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  1. I hadn’t considered him to be a drug user – (J. Caner).
    We live and learn.
    Thanks again Marjorie for your time and insight.

  2. Marjorie: It’s already looking volatile between Nut Case 1 (Kim Jong Un) and Nut Case 2 (Donald Trump). NC 1 has announced that North Korea is fast developing a long-range missile capable of reaching the U.S. NC2 has provoked NC1 by tweeting, “It won’t happen.” How much of a collision course are these two on? How scary is this gonna get?

  3. Megyn Kelly, news presenter & Trump nemesis, has left Fox News after 12 years to join NBC. Her birthdate is 1970/11/18 in Syracuse NY. Do you think she will sink or swim at NBC?

  4. Do you have any astrological insight into the Queen’s health? Her bout with a “heavy cold” seems to be unusually long.

    • While going back through Marjorie’s posts to read new comments, I found this subject had been addressed on the 25th by larryc, with Marjorie noting that nothing was showing up in the Queen’s chart.

      Case closed.

  5. Hello Marjorie,
    Happy New Year.
    Jonathan Cainer doesn’t get a mention in any programme, that mentions the greats of celebrity deaths of this year.
    He was good positive spiritual influence, and well thought of.
    Perhaps for some sincere genuine reason his profile is kept low rather than overlooked.
    He was a pleasure.

    • I’m glad you found him inspiring and comforting. I don’t think he was up there with Patrick Walker who was a supremely talented popular astrologer and a genuinely nice man. Jonathan Cainer tended not to focus on the astrology as such, but to be offering philosophical thoughts for the day.
      The two or three times I rubbed across him at a personal level I can’t say I found him that sympatico as a personality. Not that that should stop him being mentioned since he was read by about 12 million people round the world.
      He was another drug user and really looked most unhealthy before his death at 58. A heart condition exacerbated by cocaine was the inquest verdict.

      • Another astounding reveal! Did not know this about Cainer. He was looking in sad shape, but I thought it was from aging.

        The beans you could spill, if you chose to….

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