Dominic Raab – stressed Pluto + Mars in Taurus ++ UK Civil Service

Dominic Raab, UK Deputy Prime Minister, has been forced to resign after an inquiry found he had acted with “unreasonably and persistently aggressive conduct” in one of his previous posts. Despite accepting that he had to go, in a typically bull-necked response he attacked the inquiry as “Kafkaesque”, suggested certain civil servants were snowflakes who couldn’t stand the pressure and sulkily stomped off.

  He does have form for bull-dozing around, once describing some feminists as “obnoxious bigots” and claiming men were getting “a raw deal”. More recently he was branded “offensive” after saying “the typical user of a food bank is not someone that’s languishing in poverty; it’s someone who has a cash flow problem”.

  He was a fervent Brexiteer, supported Boris Johnson, who made him foreign secretary and the government’s de-facto second-in-command. As Brexit secretary, he came under fire for saying he “hadn’t quite understood” how reliant UK trade in goods was on the Dover-Calais crossing. As foreign secretary, he was heavily criticized for his handling of the aftermath of the fall of Afghanistan, remaining on holiday in Crete while the Taliban took over.

  In a decade plus of a political career he has been sacked, demoted or resigned from three government jobs.

  Born 25 February 1974 in Buckinghamshire, he is the son of a Czech-born Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis in 1938. He studied law at Oxford and Cambridge, was a lawyer in the commercial sector before entering politics in 2006 as an aide to Brexit-supporting Conservative MP David Davis, and then Remain-backing Dominic Grieve. He is also a karate black-belt.

   His chart is notable for three separate strands in the light of the bullying complaints.  Firstly he has a Pisces Sun Mercury square Neptune inconjunct Pluto, so will have an erratic approach to wielding power and find it difficult to modulate his behaviour in situations where he is in charge. A stressed Pluto is often given to pouring contempt on those they regard as weaker or have made mistakes.

  Secondly he has an Air Grand Trine of Jupiter in Aquarius trine Saturn and South Node in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra – this makes him emotionally detached to the point of chilly, certainly lacking in empathy, overly focused on ideology and theories.

  Most significant of all is probably his Mars in heavyweight Taurus which is not explosively angry – though in his case it is inconjunct his Uranus which might be – but it gives a scary impression of someone you don’t want to cross. His Mars is trine Venus in Capricorn and in an opportunistic square to Jupiter.  

  At the moment his Progressed Mars is conjunct his Saturn on one leg of the Grand Trine for a setback of major proportions with SA Neptune conjunct his Venus making him feel his popularity slipping away. Plus tr Neptune is squaring his Saturn within a few days, bringing deep uncertainty for the rest of this year into 2024; having just finished squaring his Nodal axis.

  There’s nothing much ahead over the next three years for him that looks anything other than stuck and discouraged.

  Rishi Sunak’s PM chart, 25 October 2022 11.15am always was due for a sharp elbow in the ribs now with tr Uranus square the Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius. With SA Uranus continuing the disruptive, unsettled mood for the next few months as it closes the square to Saturn to exact. Yesterday’s Eclipse was also opposition the Term Moon, Sun, Venus in early Scorpio for a considerable crisis. The sinking-failure tr Neptune square Mars, around recently in March, returns for an extended period effectively hanging over this October to February 2024.

ADD ON: The UK Civil Service has its origins in the  Northcote–Trevelyan Report which recommended a permanent, unified, politically neutral civil service, with appointments made on merit. The date on the report was 23 November 1853 though it was not implemented until 1870 (no date) when Prime Minister Gladstone made an Order in Council.

 The 1853 chart has a Sagittarius Sun opposition Saturn in earthy, obstinate Taurus and widely opposition a Gemini North Node, square Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune. It has a Grand Trine of Jupiter in late Sagittarius in a confident trine to Pluto trine Mars – talented, confident, pushy, go-ahead though also scattered and argumentative.

 It does seem to fit the Raab scenario with his Mars in Taurus exactly conjunct the Saturn for a chemistry of irritability and hostility. The relationship chart is even more stark with a composite Sun Venus opposition Pluto Mars in Cancer – which would give rise to a bitter power struggle and ruthless oneupmanship on one side or the other.

  He’s howling and yowling but frankly I’d have fired him for the Afghanistan debacle which was outrageous and unforgiveable.

Further Add: The Civil Service 1870 chart is just as relevant to Raab since it has Mars in Taurus close to his. A clash of bulls. Plus tr Uranus conjunct the Pluto. All seems likely.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr – so right and so wrong

Robert F Kennedy Jnr has announced he is trying for the Democratic nomination for the 2024 Presidential. An environmental lawyer and best-selling author, he is the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of JFK. He has a sterling record in protection of waterways, the fight against polluters and upholding the rights of indigenous peoples. And a less commendable one for promoting the scientifically discredited link between vaccines and autism and being a leading proponent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation in the USA.

  Born 17 January 1954 in Washington, no birth time, the third of eleven children, he was nine when his uncle died and 14 when he was flown to his father’s deathbed after he was shot in 1968. He has an earthy, ambitious and resourceful collection of Sun, Mercury, Venus, North Node in Capricorn opposition Uranus square an idealistic (and can-be-fanatical and impervious-to-reason) Neptune. His Capricorn planets are inconjunct Pluto and widely inconjunct Jupiter – giving him a singular Yod. His Uranus sits in opposition to his Capricorn planets making it the key planet in driving his Yod – a reformer, revolutionary, trailblazer and/or anarchist.

  He also has a relentlessly determined Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio with his Mars inconjunct Jupiter and square Pluto – so he does not give way to pressure or threats.

  He has certainly carved out his own individual road, having been scarred early on by two family assassinations.

   Tr Pluto is in its second year of being conjunct his Sun and Mercury so he will be undergoing massive changes. His Solar Arc Mars is conjunct his Sun probably late 2023/early 2024 which may derail his hopes since that always produces a collision of sorts. Tr Uranus through 2024 and into 2025 is square his Pluto suggesting a major and radical change in his life moving ahead.  He does have his Jupiter Return over the election itself. He will be an outlier in the running who may drop off fairly quickly but he could also be hoping to pick up breadcrumbs from the exposure.

  His chart has strong similarities to his father’s. Robert Kennedy, 20 November 1925 3.11 pm Brookline, Massachusetts, was a Sun Scorpio square Neptune with Saturn and Mars also in Scorpio; and Moon, Jupiter, Venus in Capricorn with a confident Pluto opposition Jupiter. He had a healing, creative Water Grand Trine of Uranus trine Pluto trine Saturn with Jupiter as the driving planet.  

Elisabeth Beresford – Wombles to the rescue

50 years ago the cute, furry, pointy-nosed Wombles, the fun-loving recyclers of rubbish hit the television screens. The creator, Elisabeth Beresford, who was way ahead of her time with Great Uncle Bulgaria guiding his team to gather and re-use litter, was born in August 1926, an outstanding year for fame, talent and celebrity.

  Starting in January 1926 was George Martin, the Beatles’ impresario, followed in March by Jerry Lee Lewis, in April by Harper Lee, Hugh Hefner and Ian Paisley. May notably had Queen Elizabeth 11, David Attenborough, Miles Davis.  June brought forth Marilyn Monroe and Mel Brooks; and August produced Fidel Castro, Tony Bennett and Elisabeth Beresford. October also spawned Chuck Berry and Jimmy Savile.

  There are some years which generate more distinction – and notoriety – than others.

  Most of the above had a formidable Fixed T Square of Neptune in Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square a relentlessly drive Saturn in Scorpio.

  Beresford was born 6 August 1936 in Paris with a novelist father and a literary though eccentric upbringing in Brighton with inquisitive and mischievous brothers involving her in their, often explosive, scientific experiments. She married a sports commentator and her prolific writing career was driven as much by fear of debt and the need to support her family as it was by her creativity.  In addition to producing over 140 children’s books, she wrote romantic fiction for women’s magazines, was a regular contributor to the BBC Today program, Woman’s Hour and Woman’s World (Central Office of Information).

  Her daughter, Kate Robertson, has just written a biography of her life. What a reviewer called “the story of an ordinary and yet, extraordinary woman.” In addition to her Fixed T Square onto Calvinist Saturn, she had her Sun and Mercury in Leo square Saturn; plus a charming, emotionally intense Venus Pluto (Moon) North Node  in Cancer.

A determined Mars in Taurus was unaspected except for being conjunct Chiron. Such an unintegrated  Mars tends to be uncompromising, highly energetic, on the go non-stop. She had planets in all three Water signs which may have formed a creative Grand Trine of Saturn trine Uranus trine Cancer Moon which sounds likely.

  A fascinating woman who entertained and delivered a message at the same time – and supported her family.

Stephen Lawrence – three decades on still no change ++ Blair Peach another

The death of Stephen Lawrence, the black London teenager who was killed in an unprovoked, racially motivated, gang attack 30 years ago and the botched police investigation which followed became emblematic of entrenched discrimination within the Metropolitan police. Six years later the 1999 Macpherson Report into the failed investigation found there had been “institutional racism” in the Met and made 70 recommendations, aimed at improving police attitudes to racism. Roll on three decades and the recent Casey Report found exactly the same thing (racist, homophobic, mysogynistic). It took 20 years for two of Stephen’s attackers to be brought to justice, the others still walk free.

   Stephen was born in London on 13 September 1974 to Jamaican parents who had emigrated to the UK in the 1960s. He excelled in running, competing for the local Cambridge Harriers athletics club, and appeared as an extra in Denzel Washington’s film For Queen and Country. When he died he was studying technology and physics, English language and literature at college, and was hoping to become an architect.

  Stephen’s mother, then a special needs teacher and now in the House of Lords as Baroness Lawrence, said police officers can be “as brutal as they want” without being held to account. Black people are never seen as “people that should have justice”, she added. “I don’t know how many more inquiries and how many reviews you need to have to say the same thing – and still no changes, and still denials.”

  What is eerie is how Stephen’s chart interconnected (in the wrong way) with the Met’s – 29 September 1829. Stephen’s Virgo Sun was conjunct the Met’s Mars; and more significantly. Stephen’s Pluto conjunct Mars was conjunct the Met Libra Sun and opposition the Met Pluto – so his can-be-victimised Mars Pluto ran smack into the Met’s contemptuous and controlling Sun opposition Pluto. A power imbalance.  The Met’s self-important Saturn in Leo was also conjunct his Moon; and their evasive Neptune was opposition his Saturn.

  A star-crossed screw-up all round.

  The relationship chart was not showing much activity at the time of his death – which figures. But at the moment tr Pluto is opposing the composite Saturn for a determined pressure for change over this year and next; plus an undermining tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun Mars in 2024, which could go either way.

 Doreen Lawrence, his mother, 24 October 1952, is a stalwart one degree Scorpio Sun so won’t give way easily and will keep putting on the pressure.

Sigh.  Nothing ever seems to change. Lessons learnt —– blah blah blah.

  The Windrush scandal in which thousands of legal residents in the UK who had arrived from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971 were misclassified as illegal immigrants, has still not been sorted. Lenny Henry is staging a one man drama about it this year.

  The Post Office computer debacle which wrongly accused postmasters of fraud imprisoning some, some committed suicide  – still has not been fully resolved, with no top brass held accountable for a faulty IT system which they knew about.

ADD ON: Blair Peach, 25 March 1946 – 24 April 1979, a New Zealand teacher, was killed during an anti-racism demonstration in London. He was hit on the head, probably by a member of the Special Patrol Group (SPG), a specialist unit within the Metropolitan Police Service and died later that night.

 An investigation concluded he had been killed by one of six SPG officers, with the others preserving their silence to obstruct the investigation. The report was not released to the public, and an inquest pronounced death by misadventure. No full inquiry was held but in 1989 the Met paid £75,000 compensation to Peach’s family. 20 years later a news vendor was killed by a member of the Territorial Support Group, the SPG’s successor organisation. In the ensuing furore the report into Blair’s death was finally published – 30 years after his death.  The commissioner offered an official apology to Peach’s family.

  Peach like Stephen Lawrence keyed into the Met astrology with eerie exactness. Blair was an idealistic Sun Mercury in Aries opposition Neptune which was suppressed by the Met’s Sun opposition Pluto exactly. The Met’s evasive Neptune was opposition Peach’s Saturn Mars in Cancer, as it was for Stephen Lawrence, born a Saturn cycle later.

 When the assault took place the midheaven was at 14 degrees Leo with the Met’s self-important Saturn in Leo conjunct. The Met’s Saturn is in an attention- and loyalty-demanding Fire Grand Trine to an unyielding Pluto and an over-confident Jupiter, formed into a Kite by Pluto Opposition an ego-centric Sun.

Reese Witherspoon – blonde, driven, talented and lucky

   The ultimate ditzy blonde, accessorised with handbag chihuahua and towering stiletto heels, doesn’t sound a likely jumping off ground for a turbo-fuelled Hollywood power figure. Yet Reese Witherspoon despite her goofish smile and girlish demeanour has bulldozed a highway through tinsel town’s macho culture to produce a string of hit TV shows with female-driven plots, glossy aesthetics and A-list casts – The Morning Show,  Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere, Where The Crawdads Sing and the recent Daisy Jones & The Six.

  She had admittedly won a Best Actress Oscar for her gritty 2006 portrayal of a steely June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line, before embarking on Legally Blonde. But became disheartened by arm candy roles and started her own production company in 2012, kicking off with two box office hits in Wild and Gone Girl. Her company Hello Sunshine sold a majority stake to private equity firm Blackstone for a reported $900 million in 2021 though she continues to oversee operations day-to-day. And continues to act, commanding top fees.

  She was born 22 March 1976 in New Orleans, LA (maybe birth time of 2pm) with a medical/military father, a voracious appetite for reading books, a type A personality and landed her first film role at 14. She clearly hit the deck running.  She has a go-getting Aries Sun in a determined and controlling opposition to Pluto widely square a competitive/assertive Mars in Cancer maybe opposition a Capricorn Moon (which sounds likely). She has a creative and healing Water Grand Trine of Mars trine Venus in Pisces trine Uranus in Scorpio.  Her lucky Jupiter in final degree pro-active Aries squares Saturn in Cancer.

   She’s on a roll at the moment with tr Pluto square her Jupiter in 23/24, having come through a tricky two years of tr Pluto opposition her Saturn.  Tr Neptune Saturn in Aries in 2025 won’t suit her high-octane Sun, Mars, Pluto T square but Aries has amazing resilience and no doubt she will bounce back.

  She recently announced she is divorcing from her second husband, top talent agent Jim Toth, 27 July 1970. It was always an odd match with his Sun Mars in Leo square her Uranus and his Uranus opposition her Sun, conjunct her Pluto and square her Mars. Their relationship chart has an illusory composite Sun opposition Neptune and trine Pluto, which suits the film business, but can be disappointing when the shine wears off. Plus a volatile composite Uranus square Mars which would bring thrills initially and tensions later.    

Eclipses – Pluto throwing its weight around

The final degree Aries Solar Eclipse this Thursday is in an unsubtle, sensual and passionate Saros series. Deep hidden feelings will emerge to the surprise of those who were unaware they had them.

Pluto in Aquarius will square the New Moon and Taurus North Node to magnify the intensity Although the challenges will be softened by Jupiter also in late Aries adding an upbeat and expansive note to proceedings. Mars in excitable Cancer has edgy aspects to Mercury Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces – so sharp words and arguments are likely. Gritting teeth and saying less will be advisable. Venus square Saturn hints that a few sad moments will prevail. Around in this series before in 2005, 1987, 1969, 1951, 1933, 1915

 The 14 degree Taurus Lunar Eclipse of 5 May opposition Uranus will be changeable, highly-strung, rebellious. Pluto squares Jupiter for a sense of pushy confidence which may cross the line of what is allowed; with an equally exuberant and opportunistic Mars square Jupiter in a publicity attracting trine to Neptune. It won’t pass by without comment, for sure.

The 14 October 21 degree Libra Solar Eclipse is of a different order with a challenging, high-risk, ruthless Pluto square Mars as well as square the New Moon. Pluto is also trine Uranus and sextile Neptune which will fuel high ambition and a revolutionary fervour.  The Saros Series, according to Bernadette Brady is one of immense power, anger and force. Huge obstacles will suddenly clear or a potential crisis will surface and events will move at great speed. All of which sounds all too exhausting. Around before in 2005, 1987, 1969, 1951, 1922, 1915.

 The 28 October Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus is tied into Mars and Mercury in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus – when push comes to shove it could be over the top though not as tricky as the Solar Eclipse.

Anne Perry – murder on and off the page

Commit murder, on prison release write successful murder mysteries. Almost a cliché of truth stranger than —. But the background story of Anne Perry’s folie a deux with her childhood friend, Pauline Parker, which ended in the brutal death of Parker’s mother when both were fifteen is even stranger.

   Living in New Zealand, the two school girls formed an intense bond which included an elaborate fantasy life about which they wrote plays and books. They invented their own personal religion, with their own ideas on morality, rejected Christianity and worshipped their own saints, envisioning a parallel dimension called The Fourth World, essentially their version of Heaven, which offered spiritual enlightenment. By their account, they achieved this spiritual enlightenment because of their friendship. Perry would become ill and withdrawn if Parker was not with her.

  Perry’s parents ran into difficulties and decided to leave New Zealand. Heartbroken at the prospect of being separated, the teenagers decided that killing Parker’s mother would allow them to be together. Their long term plan was to head to Hollywood or New York City, where they would publish their writing and work in film.

  They bludgeoned her over the head with a brick twenty times, were caught and sentenced to five years imprisonment and never saw each other again. Perry lived in the USA, became a Mormon, moved to Scotland, started publishing award-winning murder mysteries in her forties and her background only became known when Peter Jackson’s 1994 well-received film Heavenly Creatures was released in 1994 when she was in her late fifties.

  Anne Perry born 28 October 1938 was a Sun Scorpio square Pluto; with Mercury, North Node also in Scorpio opposition Uranus conjunct the South Node square Jupiter in Aquarius. Certainly intense and controlling/possessive but not short of confidence with a focal point Jupiter.

   When the murder was committed on 22 June 1954, tr Pluto was on the opposition to her Jupiter pumping up her boldness to a degree where she felt she couldn’t lose; with her Solar Arc Pluto square her North Node exactly (tugging on her Mercury opposition Uranus).

  Pauline Parker, 28 May 1938, was a Sun Gemini with Mercury, Moon, Uranus in Taurus and her South Node also in Taurus was conjunct Algol. When the murder took place her Mars in Gemini was being stoked up by tr Neptune trine and tr Pluto sextile; with an exact head-in the-clouds Solar Arc Jupiter opposition Neptune. And tr Pluto heading to square her North Node in the aftermath.

  Their synastry, without birth times, is not noteworthy. But their relationship chart is. There was an over-confident composite Sun opposition Jupiter square North Node, which was being ramped up to boundless proportions in 1954 by tr Pluto magnifying the effect. The composite Sun was was in a competitive, over-excitable conjunction to Mars and square Uranus, provoking them to seek thrills and excitement. Venus was in an illusory, can-be-delusional, spiritual-yearnings conjunction to Neptune in a wide yod to Saturn sextile Mercury. A fated connection.

  Pluto in hard aspect to the North Node either by transit or Solar Arc repeats in these instances – dark Lord of the underworld clashing with the spirit of the age.  It also recurs in a recent modern murder case – but that is still on trial so will have to wait a dissection.

  Gemini and Scorpio seem an odd combination but is often found in thrill-seeking partnerships, where Gemini’s wish to walk on the dark side chimes with Scorpio’s depths.  

Sudan – Saudi, Russia, Egypt – a high stakes game

A local violent squabble in Sudan, Africa’s third-largest country, between the president and his vice-president, leaders of the transitional government after a 2019 coup that ousted long-term dictator Omar al-Bashir, could have wider ramifications. Both Egypt and Saudi Araba have a stake in the game, as well as the Russians through Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner Group.

 Inside Sudan, it pits the armed forces against a paramilitary group the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) originally known as the infamous Janjaweed for its atrocities and genocide in Darfur, resulting in 400,000 deaths. Although Saudi Arabia is calling for peace it has heavily supported the RSF financially in recent years and hired RSF troops to fight against Houthi rebels in Yemen’s civil war. The outcome may eventually depend on which of the rival generals can secure financial backing from either Cairo or Riyadh.

  The RSF has also been linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner Group, brought into Sudan by Bashir to help shore up his faltering regime in 2017. Following a meeting with Putin Bashir promised to make the country Russia’s “key to Africa”. Ever since, Wagner has supplied large quantities of weapons and equipment and it continues to operate a gold mining company, reportedly smuggling vast quantities of gold out of the country, amongst other things helping to fuel the war in Ukraine.

  Gulf states are concerned about instability on the Red Sea — a key trade route — and fear the rise of Islamists in the region as does Egypt who supports the non-RSF side. The concern is that it could spiral out of control at which point Egypt might assert itself and Ethiopia.  One commentator said: “If it is possible, my wish is for the two military sides to be defeated. Sudan would be much better without either of them.”

Chad, Eritrea and South Sudan could face a deluge of refugees, adding to their own internal struggles. A power vacuum could enable extremist groups across the region to take advantage of what is happening, as Al Quaeda did in the early 1990s, which would obviously undermine British and American security.

  Richard Kemp in the Telegraph suggests: “Sudan may be just the first African nation to implode under Russian influence. In the Central African Republic, Mozambique, Libya and Mali, Russian mercenaries have worked to reinforce existing conflicts, prop up despotic regimes, suppress efforts towards democracy, loot natural resources, secure strategic advantage for Moscow and drive out Western influence. The forces unleashed by their efforts will not be easily contained.”

   Sudan, 1 January 1956, does have the devastating and confused tr Pluto square Neptune exactly now and throughout 2024, with tr Pluto moving on in 2024/25 to upend the Uranus as well. Plus an explosive tr Uranus opposition Mars from this June, running on in a highly disruptive opposition to the Saturn and square Pluto in 2025/26.  There’s nothing to suggest a peaceful truce anytime soon.

  18 degrees fixed at the moment for these few significant days until May 11th are highlighted in:

Egyptian President Al-Sisi’s relationship chart with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia has tr Uranus in a high-tension, eruptive opposition to the Saturn, moving on to oppose the composite Mars in June onwards. It is also sending a high-voltage jolt through Al Sisi’s Presidency chart, 8 June 2014, as tr Uranus opposes the Saturn. In his own chart as well, 19 November 1954, tr Uranus is heading to square the Mars in Aquarius  from early May onwards which could light a fuse, is certainly bad tempered, insecure leading to rash decisions.

  MBS, 31 August 1985, could also be tempted into reckless over-reactions come this August with tr Uranus opposition his Saturn and through 2024 squaring his Mars.

  The Egypt/USA chart looks rattled with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun at 18 Taurus.

 Yevgeny Prigozhin, 1 June 1961, has a volatile, explosive Mars Uranus in Leo of which the midpoint is catching the 18 degree tr Uranus square exactly now, so he will be on red alert.

 This decade is turning out to be an absolute horror.

UK health service – the impossible conundrum

The UK’s flagship and beloved National Health Service (NHS) is in chaos with junior doctors on strike and now nurses voting to down tools on April 30th, leaving A&E and intensive care departments under-staffed. Rounds of applause during the pandemic have been replaced by a disgruntled stamping of feet out the door.

  Finding a solution to the entirely free NHS is not easy. France pays for its (probably) superior health service with eye-wateringly high levels of general taxation plus a dual system with mandatory private insurance paying for a portion of patient costs. Any suggestions in the UK of moving from a free health service to a more continental system evokes yowls of outrage and doom-laden hints about ending up down the impossibly expensive, over-commercialised USA road.

  The NHS was set up on 5 July 1948 with a caring Cancer Sun square Neptune, plus an enduring and resistant to change Saturn Pluto in Leo; and a liberally minded Moon, Venus, Uranus, Mercury in Gemini opposition Jupiter square Mars in Virgo. That latter Mutable T Square onto Mars hints at an overly scattered outfit, going in all directions at once. But lacking focus and needing a firm hand on organization.

  The Solar Arc Sun was conjunct the Mars during the crisis of the pandemic – and an undermining transiting Neptune has been trailing round Jupiter, Mars recently and continues on to square Venus, Uranus, Mercury between now and 2025. Solar Arc Neptune is also heading for a panicky-failure square to the NHS Mars in 2024 and the other Venus, Uranus, Mercury 2026 to 2028.  Neptune can be healing, or undermining or indecisive so it may be that the old British muddle-along-somehow approach stays in place. There will be a few jolts from tr Uranus square the Saturn come this June onwards for a few months with the status quo being challenged but whether that leads to a breakthrough is questionable. Tr Saturn in Pisces won’t help into 2025 throwing up more setbacks. and a dose of hard reality.

  The Royal College of Nurses (RCN) 27 March 2016, has a devastated and confused tr Pluto opposition Neptune this year and next which might suggest they have reached the end of their tether. With tr Uranus square the Uranus exactly over the proposed strike dates – as they stage a rebellion.  2025 looks bleak for them with tr Neptune Saturn in Aries square the Pluto and then moving to conjunct the Son and square Saturn.

  Their relationship chart with the NHS suggests a long-drawn out and miserable struggle with tr Pluto opposition the composite Saturn now and throughout 2024. With more disruptions through 2024 as tr Uranus is conjunct the composite Sun.

  The NHS does boost the UK’s reputation with its Cancer Sun conjunct the UK Midheaven. But the NHS North Node is also conjunct the UK’s 8th house Mars in Taurus – so money is the stumbling block.