Charlene & Albert – trials and tribulations

Princess Charlene of Monaco is in a tumultuous year with her husband Prince Albert facing yet another paternity suit (denied) to add to his two previous illegitimate children. In addition she has been suffering from complications to a severe ear, nose and throat infection which has kept her in her native South Africa since January, though Albert and their twin children have visited her.

  It was always a marriage predicted to hit the skids after a respectable interval having produced an heir, with the bride in tears at the wedding, supposedly having bolted just before and always looking sad since.

  Their relationship chart is exceptionally stressed with a composite one-sided, unfair-treatment composite Mars Saturn conjunct Moon and trine Sun; with the Sun inconjunct Uranus and Mercury inconjunct Pluto. Admittedly the Sun is opposition Jupiter for superficial largesse and square Neptune giving it an ethereal aura but it was always going to end in disappointment.

  The ties that bind are starting to unravel this year with tr Neptune opposition the composite Pluto and aggravating challenges will mount through 2022 to 2025 as tr Pluto squares the composite Saturn, then Mars, then Moon. It won’t be a harmonious split with the children no doubt being a major stumbling block.

  Charlene, a charming Sun Venus in Aquarius with a Leo Moon  does have her marriage-significator Sun/Moon midpoint showing signs of separation and marital upsets throughout this year into early 2022; with emotional and family upheavals from mid 2022 onwards as tr Uranus squares her 4th house Moon.  Intriguingly she has tr Uranus crossing her Ascendant and moving through her 1st house from this year onwards for seven years ahead – Princess Diana had similar when she made her bid for freedom.  And Charlene has also been making radical statements with her appearance, sporting a very un-Princess-like shaved hair-cut.

  Prince Albert, a downbeat and Saturnine Pisces with a hidden Capricorn Moon has been in a trapped phase since his 2011 marriage, a belated affair in his fifties so clearly not his favoured state, with tr Pluto moving through his 8th.  Pluto will conjunct his 8th house Mars from early 2022 to late 2023 which will be depressing and totally road-blocked emotionally, financially and psychologically; and even before then tr Neptune is in an undermining conjunction to his Sun exactly now repeating to early 2023 and will move to square his 7th house Saturn from mid 2022 onwards.   

4 thoughts on “Charlene & Albert – trials and tribulations

  1. She knew whom she was marrying so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he strayed during the marriage.

    Many women have purposeful blind spots when it comes to affairs of the heart.

    • She has a romantic Leo Moon, making aspects to Neptune and Pluto. Seems to me that this is a passionate woman. She does have Mercury in “sensible” Capricorn, but it is sextile Uranus and square Pluto, so maybe a bit more complicated in her thinking. And keeping an eye on her financial position too, probably.

      Aren’t all of us “blind” when it comes to love affairs? I don’t think it’s only women, Roderick! I can think of several men, both straight and gay, who have got swept away by romantic feelings and then eventually regretted their choices.

  2. I hope at some point she is able to find some personal happiness which looks to be so sadly lacking for her in this bizarre situation.

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