Anselm Kiefer – lest we forget



Anselm Kiefer is a German artist, whose often melodramatic paintings have been focussed on never letting Germany forget the horrors of its Nazi past or the destruction that nationalism and war brings. He has just opened a new exhibition in London, more installation art than paintings, which again evokes the nightmares from history which have become ever present.

He was born 8 March 1945 in a small village called Donaueshingen in Germany, which was being bombed by the British. [Just to put it into perspective it is reckoned that 600,000 German civilians died in WW11 from air raids, with 4.5 million military casualties; and 65,000 civilians died in the UK during those six years, along with 400,000 forces personnel. WW11 was the deadliest in history with an estimated 50 million plus civilians dead and 25 million combat deaths in total.]

He’s a Sun Pisces opposition Jupiter so creative and inclined to large ideas. His Mars in Aquarius is in a wide opposition to Pluto; and he has planets in all three Air signs; plus a Sagittarius/Capricorn Moon opposition Saturn. So fuelled by anger and ideas.

But it is really down into his 5th and 7th Harmonics (quintiles and septiles) that his talent emerges. His inspirational 7H has a brutal Grand Trine of Saturn Pluto Mars; and a stressed Yod of an explosive Mars Uranus onto the 7H Sun. So what fires his imagination is war (Saturn Pluto) and the damage that it causes (+ Mars); and he expresses himself (Sun) in shocking images.

His get-it-together 5H is mellower, more Neptunian, enabling him to magic fantasy representations out of his deepest fears. Neptune is tied into a paranoid though prolific T square with Sun Saturn; and is also in aspect to an exuberant Mars Jupiter Venus.

His obstinate and outspoken Mars in Aquarius is exactly square the Germany 1871 Pluto in the 8th, so he taps into the country’s deepest fears and guilt. His regretful Saturn in Cancer square Neptune are also in hard aspect to the Germany  Sun and Saturn in Capricorn, as well as the Germany Mars,  so his life and work are an uncomfortable reminder of their history.

Donald Trump – upsetting some of his core supporters.







Donald Trump has started rowing back on some of his more extreme policies, causing alarm in the Alt-Right which he ‘disavowed’ in an interview with the New York Times. He also admitted to some human cause behind climate change and said he wouldn’t pursue Hillary Clinton through the courts.

Mindful of 2017’s tr Uranus square the USA 1776 Mercury opposition Pluto’s historical tendency to spark up far-right conspiracies I wondered about the white nationalists’ and other extremists’ reaction going forward, since they reckon they helped get him elected.

Richard Spencer, 11 May 1978, (the Nazi saluter), is a Sun Taurus opposition Uranus and square Saturn Mars in Leo, so rebellious, angry, hard-edged, demanding of attention; with a pushily confident (not scared to break rules) Jupiter square Pluto. He looks disappointed at his unpopularity in 2017 but also fairly gung ho, so in the mood for an initiative. It’s a chart with three oppositions so he’ll constantly look for and be unfulfilled by partnerships of all varieties. His relationship with Trump has a fight-for-control composite Sun square Pluto, with a suspicious Saturn square Neptune. What could have been (in his eyes) a power partnership will dissolve through 2017.

Alex Jones, radio host and conspiracy theorist, 11 Feb 1974, has a typical far-right winger’s chart with an Air Grand Trine of Sun Jupiter in Aquarius trine Uranus Moon in Libra trine Saturn; with Sun Jupiter in an aggressive and over-confident square to Mars in Taurus. His relationship with Trump has potential for serious aggravation with a composite Mars Saturn trine Neptune, sextile Pluto. In 2017 he is slightly cheered by some Trump policies and at odds with others as tr Uranus squares the composite Sun Venus. He’ll be enraged in 2018/19 with tr Pluto trine his Mars.

David Duke, former KKK, 1 July 1950, a Sun Uranus in Cancer trine Jupiter, square Mars Neptune in Libra. Again with an Air Grand Trine of Mars Neptune trine an Aquarius Moon trine Venus in Gemini. He looks disheartened in 2017 with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn in Virgo. And his relationship chart with Trump is sagging every which way and enfuriated with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars.

Jared Taylor, a White Nationalist academic, 15 Sep 1951, is a Sun Virgo with a fiercely argumentative Mars Pluto in Leo. He looks confused and uncertain with tr Pluto square his Neptune in 2017/18. His relationship with Trump also has the potential to turn vicious with a composite Pluto Mars Saturn conjunction which is being rattled over the next three years.

Kevin MacDonald, a white-ocentric retired Pysch Prog, anti-semitic, 24 Jan 1944, is yet another Air Grand Trine with a Sun Aquarius trine Neptune trine Uranus Mars in Gemini, formed into a Kite with Sun opposition Pluto. His relationship with Trump again has undertones of viciousness from a composite Mars Saturn square Sun Mercury Neptune and Venus; and is seriously rattled through 2017 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars.

And Trump is not exactly in tune with Stephen Bannon either (see previous post) with tr Neptune opposing the composite Sun Saturn. Bannon’s Breitbart news site is beginning to rumble with disapproval as Trump runs off script.

It’s brewing up to be quite a pileup in various directions – with Trump’s business interests causing conflict of interest concerns, especially given his overseas financial associations; Melania’s refusal to join him in the White House threatening to gum up Manhattan traffic; never mind the lawsuits and questions over electoral fraud. With Hillary now well ahead in the popular vote. Methinks he didn’t expect or indeed probably want to win, especially now that he sees how circumscribed his life is about to become.

Kanye West – all piling on top of him



Kanye West has had a meltdown and been removed to hospital after an emergency services call out, suffering from what was described as ‘nervous exhaustion.’ He’s been acting erratically in recent times and citing major debt problems.

He does have a Mutable T Square of Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune in Sagittarius square a Pisces Moon – and a surfeit of mutable planets can make for mental strain. Tr Saturn is at the moment wending its way in hard aspect round that T square until early this December. He’s also got a heavily aspected Fixed Saturn in Leo on the point of a T Square to Uranus opposition Venus Mars; as well as being on the focal point of a mini Grand Trine of Sun Jupiter trine Pluto. All of which will make him rigid, wilfully obstinate, determined to plough ahead and keep the upper hand no matter what. Saturn in Leo demands attention and status and does not cope well with failure, which given that it sits in his 2nd house of personal finances may be what is weighing him down at the moment.

Exactly now he has a depressive tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn midpoint which has been around for a couple of years. December looks confused and February next agitated in the extreme with tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto. What may help is tr Jupiter moving through his 4th till 2018 which might persuade him to take  R&R breaks more frequently at home.

Not that his relationship to his wife Kim Kardashian is exactly calm with a composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus, so it’ll be constant churning change and high tension, when they are together. And he’s got tr Pluto about to move into his 7th which is often a time of added intensity and difficulty in close relationships. This match may not last since tr Uranus will conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint in 2018/19.

Birth times being sound, there’s also an out-of-step-with-each-other’s-mood composite Sun inconjunct Moon. There’s uncertainty and worry on that chart late this month into December with tr Saturn conjunct Neptune; then an upheaval and challenges through till the New Year; with a chilly patch into 2017 when tr Saturn squares the composite Moon.

She’s at a real turning point in her life with tr Saturn disappearing into her lower profile first quadrant and coping with changes in her emotional life and future plans, from tr Uranus opposition her Pluto in 2016/17 and then in 2018 her Libra Sun.

Though both of them look more cheerful at least briefly in mid 2017.

Freddie Mercury – gone but not forgotten



Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the rock band Queen, died 25 years ago of AIDs-related pneumonia, and his mother has sadly just died this month aged 94.

He had a public persona that was larger-than-life with high energy performances through a string of hits from Bohemian Rhapsody, to Killer Queen and We are the Champions.

Born on 5 September 1946 5.10am Zanzibar, Tanzania to Indian Parsi parents, he spent much of his childhood in India and then moved with his family to the UK when he was 17.

He had a flamboyant showman’s Leo Ascendant with a 1st house Virgo Sun Mercury. His adventurous and exuberant Mars Jupiter Venus in Libra were trine Uranus making him stand out from the crowd. His fiery Sagittarius Moon was in the performing 5th house opposition his Uranus, so very mercurial in his feelings and expression. He also had a hidden Saturn Pluto in his 12th, so he’d struggle in private moments with depression.

His inspirational 7th Harmonic (septile) was strongly marked, a mix of determination to be grand and angry. As was his ‘super-star’ 22H which highlighted Mercury and passionate enthusiasm from Venus Mars Moon.

When he was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 tr Saturn was opposition his Uranus and tr Uranus was conjunct his Sun de-railing his plans for his life. His Solar Arc Moon was also opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint, moving over his Pluto just before his death four and a half years later.

In November 1991 when he died oddly enough tr Jupiter was moving through his 1st and his Solar Arc Sun was exactly conjunct his Jupiter. Very often when public personalities die Jupiter is around accompanying an upsurge in interest and popularity. Tr Saturn was by then moving through his 6th house of health, though he continued to work right through his illness.  He is still voted as the greatest male singer ever in the rock sphere.

Donald Trump meets HM Queen – a spectacle to behold



A little black comedy to spice the approaching tenure of Donald Trump. The UK intends to wheel out its biggest guns for a schmooze fest with the new President, pushing ahead with the hope of a State Visit in July (and crossing fingers for trade deals to follow.) The pomp and glory of HM Queen and other top Royals, will be rolled out with a guard of the resplendent Household Cavalry in a horse drawn carriage down Pall Mall. The full works plus a banquet at Windsor Castle in all its authentic splendour, so unlike Trump Palaces various with their faux plastic Louis X1V glitter.

He has already said his mother was a great Royal fan and HM has coped with many a questionable head of state in her day with steely aplomb. But her close ties to the Commonwealth do make her allergic to racism and she was especially fond of the Obamas, Michelle in particular.

So it’ll be good spectator sport with the ever exuberant Trump unlikely to remember protocols of don’t touch the royal person and don’t upstage. Can he ride a horse? Does he like dogs?

His flamboyant Mars in Leo clashes mightily with HM’s disciplined Saturn in Scorpio and MC, sitting in her 8th, creating subterranean ripples of irritation. The relationship chart has an even more obviously aggravated composite Sun Mercury Venus opposition Mars, sextile/trine Pluto. Sun Mars relationships tend to be competitive ego-clashes which in this instance would be a deadly mistake on his part.

Oddly enough, the relationship with Prince Charles, a fierce environmental campaigner, looks marginally less stressed though is still fairly volatile and to be suffered through gritted teeth.

Melania is another Sun Taurus like HMQ, but she also has Saturn in Taurus which will not make for a warm connection. And that relationship chart has a needs-must-endure composite Saturn opposition Pluto tied into Mars and Venus, so cool with no real spark.

Melania will find Camilla even more difficult with a composite stonewalling Mars square Pluto and Sun Mars plus a chilly Venus Saturn. And there’s just as much dislike between the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate), who’ll no doubt be a prominent part of the festivities, and Melania. Their relationship chart has an edgy, impatient Mars Saturn trine Neptune.

HM Queen has seen many a faux pas in her day and managed not to blink. GW Bush managed to trip himself up mightily by winking at her on one state visit when in mid speech. It’ll be worth savouring the prospect of Trump getting in a tangle and being frozen out by a Royal blanking. Subtly, of course, since trade deals are trade deals in these troubled times,

Jeff Sessions & Mike Pompeo – Trump marking out his territory



Donald Trump has announced nominations of conservative right-wing hardliners to three top positions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CIA head Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

In the wondrous way of the internet in the post-truth era, Sessions is labelled by some as too racist to be a judge and anti-civil rights. Yet a conservative blog has him as a social icon who fought against segregation. Though since he got white supremacist David Duke’s blessing the former seems more likely.

Born 24 Dec 1946 in Selma, Alabama, he’s a Sun Mars in Capricorn square Neptune – so hard-edged, ambitious, led by a vision; with the tough Saturn Pluto in Leo trine his Mercury in Sagittarius. He’ll be an erratic fit with Trump with a composite Sun opposition Venus Mercury square Uranus. At a pinch they could push for reforms together except that tr Saturn is pouring cold water on their bond from this December onwards. And there would certainly would a fair amount of game playing between them.

Session has a terrible relationship with VP Pence with a composite Mars Saturn Neptune square Uranus – volatile, explosive, suspicious, constantly trying to outdo each other. That relationship will start to rock n’ roll from this December through the next few years. And a definite chill from Bannon, with wintry smiles covering underlying hostility.

Congressman Mike Pompeo, 30 Dec 1963 Orange, California, has been named head of the CIA. He’s a hawk, pro-waterboarding, pro-Guantanamo Bay, highly vocal on the ‘dire Islamic threat’ so he’s unlikely to be a restraining force on the President. Though he also sees Russia as high risk which may put him on a collision course. He’s another Sun Mars and Mercury in Capricorn, in his case trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo on one side and square Jupiter in Aries on the other – so hardly a calming personality which generally this position requires to hold presidents back from over-reacting.

He’s having a deeply frustrating, downright incandescentally aggravating 2017/18 with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars Mercury.

It’s a difficult relationship with Trump, with an unpleasant composite Mars opposition Saturn, but nothing showing on transits (without a birth time).

His relationship with VP Pence is aggravated in the extreme with a composite Mars square Saturn and inconjunct the Sun which is due a battering from tr Uranus through 2017/18. There’s also dislike write large on his relationship with Bannon.

Mike Flynn, who is in as National Security Adviser, is also known as hardline in his views and reckless. The only birth date is December 1958, though no doubt a day will turn up.

Hezbollah & Nasrullah – heading for a Saturn Pluto collision



Hezbollah, deemed a terrorist organisation by the US and EU, has been parading both Russian and a US tank in a demonstration of power in Syria where upwards of 7000 of their fighters are supporting Assad. They have been fighting as a proxy army there mainly under Iran’s Revolutionary Guard since 2012. They are a considerable political force in the Lebanon but the Lebanese Army which is supplied by the US say the tank didn’t come from them.

Hassan Nasrullah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, born 31 Aug 1960, is a tough Sun Pluto Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn, with an adventurous/reckless Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Mars square Node Venus in Virgo. He’s been through uncertain times recently with tr Neptune opposing his Pluto Sun Mercury and tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn. He has some downbeat Saturn transits to his Mars before the end of this year, then Jupiter and Venus in 2017. But his greater challenges come as his Solar Arc Saturn opposes his Sun, perhaps into 2018 along with even higher risk than usual Uranus transits to his Mars/Pluto midpoint; plus an undermining Solar Arc Sun Mercury conjunct his Neptune in 2019 followed by Solar Arc Pluto in 2021 which looks devastating.

This fits the Hezbollah, 16 Feb 1985 chart, which shows up 2019 as highly uncertain if not shattering with the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune. Which could well fit into the Saturn Pluto in Capricorn war at that time.

Marine Le Pen – breakthrough or breakdown?



Marine Le Pen, the far-right Front National party leader is the can’t-possibly-win-can-she ? candidate who looks set to get through the first round of next year’s Presidential Election, most likely to face the winner of the Republican Primary. She has cleaned up the party’s act in recent years, moving away from the old anti-semitic, neo-Nazi rantings of her now estranged father. Though she appears unable to remove him as Honorary President.

Born 5 Aug 1968 12.20 am Neuilly sur Seine, France she is a Sun Mercury in Leo with an ambitious 10th house Mars so certainly a go-getter. But what marks her chart out as singular is a very tough, strained Yod, the toughest, of Uranus Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries. Saturn also sits as a singleton, the only planet in her relationship hemisphere, which channels the energy of the rest of her chart. Saturn in Aries is self-reliant, tends to be unsympathetic, dismissive of the needs of other, hard. It will have given her a sense that she has a special mission in life which sets her apart from the common crowd. She’s certainly not a fitter-in. But this Yod demands real maturity to make it work. A fated change can bring a turning point which will test the individual to the limit and can set them on a path of social responsibility; or it can bring self-defeating actions which end in failure.

She’s looking upbeat and confident at the moment and in the early stages of 2017 with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter/Pluto and then her Jupiter/Uranus. And she has a bouncy tr Jupiter through her 1st house over the next year. It might be too much to suggest this coming election will be make or break for her. But she certainly will be experiencing tremendous turbulence around that time. Tr Uranus will conjunct her Yod focal point Saturn exactly at the time of the second round in May 2017. That will really test her mettle to see if she can rise to the challenge of the Yod or end up in failure. Tr Pluto will be opposition her MC then which will certainly shake the ground under her feet. Plus she has a couple of mild but useful Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints.

Le Pen as President of France would give Angela Merkel nightmares. Le Pen’s afflicted Saturn is opposition AM’s 10th house Neptune and square her Sun Uranus; and Le Pen’s Mars in Cancer is conjunct AM’s Sun Uranus and square AM’s Neptune; and Le Pen’s Uranus Pluto squares AM’s Mars. It would be a brutal fight for the soul of Europe.

France Elections – brewing up for scary contest



After Brexit and Trump, there is more interest in the 2017 French Presidential Elections than usual, with the far-right, anti-EU Marine Le Pen being talked up as a possible shock winner next spring. The first vote is April 23 and likely to go to a second round on May 7.

Tomorrow the Republicans (right-wing) vote to choose their candidate with three former prime ministers in the ring. Nicolas Sarkozy mired in historic scandals is deemed unlikely; and now Francois Fillon has overtaken the veteran Alain Juppe in the polls (for what that is worth). If there is no clear winner, it goes to a second round a week later.

Francois Fillon, 4 March 1954 9.15pm Le Mans, France, has a Sun Moon, Mercury Venus in Pisces square a Jupiter opposition Mars. That T Square is being deflated by tr Saturn opposition Jupiter over the second round of November 27th this year; and tr Neptune is  conjunct his Moon now; and square his Mars just before the elections in April. All of which are downers. But on the upside he does have a lucky, successful tr Uranus square Jupiter/Pluto from early this December; and if his birth time is exactly accurate tr Pluto trine his Solar Arc MC now; as well as tr Jupiter moving through his 1st house. So possible but unlikely. He does have tr Pluto opposition his Uranus at the April/May election which certainly indicates a radical change in his lifestyle.

Alain Juppe, 15 Aug 1945 4am Mont de Marsan, France, has a 2nd house Leo Sun sextile Mars Uranus in Gemini; and a Scorpio Moon with Saturn in Cancer on his Ascendant. Tr Saturn was opposition his Mars as he slipped from certain-choice in the polls and has now moved to oppose his Uranus, which suggests an unpleasant jolt. Tr Neptune is opposition his Sun/Jupiter till January which is usually high hopes dashed. Birth time being accurate to the minute he does have tr Uranus trine his Jupiter/Asc now though that’s weak enough; and nothing on his MC or Progressed MC. Through the April/May election he has tr Pluto opposition his Saturn which is very downbeat. Plus more encouragingly tr Jupiter trine his Mars Uranus; and tr Uranus trine his Jupiter/MC which will give him a boost.

Nicholas Sarkozy, 28 Jan 1955 10pm Paris, has a flamboyant 5th house Sun in Aquarius with an aggressive Moon Mars in Aries in his 7th; and a lucky Jupiter Uranus in his 10th. His fortunes look decidedly mixed with tr Neptune now square his Solar Arc Moon, moving on to square Solar Arc Mars from February onwards. Over the second round of this primary next week he has tr Saturn opposition his Mars/Pluto which is a major setback and headache. Over April/May he has tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Neptune which is usually political failure so even if he did make it through he’d lose. He does have tr Uranus square his Jupiter Uranus over the spring election and sextile his MC which could produce a turn of luck but it probably wouldn’t be enough to outweigh that Pluto Mars Neptune.

Angela Merkel looks seriously off balance around the time of next year’s French election with tr Uranus square her 8th house Cancer Sun, with tr Uranus opposition her Neptune and trine her Pluto just before; and tr Uranus trine her Mars immediately after – so very much on tenterhooks.