Prince Harry – lurching into another PR disaster



Prince Harry has been making himself unpopular with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth by suggesting no one really wants to be monarch. Which given that she has sacrificed herself selflessly for decades is rather a slap in the face. And since he’s close to his brother, it also suggests William isn’t exactly enamoured of being next in line after Prince Charles.

The monarchy has survived this far partly because of the Queen’s unshakeable sense of duty and partly out of the mystique which comes from absolute discretion. Not something the younger Royals appear to understand. Harry does have a natal Mercury square Uranus which will tend to make him shoot off at the mouth without thinking too hard; and his rebellious Uranus has now moved by Solar Arc to conjunct his Capricorn Ascendant, so he’ll be less inclined to care how others react.

His relationship chart with HM Queen has tr Pluto conjunct the composite Mars now, and on and off till late 2018, which will spark up anger, as well as a discouraging toe-the-line tr Pluto sextile the composite Saturn – so no doubt a few firm words will be flying back in his direction via senior courtiers.

And his relationship chart with William, essentially affectionate and friendly, is moving through an unsettled and uncertain phase with tr Neptune square the composite Moon this year, and tr Uranus opposing the composite Pluto exact at the moment; with more jolts and jangles in 2018/19.

Harry isn’t in the best of times either with downbeat and muddled transits to several midpoints this year; as well as tr Saturn square his Sun and conjunct his Neptune later this year, and a panicky-failure tr Neptune aiming to square his Mars by 2019. Plus an accident prone Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars exact by 2019 as well. And from February 2018 his Progressed Moon moves into his 8th for three years, which is most often an anguished time looking for new values in life.

His relationship with Meghan Markle has a sparkle of passion with a composite Venus Mars, but also a need for space and worse an ego-clash where opposing career interests are concerned. Media reports hint he is ordering an engagement ring, but it’s a relationship that would find it tricky to settle into a steady 24/7 commitment.

I do wish the younger Royals would understand that most people have unwanted pressures in their lives and none of the gargantuan benefits that Royal wealth and privilege bestow.

8 thoughts on “Prince Harry – lurching into another PR disaster

    • Thanx, Jamie. Miss Markle is on the move, in flight to England.
      Channel 4 in Britain is going to air a new TV show “Meet the Markles”, with her family. Another Honey Booboo type thing?
      Popcorn at hand, ready for the show!

  1. Do they not approve of Meghan? Something is ‘up his jumper’ to use that old expression. Given terror attacks and the tower fire could he have picked a worse time?

    • She didn’t exactly get a starring role in Pippa’s wedding, as befitting Harry’s loved one and her own fame. He might as well have picked someone at a bus stop to go with him, lol.

      You are right about his appalling timing. Almost dim-witted.

      Reported recently that his exit from the armed forces was because he didn’t like how an officer spoke to him.

  2. His comments will humanise him, and the family, to the younger generations. I suspect he knows this, which is why he dared to say such things. I respect the Queen, she has been the country’s golden heart – but the way the royal family operate will have to be switched up going forward. They have no choice but to modernise. I question how successful another fifty years of discretion, prim and proper will be.

  3. Harry third in line? Is he not fifth at this point? Charles, William, George, and Charlotte (since females are now in the line of succession)?

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