Brexit – England approaching a bend in the road



“Brexit is England’s biggest policy blunder since George III fumbled away the American colonies,” pronounced a Nobel economist at a Geneva gathering of money wonks. Given how accurate economists’ predictions have been in the past that might be taken with a pinch of salt. [More and more I read strident opinions and think ‘what do they know?’]

But interesting to see whether the astrology bears it out. When the American colonies broke free in the extended struggle before and after 1776, on the England 11 May 973 AD chart, tr Pluto in Aquarius was trine the England North Node and tr Neptune conjunct the North Node. Tr Pluto aspects to the North Node do appear to have a significant effect – the English Civil War a century earlier had a similar tr Pluto trine Node (see post August 17 2017) – a key moment in destiny.

Given that England was the chief voter for Brexit it seems reasonable to see what’s showing on the England chart at the moment. And believe it or not, this particular aspect is repeating though not until 2024/25 when Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time since the late 1770s; by 2025 tr Neptune will be opposition the England North Node; and by 2026 tr Uranus in Gemini will also be trine the Node. That may well be at the end of a long transition period of separation, but whatever accompanies it there will be a sense of a major shift in the country’s history. By then, both the EU and the UK 1801 charts will have undergone/survived the battering from tr Uranus in Taurus hitting on their central Fixed and mainly financial planets.

The UK 1801 chart has the North Node at 14 Aries, so has already undergone an assault from tr Pluto square and tr Uranus conjunct in the run up to and over Brexit, with nothing much ahead.

The Bank of England 27 July 1694 JC 10 am chart, looks discouraged, edgy and stressed as it heads for a Saturn Return later this year; in some upheaval in 2018 although pushing ahead with confidence; devastated in 2019; but into a good phase with great relief in 2020 to 2022 with tr Uranus square Jupiter and Sun/Jupiter. Where it runs into real problems is 2024 with Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn and Solar Arc Uranus square the Sun.

The stock market charts aren’t always that great a guide. But for what it’s worth, the FTSE 250, 12 October 1992, looks to be hitting setbacks and panics from late this year through till 2020. The FTSE100 3 January 1984 10am is having similar wobbles late this year, ups and downs in 2018, a depression in 2019 but nothing too cataclysmic in the mid 2020s.

Who would know? Economies have a lag before the real impact shows up. There is certainly quite a financial collision with great insecurity in 2024 on the UK 1801 chart when Solar Arc Uranus is conjunct the 8th house Mars. But the UK is resilient and some trimming of the City of London’s financial services may be no bad thing, if the energy is redirected into diversifying into other areas, like technology.

A week is a long time in politics and several years can change the landscape altogether, which will undoubtedly be true of the EU, which has its own ruptures, conflicts and economic hazards to face quite apart from Brexit in the years ahead. And if it’s any consolation the 2030s will be more aggravated and financially stressed as tr Pluto moves into mid Aquarius.  The previous time when the UK Fixed planets took a pounding from tr Pluto was when it was in Scorpio 1985/95 and that oversaw a major recession with a fallout from the ERM – which ultimately turned out to be no bad thing.  Life goes on despite the noise from pundits.

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