Angela Eagle – a rebellious Aquarius swimming in water

Angela Eagle


The Labour Party continues to descend further into chaos with veteran MP Angela Eagle provoking a leadership challenge and being on the receiving end of violence and threats as a result.

Born 17 Feb 1961, she’s an odd mix with a detached, cool, rebellious Aquarius Sun opposition Uranus; and a highly emotional Water Grand Trine of Mars in Cancer trine Neptune trine Mercury in Pisces formed into a Kite with Mercury opposition Pluto North Node – so not backwards about making her views known, though perhaps too impressionable with so much water. Plus she has an idealistic Jupiter Saturn in Capricorn.

Tr Uranus is square her Jupiter at the moment till early September, and again in 2017, which was no doubt why she decided to risk a challenge.  And she does have the confident and successful tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Node midpoints mid July, on and off till late November.

So she’s on a bit of a roll though whether she can breach the bastions of the traditionally chauvinist Labour Party and unions remains to be seen.

Her relationship charts with both the Labour Party 1900 and 1906 chart are riven with hostility which will come to an ugly head, most likely in 2017, worse in 2018/19.

With her Jupiter leading the conjunction to Saturn, the good news and confidence will always come first, and the setbacks second.


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