘The Children’s Inquiry: How the state and society failed the young during lockdown’ has just been published looking at how children were sacrificed for adults during lockdown for no reason. Strange times Marjorie. Strange times.

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