Brexit – not a zero sum game, chaos on both sides



The Brexit talks got under way formally last Monday at 11am with a flustered David Davis emerging hours later alongside an icily urbane Michel Barnier, who is the chief EU negotiator.

The chart has North Node conjunct the Ascendant hinting at a lack of a clear sense of what exactly the talks entail; and a 7th house Neptune pointing to disappointment in close relationships and a slipperiness about sticking to commitments. The Sun/Moon midpoint, which represents close relationships is square the Node, so running against the grain of the time; and semi-square Mars which is argumentative. What’s interesting is that the Talks Ascendant will get the full force of the August Leo Eclipse sitting conjunct – and this series of Eclipses puts pressure on personal relationships. Hasty decisions are cautioned against, since information coming in is distorted and possibly false.

David Davis is facing an increasingly depressing and obstacle-strewn passage ahead. Where it starts to really bite will be from December this year as tr Saturn starts to oppose his Uranus, then conjunct his Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Capricorn in quick order in early 2018, repeating on and off till late 2018. Worse by far is tr Pluto conjunct his Mars and square his Venus/Saturn midpoint in 2018/19 which will see him boxed in from all sides, deeply frustrated, enraged and discouraged. Plus he has a ‘shocking collision’ Solar Arc Mars square his Sun from late 2018 into 2019.

He’s up against formidable opposition with Barnier, another Capricorn, with an 8th house Mars in Aquarius opposition Pluto – he doesn’t budge easily or at all and will be ruthless. But for all that he looks fairly devastated himself with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun and square his Neptune in 2017/18; completely discombobulated October this year to Jan 2018 with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn. If his birth time is accurate then 2019 will be directionless and undermining on the career front; with considerable career losses.

Crashing out of failed talks would hurt the EU as much as the UK, since they’d lose any divorce settlement payment.

Looking at the EU chart they do have this August’s Leo Eclipse conjunct the Solar Arc MC and 12th house Pluto – which will generate quite a negative effect. It’s likely to be a crisis of direction hitting the MC; with the opportunity for transformation and the greater likelihood of obstinacy leading to decay and stagnation (Pluto). 2019 looks highly uncertain with tr Neptune squaring the 3rd house Saturn.

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  1. Did the Russians hack the Brexit vote, like they hacked the US presidential election? Having the governments of both countries in chaos, with damaged economies, is very advantageous to their interests.

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