Charlize Theron – a rip roaring New Moon in Leo


Charlize Theron, the South African actress and producer, is 45 this week astonishingly enough and give no sign of slowing down her power-house bad-ass roles or her packed schedule including production work. Most recently she was praised for Bombshell and before that Atomic Blonde.

Born 7 August 1975 8.23am Benoni, South Africa, she grew up on her parents’ farm near Johannesburg and was 16 when her father in a drunken rage threatened her mother and herself with a gun. Her mother shot him dead and was let off on grounds of self-defence. Charlize started modelling  at 16, wanted to be a dancer but switched to acting and started at the bottom of the ladder in Los Angeles when she was 19.

She has an entertainer’s New Moon in Leo in the creative 12th trine a filmic Neptune and sextile Pluto – ambitious and an influencer. She also has an emphasised Mercury in Leo in her 12th on the point of a Fixed T Square to an ultra-determined Mars in Taurus (conjunct Algol) opposition North Node in Scorpio –  not short of grit or stubbornness. Luck with money comes along with an 8th house Jupiter in Aries in an adventurous opposition to Uranus squaring onto a focal point Saturn in Cancer which will give her organisational and executive ability. She won’t always be happy sharing the driving seat with others and will be up and down in mood with Jupiter Saturn. Her Venus in hard-working Virgo is hidden away in her 12th house in a dreamy square to Neptune. And with the New Moon she’ll be relatively self-sufficient and ,although she’s had relationships, she doesn’t appear in a rush to settle down.

When her father was killed in June 1991 she had a raft of influences unsurprisingly shaking up her chart-  her Solar Arc Uranus was exactly square her Sun and her Solar Arc Saturn was exactly conjunct her Moon with tr Saturn hovering around the opposition to her Moon as well. On the upside, for what must even in the worst of circumstances have been a moment of relief she also had tr Jupiter conjunct her Sun. And what followed with her Solar Arc Pluto opposition her Jupiter two years later was a surge of confidence that sent her out into the world to start her career.

Her father Charles Theron 27 November 1947 was a Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius with a tricky Taurus Moon square Mars Saturn and maybe Pluto in Leo – so a volcanic temperament.

At the moment she has a confident and enthusiastic tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 2020/21 and also impacting on her Saturn, more so in 2021/22 and then her Uranus in 2022/23 – so she’s in a period of considerable change and upheaval. Some of it will be stuck when Saturn engages and some of fast-moving but on the whole she’s heading into a progressive phase through this decade and on.

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