Queen Elizabeth – mourning the loss of friends

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The Queen is to miss the New Year’s Day church service at Sandringham, having already missed the Christmas Day one for the first time in forever, due to a lingering cold which has kept her indoors throughout the festivities.

There’s remarkably little showing on her chart except for an irritable tr Pluto trine Sun/Mars through December which disappears tomorrow late to be replaced by a much more upbeat tr Pluto trine Moon/Jupiter. She does have three Neptune transits to midpoints – Mars/Uranus, Jupiter/Uranus and Uranus/Neptune – but they’ve been running from late September and will go on till January 10th. Plus a marginally edgy tr Uranus sextile her Mars, running through Dec/Jan 2017.

Her Sun/Moon midpoint does have the tr Saturn opposition for the last few days of 2016 until Jan 5th which for a public figure can mean separation from their audience, and perhaps from other family members if she’s been out of the party spirit. And she’s recently lost two of her oldest childhood friends which will also be part of this.

Her Solar Return for the year from April 2016 does have Sun and Uranus in the 6th house of health; and an accident-prone Jupiter opposition Neptune square Mars Saturn; but it’s also fairly robust with an Earth Grand Trine onto Jupiter in the 10th. Nothing on the Lunar Return.

She is handing over more of her charity duties to younger Royals as tr Saturn approaches the cusp of her 12th late in 2017. Tr Pluto is already in her 12th as she has cut back on far flung travels, though with Uranus through her 3rd for many years ahead, she won’t sit still easily.

Her Coronation chart of 2 June 1953 has been stressed over the past couple of years and continues to be so with some setbacks in the next six months, and greater challenges and confusion in 2018 to 2020.

Prince Charles’ 10th house Taurus Moon gets the tr Uranus conjunction in 2018/early 2019 which would suggest a definite change in direction/status.

The Queen will never abdicate but as she progresses into her 90s she’ll undoubtedly hand over more of the reins to Charles. The UK’s 10th house Moon in Cancer at 19 degrees is certainly stressed by tr Pluto opposition from this March on till late 2018, which is associated with rulership and the Monarchy.

Urgh, the uncertainty of Brexit is bad enough, if the Queen is forced into retirement, the country will feel rudderless.

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  1. The saturn-pluto conjunction of 2019-20 will play out over Elizabeth’s ascendant I believe. Pluto will make its first aspect in 2018.

  2. The last time Uranus was conjunct her Sun was 1936, the year of her uncle Edward VIII’s short reign and also when she became the heir to the throne. 2018 will be the end of that cycle.

  3. Isn’t Elizabeth’s sun in the same degree as Charles’s moon?If so Uranus would be conjuncting her sun at the same time.And Pluto will cross her Capricorn ascendant in the not too distant future.

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