Simon Cowell – a sharp put down

Simon Cowell, television personality, entertainment manager, record producer and mega-millionaire, has fallen off an electric bike and broken his back in California.

Born 7 October 1959 in London with no birth time, he has a Sun, Mars and Mercury spread out through Libra; and a charming though manipulative Venus Pluto conjunct in Virgo in a hard-edged trine to Pluto, square Jupiter and sextile Neptune – not short of confidence, drive or ambition.

At the moment he has his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars which fits with an explosive collision and is often associated with operations which he’ll need to fix his injuries. He’s also got three of his Mars midpoints impacted by tr Neptune and tr Saturn aspects – as well as a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct his Mercury.

Not staggeringly interesting but the astrology is on target.

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7 thoughts on “Simon Cowell – a sharp put down

  1. Oooh, sorry, forgot to say I used 2.15 a.m. as the birth time…..just mucking about with what MAY suit….other might like to put an oar in or differ…I don’t know much really about him….

  2. Marjorie, you’re working hard! so many new posts, can’t even find time to read them……getting your teeth into it? how are they (ugh…)
    This man always intrigues me, he looks strongly fixed with the Superman jaw…Leo or Scorpio rising perhaps? Or Taurus, which you can feel here, in this chart its on the MC with Chrion conjunct….perhaps a healer through what he does with music/musicians?
    Saturn in Virgo – whatever time his birth is – is the vocational indicator, squaring onto the Sun/Pluto, Neptune, so father’s child though they square his Cancer Moon so a split within….The Moon looks more well aspected than the Sun, whose main aspect is sextile Neptune.

    His progressed ascendant (using this completely wild estimate) hasd progressed ascendant conjunct Saturn (his vocational indicator) but also teth/bones but if Leo is rising, rules th eback of course…. Ifits anywhere near accurate, his Uranus conjuncts MC as well – that planet rules his 6th (with tr. Sat/Pluo just on the 6th cusp.). All simply speculation ,as nothing works as well as an accurate time.

    If this is anywhere in the ballpark, he’s got a packed 3rd which makes sense for a communicator, all benasp the Cancer Moon, so very instinctive, he trusts his gut. I thought he was a strange man to begin with, but now think he has a heart, though probably a very tough father experience…. but its almost guaranteed he has worked on this as his son’s chart has Sun/Merc/Nep[tune sextile Mars, so he has made conscious efforts to be a good father.

    • Yes Maggy, I can see a case for Leo rising; it puts Aquarius on his descendant, and he seems to stay friends with his exes. Taking it to extremes, didn’t he marry his friend’s wife?! He certainly has the perma-tan for Leo, but I don’t know if a Leo rising would wear that much black? He always seems to be wearing one of 2 outfits, so could be fixed 🙂

      • Thar’s hilarious, Tara! well spotted….people reveal themselves in all sorts of silent ways if you’re observant……I didn’t know he was friends with his exes, but yes, could be Leo rising indeed….. – that’s why he wears black, doesn’t have to think about it!!! One decision fits all, with fixed folk… with an Aquarian descendant, one of his partners must have shoved him into the astrologer’s office at one time or other. I have the idea he wouldn’t scorn it, strangely.

    • I think the discrimination lawsuit against producers of AGT, including Cowell, filed by Gabrielle Union is still open, too. That could have a more lingering effect, given also things happening with “Ellen”.

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