Chelsea Manning – pressures too much to bear

Chelsea Manning


Chelsea Manning was hospitalised briefly last week after trying to kill herself in the all-male military hospital where she is serving 35 years for whistleblowing.

Born 17 Dec 1987 in Oklahoma, she’s a high-tension Sun Saturn Uranus Mercury in Sagittarius with an acutely frustrated Mars Pluto Moon in Scorpio. Tr Pluto is sextile her Mars over the next few months until December which will ramp up her sense of being cornered and powerless; with 2017 having a slew of discouraging Saturn transits in conjunction to her Sagittarius planets including Sun. She’s heading for her first Saturn Return which always has a heavy run up. Tr Uranus is square her Venus in Capricorn at the moment which can be an emotional upset, or perhaps just an urge to be free. And her Venus = Neptune/Pluto and Mars/Neptune, so they will also be getting a Uranian jolt and not helping her to think straight.

It’s not going to get easier for her with difficult Solar Arcs stretching ahead.

The one bright spot is tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 2017/18 though that might make her kick even more against the rules. The US government and military really don’t do themselves any favours in their treatment of her which does push the bounds of common decency.

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  1. Very interesting analysis, Marjorie. Have you done Chelsea Manning’s chart as she changed from Bradley (as she was born male) into Chelsea? The transition chart probably has illustrative aspects.

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