Britney Spears – looking for a fresh start + Frances Farmer

Britney Spears appears to be celebrating the prospective conservatorship split from her father by getting engaged to her five-year boyfriend Sam Asghari, an actor and fitness trainer.

  She clearly dislikes her father and while he has filed to ratify the split it won’t be an easy matter for a complete break to be accomplished. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Pluto Uranus – and Sun Pluto relationships always have long drawn out and usually bitter parting of the ways, viz Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It’s not only a controlling relationship but also an unkind and very one-sided one with a composite Mars Saturn.

  Her now fiancée appears to have found a new birth date of 4 March 1994 which sits marginally more comfortably with her chart than the previous birth date – though not totally. His Sagittarius Moon will be conjunct her Sun which is good. But his highly-strung Uranus Neptune is still conjunct her Venus and South Node which is hardly ideal at a domestic level. And his Jupiter falling in her 2nd along with his Pluto could suggest money will be an issue. He is a charming Sun Venus in Pisces with his Venus connecting with her Mars for a spark of passion; but his ultra-determined Saturn Mars square Pluto hits her Mercury and Uranus which will be disruptive.

  Their relationship chart has a power-couple composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction which will be good for a while but can ultimately turn into a tussle for the upper hand.

  She’s not looking at her most confident over the next eighteen months with tr Neptune opposition her 12th house Mars as her relationship with her father declines as well.

  See previous post though with different birth date for Sam Asghari – June 24 2021

Add On: Her situation has been compared to that of Frances Farmer, an American actress who was committed involuntarily to psychiatric hospitals, mainly at the request of her mother, and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Several sensationalised accounts of her time in mental institutions were later declared fictions, written to pay off her debts.

  She was born 19 September 1913 4.45am Seattle, Washington, and has a chart closer to Natalie Wood’s than Britney Spears. Her mother does look monstrous with her Mars Pluto conjunction and Saturn all in her 10th house; with Mars Pluto opposition Jupiter. Her Virgo Sun is conjunct her South Node in her 1st so she would struggle to establish a firm sense of identity and to pull herself away from old patterns.  

Natalie Wood had a Sun Mars Pluto in Cancer in her 10th.

20 thoughts on “Britney Spears – looking for a fresh start + Frances Farmer

  1. I’m so pleased that Britney seems to be getting free of her vile father but, if she keeps doing the same thing she will just get the same result with men.
    It does look like the laws will change because of her but can she?
    It’s not for nothing that she sang, Oops I’ve done it again.
    It should be my song.

  2. Well, Britney’s controlled Instagram has been deleted. A Britney fan platform who has ties with Team Con announced: ‘I have it on very good authority Britney’s Instagram account being activated was her decision. She is taking time off social media, but is in a good place personally.’

    This is giving us Free Britney fans PTSD because it is similar to her posts of taking time out for her mental wellbeing when actually she was forced into a mental facility and drugged and tortured and god knows what else. The news suspiciously broke within minutes of this platform putting the message up, meaning the articles were ready to go. Media outlets like Page Six and TMZ which are Jamie Spears’ go to muck raking rags were first to publish. I’m absolutely horrified with what is unfolding and it’s on the back end of the engagement announcement which makes me think she was totally against it and forced.

    It will only take Britney to speak freely on this matter to put my mind at rest and say actually she’s okay.

    #WhereIsBritney is now trending on social media.

  3. Jo thank you for your views on the abuse inflicted on Britney Spears. I have always found American Evangelism very sinister and when coupled with conservatorship even more so.

    If her current Fiance is indeed being dishonest with her about his motives, I hope she finds this out sooner rather than later. A good lawyer should at least open her eyes to a pre-nuptial agreement, if nothing else. It is sad that there seems to be nobody in her life that is unconditionally on her side.

    • This is the most shocking thing, not having ONE — PERSON in her corner. This is why it feels so powerfully karmic because I feel her life and situation will change laws for the better and possibly culture, the music industry, etc. Her situation is going to change us collectively.

        • Is the D word a swear word? I grew up in Britain and was never reprimanded for that use in school or at home Since when did that happen? I’ve never been censored before with that word. Honestly curious.

          • I once did a creative writing course and the tutor said – always remember swear words sound louder on the page. And it’s true they do. Damn may be the mildest but it still jars.

          • It would only jar for me if it was in a business letter or a piece of academic writing – even then I think it wouldn’t so much be the word itself but the emotion behind it. I think written language has become much chattier with us all texting, emailing and “whatsapping” far more than face-to-face conversations. Committing something to print used to be much weightier; I don’t think my teenager and her friends perceive text in the same way today.

  4. Marjorie,

    What do you make of his Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Chiron all making aspects with each other? That seems heavy.

    * Sun, Mars, Saturn OPP. Chiron but CONJ. Saturn. Is that severe self-esteem and daddy issues?
    * Moon SQ. Mars, Saturn, Chiron, and CONJ. Pluto – That reads abusive to me around women? Or certainly anger issues?
    * Pluto is SQ. Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and CONJ. Moon – Controlling issues?

    I’m not comfortable with a lot of Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the mix as it could point to a guy possibly being abusive and controlling. His Venus is well-aspected though.

    Britney does have the classic signature of an abuse victim with her 4th house Venus SQ. Pluto and with that Saturn CONJ. Pluto in her natal it shows up all ways to be abused. Is her Transit Neptune going through her 6th house of health anything to worry about as it opposes her 12th house natal mars (hidden enemies)? I mean Neptune and 6th house could deal with drugs, no?

    • I think it’s interesting that Britney not only has that bleak 4th house Venus in Capricorn square her Saturn/Pluto you mentioned Jo, but has asteroid Ceres closely conjunct her Pluto, also in square aspect to her Venus. If there was an astrological signature that could describe being nurtured by overbearing and controlling caretakers, then this is it. I’ve read another astrologer on this aspect and she talks about an extreme form of helicopter parenting.

      Another aspect of Ceres/Pluto I’ve seen is ‘negotiation nurturing’. “You want some nurturing? OK, first you have to do this for me. You want some more nurturing? Then you will have to do that for me.” So nurturing is not given freely but conditionally. And there’s a tendency for Ceres/Pluto to either coerce or be coerced.

      • Thanks for that, VF. I’d never heard the term ‘helicopter parenting,’ is that like overly controlled in military fashion?

        Do you see anything hopeful that she will break free of all this? Her transit Pluto is sat right on that natal Venus at the moment in her 4th house and still has a way to go before it moves into the 5th. I’m thinking for as long as it’s hovering there, she’s still stuck? I know I was stuck and felt scared when it was going through my 4th and I didn’t even have a planet there!

        Also, what do you make of the boyfriends aspects above? I’m quite deep into the Free Britney movement and it seems to be massively divided. There are so many fans thirsty for him even though he’s proven he’s got famewhore motives. Three of his ex-girlfriends who were also singers have said he’s only into being famous and will use others to get where he wants to go. Honestly, if he looked like Danny DeVito they wouldn’t question it! I can’t believe people are shallow even when presented with facts.

        • I’m not that comfortable when I look at the Venus/Neptune synastry – His Neptune/Uranus on her Venus and her Neptune in Sagittarius squares his Venus in Pisces. There’s a lot of idealisation, fog, unrealistic expectations there and a possibility of deception or financial deception. Also, placing the partner on a pedestal which simply can’t be maintained in the long term. Hard aspect Venus/Neptune synastry can be very tricky and delusive and putting Uranus into that mix isn’t going to add any kind of security to the relationship.

          If his birth time is correct, then her 12th house Mars in Virgo, which I think is quite a challenging placement anyway is square his Gemini ascendant and this could give a fair amount of conflict and ego clashes. I don’t think the synastry is disastrous but at the same time it’s not all that great either.

          • Thanks, VF. There is no accurate birth time we know of. There has been talk that he is much older than we think but nothing concrete so that would throw out the above post. It’s almost impossible to find anything out about this man’s past which is suspicious in itself. It’s like it’s been erased. Stuff he has said about himself has shown him to be lying or embellishing the truth. So not off to a good start. He does look a lot older than 27, so if his birthdate is correct, I’m thinking possibly a Capricorn ASC?

          • Yes, sorry – SL’s chart is noontime – therefore as you say, no accurate birth time. It’s a tragic situation and one that I fear has no good outcome. Increasingly, listening to Kesha’s story, Alanis Morrisette, Sinead O’Connor and other female performers (and I’m sure this happens to young boys too), I tend to think that the entertainment and music industry is a predator’s paradise. Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s sister) for example was signed up as a teen to Nickelodeon to star in ‘Zoey 101’, and there have been allegations regarding Nickelodeon producer, Dan Schneider for years.

  5. I think the Britney Spears story is going to be one of the biggest and most shocking we’ll see. Ever.

    There is growing evidence that Sam is very much on Jamie Spears’ payroll and placed to control her for her father and Team Con. Even in Lynne Spears’ (Britney’s mother) testimony she said Jamie wields ‘absolute microscopic control over every aspect of his daughters life. And he pays those to spy on her for him.’

    Sam certainly has questionable connections to Team Con which makes this engagement deeply suspicious at this moment in time. He and his sisters are ‘dear’ friends, Sam’s words, with Bobby Campbell, Lady Gaga’s manager, who is close friends with Lou M. Taylor, Britney’s business manager. And they all seem to follow each other on social media which shows they do socialize. There was even talk going around at one point that Bobby would take over as Britney’s manager.

    Lou M. Taylor, allegedly, is the architect behind Britney Spears’ conservatorship and has her fingers involved in other celebrity conservatorships. Ronan Farrow’s explosive New York times article on Britney’s conservatorship revealed that Lou and her company Tri Star had been accused by third parties for trying to use conservatorships for monetary gains. Something Lou has denied.

    Interestingly, Sam Lutfi, Britney’s former manager provided evidence direct from Britney, if to be believed that, that Lou Taylor was stalking Britney before she burrowed herself into the Spears family via religion and manipulated them into putting Britney into the conservatorship. Lou and her husband, Rob, a pastor, run a creepy church called Churchome that attracts celebrates like Justin Bieber. There is a Churchome survivors network where victims have spoken out about forced exorcisms on young women, electrotherapy and gay conversion therapy and they are funded by conservatorships.

    Lou stepped down as Britney’s business manager in late 2020 but not until $600 million, allegedly again, believed to be Britney’s fortune, went missing and transferred into offshore accounts in Panama just before Bessemer Trust took over. Britney fans who are dredging up legitimate receipts on Lou and handing them over to Matthew Rosengart, Britney’s lawyer, are being hit with cease and desist letters via Lou, believed to be paid with Britney’s money, as she aggressively tries to shut the conversation down. Rosengart has even alluded to the shady business dealing that have gone on between Tri Star and Jamie Spears in one of his earlier legal statements. I won’t go into anymore because it’s huge and would fill reams of space for days.

    Britney’s frightening case is alluding to massive money laundering, court racketeering, corruption at the highest level, medical negligence and abuse, paid-for media manipulation/propaganda, etc. What’s also alarming is it appears from the things she has said and what has happened to her regarding abuse, like from her doctor at the mental facility she was forced into, she is highlighting not only human trafficking but possible sex trafficking in the music industry. This is why her speaking out has put her in dangerous situation and her father STILL governs her security, house staff and medical doctors/nurses to watch over her.

    One fact to be aware of that many don’t know about, Britney Spears has NEVER officially been diagnosed with a mental health problem. First it was Bi-polar, then dementia (at 26!), then paranoid schizophrenia. Which is it because those three illnesses are pretty damn big to begin with?

    I think one of the most shocking truths we might come to witness about the Britney Spears case is there never was anything wrong with her. And if there was nothing wrong with her, how were the courts allowed to place her into a conservatorship (decided in 10 minutes without her there to be evaluated). That alone should begin to expose the massive corruption in her case.

    This has got to be one of the ugliest, most wicked forms of narcissistic gaslighting abuse I’ve ever seen done to an individual and all to get to their vast fortune. She is clearly a victim of domestic violence done to her by her father and family.

    Singer, Courtenay Love, another victim of Lou Taylor’s abuse who tried to have her put into a conservatorship to get access to Kurt Cobain’s fortune, knows a lot about Britney. She has said her situation is one of the worst she has ever seen and even stated that Britney was sexually abused by her father. Actress, Roseanna Arquette backed this up too. I don’t know if this is right or wrong of them to say that, because that is up to Britney, but it must be common knowledge in Hollywood/Music circles.

    I don’t think Britney is crazy at all. I think she’s been deeply traumatized by family abuse, and as soon as she had her children and she wanted out to live a quiet life with them, her family capitalized on her which the courts gave the green light for in lieu of payment. Allegedly.

    • All I have to say to all this Wow.

      I grew up as a kid craving a place in the music industry. But – honestly – now? Yikes.

      There was a story about US boyband Why Don’t We being apparently enslaved by a manager of theirs recently.

      The entire industry is a swamp that really does need to be drained.

      • It’s mind blowing and all so terrifying, isn’t it? I’m so deeply concerned for her safety.

        Yes, it’s becoming known about the exploitation of many stars, especially from the 90’s and 2000’s. Apparently, at the height of their fame, The Backstreet Boys, were earning $35 a day filming 18 hour days in a hot warehouse to do their videos. Clearly human trafficked at the height of their fame. The exploitation is horrific but when you throw in sex trafficking it gets frightening.

        Kesha has finally been vindicated, of sorts, about Dr Luke raping her. He won on the basis she was making false rape claims up and trying to defame him in court in April 2021. But now a document has been redacted and shows she was going to management about the sex abuse she was experiencing as early as 2005 and the studio did nothing. The courts always believe the men, especially if they’re powerful. Interestingly, Britney worked with Dr Luke around 2011 and she was at her most drugged at that point. Might be something or nothing.

        And you’re right, the entire film and music industry is a dark, sinister swamp. Keep your kids away!

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