Chechnya’s Kadyrov – a Putin thug

Chechen death squads sent to eliminate President Zelensky were thwarted according to reports after their plans were leaked to the Ukrainians by disaffected FSB spies. Whether or not the stories are true, or a useful Ukrainian dezinformatsiya plant, the destruction of the Chechen elite squads has caused ructions between Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov and the Russians.

  Kadyrov is a particularly nasty piece of work, guilty of a wide array of human rights abuses, kidnapping, assassination, and torture of human rights activists, critics, and their relatives so widespread they constitute crimes against humanity; restricts the public lives of women and had led anti-gay purges in the Republic. A Muslim, he has issued a call to others to embrace the war against Ukraine as a religious duty.

  Born 5 October 1976, he fought against the Russians in the First Chechen War and switched sides for the Second, being installed afterwards as a pro-Kremlin president and favourite of Putin’s on 5 April 2007 and amassing a huge personal fortune from kickbacks on Chechen oil deals.

  None of which matters except to the poor Chechens who disagree with him – but his prospects may well reflect on Putin’s and the progress of the Ukraine war. So it might be illuminating.

 His personal chart has a power-hungry Sun Pluto conjunction in Libra sextile Saturn and Neptune – a control-freak and veering towards paranoia. His Mars in late Libra is catching the tr Pluto square through February to the middle of this month which is hugely frustrating, enraging and trapped. It repeats later in the year, December across the New Year and again on and off till late 2023. So a definite no-progress phase. With more sinking disappointment from next week for several months and repeating into 2023, early and late.

 His Presidency chart will be rattled and undermined this year and next but maybe not enough to topple him.

 Chechnya, 27 October 1991, is in for grinding hardship through 2023/24, and in many ways worse in the few years after, as tr Pluto in Aquarius is conjunct the Saturn and then square the Scorpio Sun and Mars.  

  He certainly does not look victorious over this year or next.

5 thoughts on “Chechnya’s Kadyrov – a Putin thug

    • @Nat, and this is where I think house positions, etc., kick in. For instance, I’m a Virgo and Mercury Rising, and Venus/Uranus is in my 2nd house. I love SoMe. I was on some message boards in 1996. I also wrote thesis on influencer marketing when I obtained a degree a couple of years ago. But I hate having that to be about me. I could never go full Kadyrov, who has a very big Instagram presence. I also think being very “Mercurial”, with Gemini MC conjunct Jupiter with all that Virgo, makes me more curious about power and power structures, rather than wanting to obtain any myself (actually, this would be a nightmare). Also, I think these positions make me very aware of logistics and communications. While I love beautiful footware, I.need it to be functional, and have a personal beef going back to early 2000’s with Prada footware Kadylov loves functionality.

  1. Just an observation but it jumped out at me right away that based on the October 7, 1952 chart for Putin their charts have a lot in common. Both have Venus at 11° Scorpio and RK’s Uranus and NN are conjunct Putin’s possible ascendant at 3° Scorpio. Putin’s 13° Libra Sun is conjunct RK’s Sun-Pluto conjunction at 11°-12° Libra, and RK’s Mars at 27° Libra is conjunct Putin’s Mercury and Neptune in Libra. Also RK’s Jupiter at 0° Gemini is conjunct Putin’s Moon at 2° Gemini. This is just at a glance without digging very deep. Two peas in a pod?

  2. The talk of biological weapons is making me think of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Apologies, this is a bit off topic for this particular post but I just read that the first Jupiter Neptune conjunction (following Neptune’s discovery) was actually in Pisces in March 1856. So the upcoming one in April is the start of a new cycle/the end of one. The internet tells me March 1856 was the Treaty of Paris to bring an end to the Crimean War, so perhaps this is positive. Always dubious about Neptune though.

  3. Even with his Libra Sun, he should know better than wearing those Prada “combat” boots for actual combat. His birthday is only 5 days apart from mine, and we share much of the visible planetary positions, minus Moon of course. And I must say I’m eternally thankful for my very grounded Capricorn Moon, although it seems some Scorpio and Sadgittarius Moons born within days from me didn’t turn out half bad. Andriy Shevchenko, for instance.

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