DUP/Tory Govt deal – a mare’s nest



The DUP/Conservative Minority Government deal was signed around 11am this morning. It doesn’t augur too well with a slippery Neptune in the house of commitments and agreements; and the enraged/trapped Mars opposition Pluto squaring onto Jupiter. So it will create hostility – already brewing with Wales and Scotland angry that they aren’t getting the same massive £1 billion handout as North Ireland. There’ll be a good deal of game-playing, which the Northern Irish are much more experienced at; and they are not renowned for their discipline, so keeping them present and voting in support may not be that easy.

The Deal Sun is square the Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as: “weak vitality, the inability to meet all demands or to master all situations,” amongst other things. The Sun also opposes Saturn/Pluto – which is bleak, tough, deprived, cold-hearted. With Mercury conjunct the Sun/Mars midpoint and indeed conjunct Mars and opposition Pluto – so toxic arguments.

The relationship between Theresa May and DUP leader Arlene Foster is riddled with outright dislike with a composite Sun Venus opposition Saturn square Mars. And tr Pluto is trine the composite Mars from the 16th of this month till early September and again late October to early December, so there will be a more than normally poisonous atmosphere between them then. With September being a real low. Though there’s no saying how long Theresa May will stick around, since she’s friendless in her own party at the moment with her advisers baling out or being pushed at a rate of knots.

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