Chiara Ferragni – a money-generating influencer

  A young, savvy social media influencer, Chiara Ferragni, who has built a global brand and a multimillion-dollar business on her image with 30 million Instagram followers, is on the hook for “aggravated fraud.” She gave her name to a Christmas cake that was misleadingly linked to fundraising for a children’s hospital and received £1 million for her trouble. The hospital received £50,000. A separate branded Easter egg sales campaign linked to another charity, from which she earned €1.3mn over two years, is also being looked at by Italian prosecutors.

  Ferragni has lost sponsors over the debacle including Coca Cola as well as followers.

 Born 7 May 1987 12.40am Cremona, Italy,  she is no shrinking violet with a determined 4th house Taurus Sun opposition an influential and controlling Pluto on her Midheaven. She also has an attention-seeking, self-assured, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of an 8th house Leo Moon trine Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius trine Venus (Jupiter) in Aries, formed into a Kite by Saturn Uranus opposition Mars in Gemini in her hard-working 6th house. So her go-getting, communicative Mars is the driving planet.  Jupiter Venus is often a combination seen in fashion charts or amongst the exceptionally sociable or frivolous.

  She started as a model and moved into blogging and then brand promotion.

 There is nothing too dramatic showing up in her chart though tr Saturn through her first quadrant tends to be prone to slipping on banana skins career-wise for the ego-centric. She’ll be less successful for a few years ahead but may then reinvent herself.

  Maybe the insubstantial famous-for-being-famous brands may melt into thin air once Pluto in Capricorn moves into the past.

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  2. What I wanted to add: aquiline nose – e.g. Emmanuel Macron.

    Chiara has Moon in Leo. Again, I’ve read that it is found in charts of people craving attention, but when the stage lights hit, they find themselves uncomfortable and that it is not as pleasant as they thought. And I’ve just found on a Swiss website on astrology that young people with this Moon go through a crisis between the ages of 20 and 30 “because they realize that they haven’t grown up yet and have always lived in the expectation that everything will come to them effortlessly”. “A love of the pompous can become noticeable.”

    You can see I am fascinated by the Moon in a chart, and especially as a signifier of the mother and the child’s relationship with her – in Leo, I read, it usually denotes a self-confident mother who is a stronger one of the two parents and who subtly transmits to the child the impression that she doesn’t need a man and could raise the child on her own. The same way I am fascinated by the Sun as one of the signifiers of the father, although I have not studied that very much, to put it mildly.

    P. S. I see that Chiara has three planets in her twelfth house. Through the years I’ve seen that house being an indicator of prenatal experience, e.g. what happened to the mother before the birth of the child or how she was feeling. I’ve read a story of one mother who had Mars there that stopped a fight between two youths when pregnant and accidentally one of the guys hit her in the stomach. Thankfully nothing happened! I think Karen Hamaker-Zondag might have written about this topic in her book The Twelfth House: The Hidden Power in the Horoscope. If anyone knows any other resources and schools of thought, I would be thankful if you shared it. I am very interested e.g. in Jupiter being in that house and what might it mean.

    • My daughter has moon in Leo. I raised her alone, she has no contact with her father. So you may be right. She also has Saturn in the 12th (disappearing dad).

      • The Swiss say that a Moon in Leo can denote a child pampered by the parent(s) or, on the opposite side, who wasn’t, so fled the hearth.

        Saturn in the 12th, they say, is found in chart of people unbothered with external legitimizations and diplomas (Chiara left the high-in-regard Bocconi University), who posses an indefinite sense of guilt and compensatory claim to power, and who might sometimes be unreliable.

        I forgot to say that Moon is often how a child sees the mother, not how she might be herself, so in Leo I’d say she might be perceived as flamboyant, gregarious, social, and fun, also probably justice-loving and always right. Moon in Leo children, it is my belief, could also have thick, gorgeous, lionlike hair. Or in some way have it noticeable.

      • @Kerstin, snap – except I have a son. Leo Moon 4th house/Saturn in 12th house (retrograde Aries) & also raised him alone with an absent father.

    • I have my moon in Leo. If you had visited our childhood home, then yes, definitely my mother was the more gregarious parent, the lively one, the talkative one (perhaps, the bossy one – or the one who appeared to be bossy).
      However, underneath all that leonine presence, my mother was basically a suppressed housewife, who did what she was told to do by my father. There was no doubt that my father was the head of the house (and he told us so, many times). But my moon is in the 6th house – the house of service? So that is how I have always reconciled these contradictions – the extrovert mother who was also very servile.
      I like what you write below about perceptions of the mother. I have often puzzled how siblings can have different moon placements but have the same mother.

    • @El Aznar, your description of a Leo Moon person & their mother is very accurate, in my case. My son has a Leo Moon in the 4th house. He’s now an adult and it seems I have transmitted that a mother doesn’t need a man to raise a child. Like @Kerstin’s daughter, he also has Saturn in the 12th house.

    • My father had Moon in Leo and Sun in Cancer, in semi-sextile, so in Mutual Reception. He was a menopause baby, born when his mother was 42 and his father, 65. He had siblings a generation older than him. His Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio. I’m pretty sure he was on the autism spectrum. Much closer to his mother than his father. He loved to be the centre of attention and in many ways was more childlike than we, his children. (I have Sun square Saturn and Saturn in the 5th.)

      Adored as a sort of novelty when little, eventually his siblings grew tired of his precociousness and his older brother tried to dominate him, even deciding which career he should have. In his 20s his mother died unexpectedly which I think was a terrible shock and crisis to him. So I think it’s interesting what you have written about this Moon placement as it really does describe my father’s experience.

    • Internet has more opinions than actually proved research…who knows who wrote what n authenticity n qualifications to write is more doubtful with AI..

      I m leo moon n no, nor do I squirm on stage nor did I had parents ever so all that of getting easily n attention craving didnt work..though main articles jup venus in fashion made me smile ..there r many other influences on an individual…if asc is stronger or 11h likes r stronger than moon becomes subjugated…usually moon comes out in times with loved ones,couple times I observed ..not in public

      • I assure you that nobody wrote stuff here with AI, if you are referring to me, and the sources are respectable, which is proven by the good folk people who appreciated my comments and for which I am thankful to them.

    • I always heard that having Jup in 12th natally was a classic sign of having a guardian, helper angel actively working in the background of one’s life. So a benign ancestor, a spirit guide, an ghostly animal companion – something like that, but always, always there.

    • A Leo moon placement can be ego / vanity overiding empathy. The moon is in its detriment here. Paula Vennells is an example of this.

  3. I found her chart, and thus birth time, in a YouTube video of a Morpurgian astrology group discussing her placings (Lisa Morpurgo is a famous Italian astrologer, I think some of you surely know). I was surprised that she is a Capricorn rising, and I didn’t get it until I opened your post and immediately saw that Neptune on the ascendant. Maybe that explains her watery, dreamy eyes and ethereal presence, something I don’t really associate with a Capricorn rising (who is, I’ve read, recognizable by the aquiline nose).

    I was trying to figure out who she reminds me of, and yesterday it dawned on me that it was Paola Barale, Italian TV host and actress, another Taurus, but with opposite ascendant, Cancer.

    It’s funny how some themes repeat on this blog. E.g. the endless train of Geminis or, as here, people having Saturn going through their first quadrant.

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