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    • Thanks Jaimie. I’m having a visit from Pluto that is showing me my vulnerabilities in living color. I’m shivering underneath, much like many of us. Coming here has been a way to express the feelings that no friend or family member wants to hear, because they have no way to help.

      Let’s both come out on the best side of whatever may happen! Blessings!

  1. When will the Republicans who voted in Trump spit out the Kool-Aid? Does it show in his chart, the GOP chart, or the US chart? Or iwill the inmates rule the asylum from now on in?

  2. “The Trump transition team clashed with former Gen. James Mattis, the President-elect’s choice for secretary of defense, over the transition selecting a secretary of the Army without his input, several sources told CNN.
    Mattis was angry and threatened to quit if the transition tried to appoint more people without him…”

    “Mattis was unhappy that the team decided on businessman Vincent Viola without consulting him. He also expressed concern after learning of questionable stock trading practices in Viola’s trading firm, one source said.”

    The circus is about to add another ring…

  3. It’s now confirmed Russia DID interfere with the US elections helping to deliberately sway the public vote for Trump. He denies it (and some reports say, he believes it has had no effect whatsoever on the elections). Obviously. Apparently, Russia are quite experienced at interfering with their political adversaries in this way which is very interesting that in itself. I was hoping for the past 2 months from another astrologer’s prediction that ‘something shocking’ would play out in order to derail Trump’s approaching inauguration, just to see if astrology does play out. As well as Marjorie’s words on how Saturn will make an appearance as of NOW in order for Trump to tow the line and take responsability. Looks like the stars are playing out as expected in this case. Which is comforting to know there are bigger things than us out there. But tbh, I wholeheartedly believe his strongest supporters will class it all as propaganda and blatant lies to bring him down just so they can all go back to the status quo, which is what Hilary represents. Why can’t these ugly structures of politics and their psychopathic puppets just be raised to the ground and start building something new and transparent? I think that will take decades to even get half way there. How frustrating and ugly this all is.

  4. Marjorie rumors are flying that Donald Trump will get rid of Obama care? Please look into the Obama care chart. It would be terrible for vulnerable people like myself to have nothing!

    • Hahaha on Prince Harry. Always look to the mother to see how the daughter will evolve.

      He’s enjoying the “us against them” nature of this romance.

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