David & Samantha Cameron – hand in hand into a different future

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The removal lorries are already rolling up to No 10 Downing Street to end David Cameron’s career at the top, an ambition which has been his focus for the past three decades. What next? He says he’ll stay as a backbench MP till the next election and maybe thereafter; and Samantha is expected to ramp up her design career, moving into fashion.

He’s got the ‘thank heavens I’m out of that’, lucky break and relief from tension Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus, exact in two months’ time, so it’s not all gloom and humiliation. Plus tr Jupiter will conjunct his Pluto Uranus for an uplift in July and then cross his Ascendant in late Aug/Sept for a new cycle to start.

Though he also has tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on his Sun/Moon, Mars/Saturn and Mars/Uranus midpoints which suggest setbacks, unpopularity giving the next few months an undertow of swampy and failure-ridden feelings. Tr Pluto has another couple of pressured squares to his Libra Sun before it finally pulls way in early December. Into 2017 tr Saturn moves across his IC, which is often a significant marker in career terms, so perhaps a new job (in addition to Westminster) With some successful Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints in 2017 as well as tough, confusing ones.  When things go wrong he’s going to get the blame, – and rightly so.

Samantha Cameron is the more practical of the pair with a business-minded Earth Grand Trine of Mars in Capricorn (and Moon) trine Saturn in Taurus trine Pluto, formed into a Kite by Pluto opposition her Venus in Pisces. So a creative and PR career suits her with that charming Venus to the fore, fuelled by all that formidable energy and initiative from Mars Saturn Pluto.  She also has an Aries Sun square Mars so no slouch when it comes to starting new projects. Plus a lucky, high finance Jupiter Neptune sextile Uranus. She’s also got an Aquarius North Node so I’d imagine at some point she’ll find a cause to sink her teeth into.

She looks a touch jangled through 2016/17 with tr Uranus square her Mars (Moon) and then conjunct her Sun; with a really frustrating time in 2018/19 as tr Pluto is conjunct her Mars and trine her Saturn.

It is quite an odd relationship in that her Uranus is conjunct his Sun Venus and her Mars is square his Sun; his Saturn is conjunct her Venus and her Saturn squares his Mars in Leo – so there will have been more rough edges and arguments than are obvious; and it is very work oriented. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun square Saturn which is enduring but cool, a working partnership. That is under considerable pressure from tr Uranus square tr Pluto for several years as they make a huge transition into the next phase. Venus square the composite Jupiter Uranus will help; as will Venus sextile Moon (probably).

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