Charles Dance – a light touch with a steely backbone

Actor Charles Dance is striding cheerfully through his eighth decade, playing William Hearst, the newspaper tycoon in Mank about the making of Citizen Kane, after a run of memorable cameos in The Crown as Mountbatten and Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

 He was born 10 October 1946 in Redditch, England, with his father dying when he was three and he learned his craft from two retired thespians who taught him the classics and bullied him into an RP accent. He attended Art College and eventually joined the Royal Shakespeare Company with his first big break on screen coming from the BBC Jewel in the Crown, which was followed by White Mischief, Gosford Park, a memorable Bleak House and thence onto the more recent blockbusting streamers.

  He’s a Sun Neptune in Libra opposition an Aries Moon with his Sun trine Uranus; and a clutch of four planets in Scorpio, including a seductive Venus, as well as a lucky and determined Mars, Mercury, Jupiter square an unyielding Saturn Pluto in Leo. With so much Fixed energy, he’s built to last, and his Mars square Pluto Saturn gives him a do-or-die-determined drive despite his amiable Libra Sun Neptune manner.

  He’s had a chequered personal life, divorcing his first wife with whom he had two children and, having a late third child, now nine years old. A Full Moon will make it tricky for him to know what he wants.

   His 15th actor’s Harmonic is exceptionally strong and enduring linking a dynamic Sun Mars to Pluto and a creative and ultra-charming Neptune Venus Jupiter.

7 thoughts on “Charles Dance – a light touch with a steely backbone

  1. Yes, I love his acting! Turns out his Neptune conjuncts my sun, his sun conjuncts my Mercury, his Mars conjuncts my Neptune, his Saturn conjuncts my North Node, and his Uranus and North Node are sandwiching my ascendant.

  2. One of my favorite actors, whose presence immediately commands the screen. He manages the feat of playing hard-edged, even brutally evil characters that nevertheless captivate and fascinate you, instead of just being repellent- those piercing eyes – all without even attempting to elicit any sympathy. I may not like Tywin and cheered his ‘demise’, but I can respect him in ways that I can’t quite recall for any other screen villain.

  3. Thanks Marjorie, I love Charles Dance, find him a bit of a dish, and now I see his Libra Sun, Venus mars Scorpio matched mine. I knew someone with a tight Mars Marc in Leo, deep voice for sure.

  4. Charles Dance has such an easily recognisable, rich, deep voice. Perfect for an actor. Interested to know if there any astrological indicators that someone may have this physical quality in life?

    • I’d have said off the top of my head his Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Mars. But I had a look at others with rich, bass voices and one is Mercury in Cancer square Mars. And two others had Mercury in hard aspect to Mars. So maybe Merc Mars gives resonance. Though early voice training as they used to do would also help.

      • @Marjorie, my husband has a voice like this. He can sell just about anything with his voice – and did, as a student, he did some telemarketing and had the best sales figures in the company ever. This mystified his bosses, who made him hold some educational conferences, but it was clear to me from the moment we spoke on the phone the first time where the secret was. He has an 8th house Aries Mercury, so I’d say both Mars and Scorpio are present.

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